Is Online Team Builders a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Hey, I was glad that you were able to find my Is Online Team Builders a Scam review. Nowadays, one of the important things that you can have is someone to help you with your business. And I am sure that you have heard that opportunity with Online Team Builders which is why you end up reading on this review. You want to know all about Online Team Builders to avoid scams and make sure you are on the right track for your business.

Don’t worry, with this review I will let you know all the facts about Online Team Builders and I will make sure that the information I will give you can help you decide if Online Team Builders is for you or not. Is Online Team Builders legit? Can you really make money with Online Team Builders? Is Online Team Builders related to Essante Organics? These are some of the questions that I will answer through this review and without further ado let’s get into details!

Product Name: Online Team Builders
Founder: Nancy Rote
Logo: is online team builders a scam
Product Description: Team Builders online is a platform that offers you marketing resources including landing pages, business cards and a mobile app that will help you develop your MLM company.
Best For: People who are looking for marketing tools to help them with their multi-level marketing business.

Online Team Builders is a website that provides resources for promoting people with Essante Organics created by Nancy Rote. You can find nothing but their website that asks you to login or builds an account if you search more on Google. You'll see just a regular website once you're on their side.

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What is Online Team Builders?

Online Team Builders is a website platform that provides marketing tools for people who are doing business with Essante Organics that was founded by Nancy Rote. If you will search more about this on Google you will find nothing but their website that will ask you to log in or create an account. Once you are on their page you will see nothing but just a normal website.

But there is something interesting you will discover once you check on Online Team Builders’ agreement page, it is clearly stated on the first line that they are an optional tool to help you with your Essante Organics business. And now the question is, how are they related to Essante Organics? If some of you are not familiar with Essante Organics you can check on my review about that and discover things about them as well.

is online team builders a scam

How Does Online Team Builders Work?

Wondering about how Online Team Builders work? If you are going to start a business or join a multi-level marketing company you need to create your own team to increase the chance of earning more or you can also recruit people to get the referral bonus. And this is why Online Team Builders were created, they are offering services that can help you get more leads and recruit more people to join your company and in the end become your downline to earn money.

Online Team Builders serves as your tool to help you build your multi-level marketing business. Now the next question you have in mind is, what are the services or tools that they are offering to help you with your MLM business? They have 5 tools to offer and I will give you brief information about each tool and here they are.

  • Effective prospecting tools

Can track and see at what points your referral efforts are in your marketing campaigns.

  • Email Marketing tools.

This will serve as an autoresponder.

  • Designed landing pages for goods and business.

They will provide you fully designed landing pages that will help you attract more prospects for your business.

  • Business cards.

You need this especially if you have friends or someone that would like to contact you after deciding if they will continue for the signup or not.

  • Mobile App.

This will help you to engage more with people who are going to be your future customers.

They are claiming that with the use of their tools you can get and follow up with your leads that can convert to a new member of your business. If you are also going to check their website, they are providing free training for the tools as soon as you try and join Online Team Builders. However, you need a referral from someone who is already a member of Online Team Builders to have access to it. As per checking, after having it for free you will start to pay for it for $29 per month to continue having those tools and maintain a good standing on your business.

Can You Make Money With Online Team Builders?

This is one of the main questions you have for sure. Based on what I researched about Online Team Builders, it is really possible to earn money with the use of their tools and services. These tools can really help you in terms of doing your MLM business. However, this does not give you the guarantee that all the leads that you will have will turn into recruits. 

Earning money with an MLM company is really hard especially if you are just a newbie who doesn’t know how it will work. You need to have a lot of patience and hard work to earn with MLM.

I know that this way of earning is not effective for all of us, but don’t worry there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online.

What I Don’t Like About Online Team Builders.

As I have this review, I saw a lot of things that you need to consider to consider first before trying Online Team Builders. Here are the things that I don’t like about Online Team Builders.

They are just promoting Essante Organics.

What I have noticed is that of all the MLM businesses out there they are only promoting Essante Organics which is really suspicious. And another thing I found out is, you cannot use these tools to other MLM company, I can say that it is only dedicated for Essante Organics.

is online team builders a scam

No testimonials are on their website.

If you are going to check on their website you will notice that they don’t even have single testimonials, unlike the other legit multi-level marketing companies that they are constantly giving testimonials of their members on their website to prove their legitimacy.

A lot of complaints about them.

They are receiving a lot of complaints from numerous websites. Most of the complaints are some of the people who tried to use Online Team Builders are receiving a lot of phone calls about an interview to join Online Team Builders which a lot of them are having a suspicion about this phone all about.

is online team builders a scam

What I Like About Online Team Builders.

If you are going to ask me what are the things I like about Online Team Builders, I can only answer that with one thing and that is I like how they want to help people who are just starting with Essante Organics. This shows that they really have pans in helping people but the only those who are related to Essante Organics. The tools that Online Team Builders have could really help them.

Is Online Team Builders a Scam? My Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have for this review for Online Team Builders, if I am going to base it on all the information I gathered I can say that they are a scam. They don’t even have concrete information about who their real founder or owner is. And about having no testimonials at all and just receiving a lot of complaints about Online Team Builders these can be consider as proof that they are hiding something from their customers.

Aside from that, these tools and services are not recommendable especially if you are just starting with a multi-level marketing company. The $29 monthly fee is an amount that you can use with other things, you can have that kind of tool for free and you just need to have enough research about it.

Or you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review wherein you can see a lot of ways to earn money online, you don’t need to purchase a tool and it can be easy as writing your daily hobby and get something out of it.

I hope that this “Is Online Team Builders a Scam” review gives you the answer to your questions and somehow helps you with your decision. If you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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