How to Find Blog Post Ideas Instantly

What exactly do I have to say that is worthy enough to write? Will someone be interested in reading? This isn't going to work. I'll try the next day again. Are those proficient writers following SOP on how to find blog post ideas? We've all been in that situation!

Pushing new information out to the public can be terrifying at times. It's unsettling to think about how your peers will react to your ideas. Is what you've written acceptable? Will it be complimented, or will it be met with criticisms? Or, even worse, no response.

This way of thinking forces us to bury ideas and put them away in the "not worth writing" category. It's a pity because it inhibits innovation. This is why we're frequently stuck gazing at computer screens, knowing we need to produce something but unsure what it should be.

To fight this, we will look at several tried-and-true methods for coming up with blog post ideas even when you don't feel like you have any left. These pointers apply to any blogger or publisher, whether working on a public blog or a membership website.

Keep a files of ideas

The most crucial aspect of ideas is that you never know when they will hit. That's why creating a framework to support your creative content is critical.

Many authors, bloggers, and publishers keep an ideas file in which they record their views, opinions, queries, and suggestions when they come across them.

When you're ready to write a blog article, simply open the file and pick out any concepts that haven't been published yet.

2. Look for ideas on others’ content.

look for ideas on others' content

Exposing yourself to the content you would like to replicate regularly is an intelligent approach to come up with initial blog post ideas.

  • Subscribe to your favorite blogs using a feed reader like Feedly and check back regularly to see what's new.

  • Sign up for the newsletters of your favorite authors, so you don't miss a single post.

  • Make a weekly schedule to read blogs for motivation and ideas in your calendar.

Don't be hesitant to borrow concepts that have shown to be successful for others. There is a lesson to be gained from other people's successes.

Just make sure you're not stealing their stuff. Iterate on the idea. Make your version more valuable, distinctive, and outstanding.

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3. Ask your audience

You may get compelling content from your followers by allowing them to respond to your emails or comments section, creating a private Discord or circle group to have discussions, or even planning to meet with them at virtual events.

Many successful freelance bloggers and membership company entrepreneurs rely heavily on reader interaction and community-driven content.

Consult your readers about what they'd like to see more of, and provide it. It appears to be straightforward, yet only a tiny percentage of individuals do it.

4. Use targeted keywords to ask the internet.

Use targeted keywords to ask the internet

Many bloggers have struggled to come up with blog post ideas for you, and while it may seem impossible to some, many more have overcome it and recorded the experience.

Begin by identifying the relevant questions people have asked about your subject. You may achieve this by searching Quora and Reddit, and other communities and websites. Twitter is also an excellent avenue to see people's opinions about a topic.

This is one case where going down each social media platform can lead to something positive. A variety of topics to write about, questions to address, and individuals to contact for follow-up.

5. Extend previous blog posts

Check your analytics to see what your most prominent blog entries have been in the past. This is where you'll find your hits.

They attract fresh visitors for days, months, and years after being first published.

Now that you've established that this content is effective, the next step is to consider how you may improve it. You can follow up and update the post's content with a new and improved version.

Updating content is a great SEO strategy for catching some low-hanging/related keywords and increasing the number of people who read your article. 

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6. Look for trending topics.

Look for trending topics

There are many techniques for learning what people look for associated with particular topics of interest and finding out trends online.

Staying ahead of the curve by incorporating these trends into content ideas is a great way to enhance your traffic. Here are some resources to assist you:

  • BuzzSumo - Enter a keyword to see who ranks and what they're writing about.

  • Google Trends - Use this tool to see what subjects are trending in a given period.

  • Exploding Topics- Discover unique ideas before they become mainstream topics.

  • - Enter any term to obtain a comprehensive list of synonyms and related words that people look for.

7. Create a Guide

What is the most effective type of blog post? The sort that makes people want to read another ten more.

Internal linking, which connects your previous posts, is an intelligent approach to take advantage of this.

Take a seat and go over your prior posts. Group comparable posts altogether and see if you can logically arrange them as a mini-guide, increasing the value of reading everything in sequence.  This enables you to use ideas that you've already published.

For each post, include an intro, a conclusion, a short description, and relevant links. You now have a direction that will lead visitors on a click-through tour of your website.

8. Conduct an Interview

Conduct an interview

Is your mind drained? Taking advantage of someone else's idea is an excellent way to start your blog!

Who in your field do you admire and think your audience could be engaged in? Send out an email to them and inquire about interviewing with them.

The actual issue is coming up with engaging questions to obtain responses from your topic. After that, they'll handle all of the legwork for you to create amazing content.  But keep in mind that the quality of the interview is crucial.

The internet is loaded with pointless "so tell us who you are and what you do" posts that are dated and add only a little to no value to your content. Don't make the same mistakes!

Instead of asking them to do it for you, compose a proper introduction for your subject. Do your homework and ask them questions they would like to answer, and they haven't been asked in a previous interview.

9. Conduct competitor analysis to identify content gaps.

Conduct Competitor Analysis To Identify Content Gaps

It's possible that what works for your peers and competitors will also work for you. Find out what keywords your rivals rank for and look at their best-performing articles by investigating.

The idea is to find situations where you can develop new content with a lower sufficient keyword difficulty to get a piece of the pie.

Could you improve on what's already been written by adding to it? Do you have a unique perspective on the same subject? Do you have any confidential information that you could utilize to create a new and engaging blog post?

Your originality, thoughts, and niche are advantages you may use to differentiate yourself from the competition by providing readers with something they won't find anyplace else.

10. Work on your creativity and discipline

Coming up with new ideas is a skill that should be honed. The more you practice it, the more powerful your content grows.

Make a habit of coming up with blog post topics each day, and you'll quickly discover that it becomes more effortless.

Your habit and discipline are crucial in determining your progress. Make sure to invest your time in learning techniques and marketing strategies to expand your knowledge and make it easier for you to ideate your next blog post. One of the learning resources I recommend is Backlinko, where you could get exclusive SEO tips and writing content in general.

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How to Find Blog Post ideas Final though

An excellent creator business is built on high-quality content ideas. You can't publish, advertise, or monetize anything if you don't have unique content.

The most important thing is to discover a strategy that works for you, from coming up with fresh ideas to organizing them for simple access to creating systems that make them available around and worth a read.

Your blog has the potential to grow into something far more significant than you could have imagined. However, it can only occur if you begin now.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022