Is Secrets of the Wealthy a Scam? High Ticket Scheme in Disguise!

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Is Secrets of The Wealthy a scam? I understand why you would want to know the answers to that question. Coach Marc, a retired army sergeant, national success coach, and ultra royal director, claims you can generate $3,000 – $10,000 or more weekly.


secrets of the wealthy claims


With his top secret wealth formula, he will help you bank up to $15,750 for every sale his team makes for you. That’s right, you can earn money and let Coach Marc’s team of professionals do all the work for you.  Within days, this secret formula will have you prospering.

We have seen bold claims like these all over again and a lot of it turned out to be ugly scams.

In this Secrets of the Wealthy review, I am going to introduce you to this by telling you what it is all about, how it really works under the surface, and if it is really lives up to its bold claims.

Before we start, I want to disclose that I am not in any way affiliated with Coach Marc at all. What you will read in this review are all unbiased and from a third party point of view.

Let us now dive into this!


Secrets of the Wealthy Review

Product Name: Secrets of the Wealthy
Founder: Coach Marc
Product Description: High Ticket Money Scheme
Best For: NO ONE
Recommended: NO

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What is Secrets of The Wealthy?


secrets of the wealthy bold claims


Secrets of The Wealthy is a system created by Coach Marc which will teach you everything you need about marketing, business and personal development, and even wealth development.

Coach Marc says that he is not a marketing guru. He is just an average guy – a retired U.S. Army soldier, entrepreneur, and a mentor and coach by desire. Marc claims that his automated marketing model helped him build a 7-figure income and earn over $100,000 per month.

He works 2-3 hours a day, sets his own schedule, and his wife is a full time mom. He has even bought himself a luxurious car. No doubt, that’s the life everyone wants.


secrets of the wealthy coach marc

This is Marc showing off his riches.


Since Marc loves to help people out, he also wants you to earn this much without having to exert much effort at all. He also wants you to live the life he has.

Okay, hold on. As what I have seen so far, Secrets of The Wealthy is more of like an educational material teaching you the ropes of how to be rich. You could think of it as a training material that will help you bring in loads of money.

Some things are having me scratching my head. How come he gives you specific numbers on how much you can earn per week? Plus, an automated marketing model? People doing all the work for you? What is this all about?

Clearly, there is something going on here that goes beyond what we know.

Is Secrets of the Wealthy a scam? We’ll get to that, but first, we have to know how this system really works under all the bold claims.


How Does Secrets of The Wealthy Really Work?


After further research of this product, I found out that Secrets of The Wealthy is a high-ticket money scheme. What happens and how do things come about in this model?

At first glance of this structure, it has hints of similarities to My Own Business Education or what we all know as MOBE. However, if it was a MOBE, wouldn’t it be banned and shut down by the FTC already?

In a high-ticket money scheme, you get into the system by buying its products then recruit others by selling this product to them as well, just like how you entered into the system.

You could think of high-ticket money scheme as a one tier pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes rely on their cash flow from recruiting other people. Also, just as what the name implies, the so called pyramid is formed by tiers starting from bottom to top.

Whereas with a high-ticket money scheme, you recruit other people but there are no tiers happening. You are the only one dealing with the transactions, and of course, the money.

So, if you want to join Secrets of the Wealthy, what is this product you have to buy? Just like what I have introduced before, you will be getting educational and training materials that will teach the ropes of marketing, business and personal development, and even wealth development. These are the secrets Coach Mark is talking about.

The other hidden and undisclosed secret is in order to earn the money he claims you will get, you would have to sell these products to others.

There are four levels to this product.


  • Gold Level – $3,000 + $247 administrative fee. This administrative fee is what gives you the legal rights to resell the product.
  • Platinum Level – $7,000 + $447 administrative fee
  • Diamond Level – $14,000 + 647 administrative fee
  • Ultra Royal – $21,000 + 847 administrative fee


Take note, the contents of the educational and training materials differ depending on the level of product you have purchased.

But, ask yourself, is spending $21,000 for lessons on how to know the ropes of wealth development really that worth it? I bet you can buy a self help book worth $50 and get the exact same content as this one.


secrets of the wealthy webinar not worth it


However, if you think about it, this is all just a cover up. Sure, you will gain knowledge on everything you need to know about developing wealth but that amount of money is just not worth it. What’s really happening here is the recruitment program. The materials are all just a cover up to add a touch of legitimacy to this scheme.

You buy a product of your choice to get into the system, to stay in this system means you are going to have to sell it again and recruit others to join the system as well. It’s all a cycle.

The main question here is where will your commission come from? Your commission comes from 50% of the product package you have sold. For instance, you bought the Ultra Royal package level. This costs $21,847, and when you have sold another one of this package, you will earn 50% of this which will give you a return of $10,923.

Despite the massive investment, your money will still come back to you. This time, in bigger amounts. Does it sound like easy money? I don’t think so.

Logically thinking, how many people do you know would have the minimum $3,000 and have the interest to invest it in some shady and kind of suspicious system? Just the idea of recommending people to buy a product worth $3,000 seems to be a lot of hard work.


secrets of the wealthy direct selling


Coach Marc suggests that in order for you generate leads and refer Secrets of the Wealthy to people, you may want to promote it on your website. If you do, you will also be given ad packages. These advertisement packages will help you promote this system.

The automated system Coach Marc talks about is all crap. You don’t get the luxury to sit back and drink some margaritas while other people do the work for you.

What’s really happening here is when you have generated leads and start to capture the interest of your audience, Coach Marc’s team of ‘success coaches’ will lead your potential recruits directly to your website. This is the only time automation will happen, but most of the work is still done by you.

Is Secrets of the Wealthy a scam? You may find the answers to this question once you finish reading the section below.


Signs That Secrets of The Wealthy Is A Scam


No Automation Happening Here


The crap on having a team of success coaches generate all the leads and do all the work for you is non-existent. The only automation happening is they are the ones who close the deal for you. But advertising the product packages and inviting people to join the program as well is all you. At the end of the day, you are the one doing all the work here.

You think you can just invest and dump money to some random system and have money come streaming into your bank account. That’s not the way it works at all.

Even the richest people in the world were not born rich. We all have to start somewhere.


Direct Payments


I have said before that high-ticket money schemes are one tiered pyramid schemes. This means that your recruits will pay you directly. Commissions will go directly to you. You are the one in charge of the transactions. Of course, dealing with this can be a pain in the ass and will take more effort and time to handle.


secrets of the wealthy no automationof the wealthy no automation


Take All the Blame Yourself


Since you are the one dealing with all the fees and transactions, you will be the one to take responsibility when this program does not work out well for your recruits.

Also, since high-ticket pyramid schemes work similarly like MOBEs, it won’t be long until FTC shuts Secrets of the Wealthy down. Not only will your recruits blame you since their money will be lost, but you will also blame yourself when all your income has been taken away from you.

It’s a very risky ride.

If you want a safe and risk-free way of making money online, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. Just like this system, you would have to work and hustle to reap results but with Wealthy Affiliate, you can be assured that the government will not come knocking on your door and have your income be taken away from you.


The Hype is Fake


The way this system is advertised to you makes it look like you can earn money without lifting any finger and somebody else will do all the work for you. Of course, none of this is true.

However, this is what we all want to believe in. I mean, who doesn’t want money streaming into their accounts while relaxing and sipping on some drinks?


secrets of the wealthy automation

Coach Marc does not want to help you, he only wants to play on your desire and wishful thinking that you can earn money while someone else does the dirty work.


Hidden Agenda


The educational and training materials are all just a cover up of a bigger scheme. I mean, practically thinking, who would even dare pay the minimum $3000 just for some webinar that will teach you the ropes of wealth development? It’s just there for legality purposes.

If you haven’t sense at first that all of this seems fishy, then you better get your resources organized.


A Risky Investment


What’s really going on here is a risky investment venture. You’re going to pay a minimum $3k just to get into a system, that’s already a huge amount of money. Sure, this money might come back to you in larger digits, but how sure are you that you can dupe people into thinking they too can make money off of this high-ticket money scheme?

There is just no assurance of success with this system. In fact, Coach Marc has stated that he can’t guarantee you the results you want.


What I Like About Secrets of The Wealthy


I would want to think that I like the fact you can learn the ropes of marketing, personal development, and wealth development. However, when you consider the price you would have to pay for this, I don’t think it is worth it at all. Even if you pay the minimum, it is still not justifiable.


secrets of the wealthy not worth it


My Final Verdict! Is Secrets of The Wealthy a Scam?


Yes, Secrets of the Wealthy is a scam. Let me tell you why.

I have encountered MOBEs before. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with this, you are now unable to encounter this because it has been banned by the FTC a long time ago. I have noticed a lot of similarities between MOBE and Secrets of the Wealthy.

It’s not just this though. Just like what I have mentioned before, high-ticket money schemes kind of function just like pyramid schemes but with just one tier. As you all know, pyramid schemes are also now illegal.

I think this system is now on a timer. It won’t be long until FTC catches up and shuts this system down. Of course, if this happens, you will lose everything you have gained from this scheme.

I don’t think it is worth it to spend thousands on this. If you are still not convinced by this, then trusting Coach Marc will be the biggest mistake of your life.

If you are looking for a real, legit, safe, and risk-free make money online opportunity, check out my number 1 recommendation!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!





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