Is Ipsos Survey a Scam? Real Money Or Pocket Change?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Ipsos Survey a scam? This is one of the questions I found out over the internet once people heard about Ipsos, and I know that this is also the reason why you end up checking on this review. Paid surveys are very popular right now on the internet and that is why a lot of people are curious if doing surveys online can be a source of income. One of the well-known paid surveys is Ipsos, which is operating the same as with the other paid survey company.

With this Ipsos survey review, you will discover more things about Ipsos. You will find out if there are real people who earn by answering surveys online. Let’s see if signing up and joining them is really worth it. I don’t want you to wait so much more so without further I do, let’s dig into details.

Product Name: Ipsos
Founder: Didier Truchot
Logo: is ipsos survey a scam
Product Description: An online paid survey company.
Best For: People who are looking for extra income can be done at home and at their most convenient time.

In 1975 Didier Truchot founded Ipsos as a business. They all started preparations for the company at their main office in Paris France. And over the years, Synovate became the 3rd largest market research organization in the world, last October 2011. They now have many offices in 87 countries and employ over 17,000 people worldwide.

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What is Ipsos Survey?

Ipsos is a company that was founded by Didier Truchot in 1975. Their first office location is in Paris France where they all started the plans for the company. And as the years go by, they acquire Synovate last October 2011 that is why Ipsos became the 3rd world’s largest market research company. Now they have a lot of offices in 87 countries and has a number of over 17000 employees around the globe.

is ipsos survey a scam

Under Ipsos, there is I-Say which is the survey service that is under the management of Ipsos. They both work together to reward people by taking surveys about different things. So technically all you have to do is sign up with them, take the surveys and earn extra cash out of it. Being famous with their niche makes people think that they are a scam or just fooling people to join and answer their surveys but not earning that much, and this is what we are going to go through with this article.

How Does Ipsos Work?

Since they are a company that provides different kinds of surveys to their members, the main way you can to start earning with them is by answering different kinds of surveys. You need to register for free on their website, then you will start to get surveys after that. In every survey, it has corresponding points and it will depend on how long the survey is. Some surveys can give you 45 points and some are around 90 to 150 points.

Maybe you are also curious about how long will it take you to answer each survey. Based on my research, the shortest is about 15 minutes and the longest can be 45 minutes which still varies on the survey and how fast you are going to answer that. With this kind of way to earn may not be effective to some of us, some may find this way boring and others will find this as a slow way of getting your goals.

It will also depend on the type of person who will try this kind of way to earn money, but for me, there are a lot of alternative ways for you to start earning money online.

How Much Can You Make With Ipsos?

Is Ipsos survey legitimate for you to earn money that is good for your daily living? As I have mentioned earlier, for every survey you will answer you will get points. And these points can be converted to electronic gift cards from stores like Amazon and Starbucks, they instantly deliver this card after you request for it. The price of the gift card range from $5 to $15. Members can also redeem their points for a cash donation for some charities that are supported by Ipsos.

is ipsos survey a scam

And I know you will ask if these points can be redeemed into cash, and the answer is yes you can. However, Ipsos sets a threshold of 1530 points in order for you to cash out cash or even with the rewards mentioned above. They are paying cash through Paypal, and no worries, if you don’t have any Paypal account, Visa card can be your option. And processing time will take 5 to 8 weeks after the request.

So basically, your total earnings will depend on how hard-working and patient are you to answer surveys. I know that some of the ways to earn money right now are not an instant but I don’t think that this is worth a try, especially if you are someone who has a short temper or patience.

What I Don’t Like About Ipsos.

These are the things that I know will help you with your purpose in reading this review. And I know that it is important for you to know, so here are the things that I don’t like about Ipsos.

They shut down accounts without further notice.

I saw some complaints about their account being shut down by Ipsos after having a big number of points. This is also why people are accusing Ipsos to be a scam. It is really frustrating to know that your account has been shut down after taking many surveys so you can redeem rewards and cash.

Ipsos is not a good source of income.

After I found out about what you can do about the points you will get, I can say that this cannot be the main source of your income as it cannot sustain all your needs on a monthly basis. It can be used for leisure.

A lot of complaints about their customer service.

This is somehow normal on any business that they received complaints on how customer service handles their issue. But getting a lot of it is not normal, most of it is about how rude the customer service representative is especially if the member will ask about why their account was shut down.

is ipsos survey a scam

What I Like About Ipsos.

If you were going to ask me what I like about Ipsos, I am going to answer that with one thing. What I like about them is their rewards aside from the cash. It is very interesting that they have other options for rewards that their members may be interested in. And also the fact that they included donating for some charities. Not all of the paid survey companies do have this kind of privilege to donate for a charity. And I really like this with Ipsos and some of you will do as well.

is ipsos survey a scam

Is Ipsos Survey a Scam? My Final Verdict.

And we are down to our most awaited part, my verdict about Ipsos after doing research about this company, and what I can say is that they are not a scam. There are real people who tried and earned from answering surveys from their website. Maybe the only thing that makes people think they are a scam because of the sudden shut down of the accounts as well as a lot of complaints about the service.

This can be normal for all companies out there and you can only justify your doubts once you tried and prove it with yourself right?

Ipsos is worth to try if you will use this as a source for extra income especially if you are a fan of getting electric gift certificates that you can use to shop online. But for some people, this may not work and will still look for other option to earn money online. You can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more about making money online as easy as telling people what you do in life on a daily basis.

I hope that you have learned a lot from this “Is Ipsos Survey a Scam” review and if you have questions, concerns or simply want to add something,  please don’t hesitate to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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