9 Best Paying Side Jobs [Ultimate List]

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Hi! Welcome to My Own Admin where I’ll be showing a list of the best paying side jobs for the year 2020!

Side jobs are the most suitable for you if you want another source of income on top of your regular salary from work or if you’re working from home, maybe you just want more flexibility in your schedule.

Pay off debts faster, save up for your future or for your kid’s future, or if you’re itching to buy that new phone release – whatever it is, you can do just that by finding the best paying side jobs.

There are tons of ways for you to earn some money through side jobs, more than you can imagine actually! In this list of best-paying side jobs, I’m going to help you decide which are the best options for you to choose from.

You can thank me later! Now, without further ado – let’s get on with it!


Best Paying Side Jobs

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter or Sniffspot Host

pet sitter

People over pets. No wait, it seems kind of wrong. Let me fix it. Pets over people. There, much better.

Believe it or not, this is one of the fastest-growing side hustles out there. I mean, how could someone not love those cute and furry creatures?

If you are completely in love with cute pets, this is a chance for you to grab that dream job. Pet sitting or walking dogs are side hustles you may want to check out if you’re down taking care and playing with animals all day long.

Who even wants to work with people? Well, not completely, but you get the point. At least, with animals you get a boost of dopamine and endorphins. You won’t ever feel drained or stressed out.

But of course, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine! You would still have to deal with the pee and dirt they leave behind. Also, if you happen to sit a dog with a very thick and light-colored fur, that’s going to cause some trouble!

You could promote yourself to friends and relatives that have pets that may need some pet care intervention. Another way is to work at a dog daycare or a boarding facility.

There are also websites and apps where you could offer your services. Check out Rover (They also have job postings for dog groomers.), Wag, and Bed and Biscuits.

You could also be a sniff spot host. New terminology, right? What is this, anyway?

Sniffspot is basically an app for finding and renting dog parks and off-leash areas hosted by locals. It’s the marketplace for dog owners who want to connect with other dog owners and who are looking for a safe area for their pets to play and get some fresh air.

So, if you have a beautiful, wide, and healthy yard that can be convenient and safe for dogs to play in – Sniffspot offers you an opportunity to earn money.

How much can you make: $1,000+ per month

Delivery Driver / Uber or Lyft Driver

uber driver

Got a car but have nowhere to go and nothing to do? You may want to become a driver for a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber, given that your car is in a reliable condition of course! As long as you have a driver’s license and a car suitable for ride-sharing, then you may find driving for others a great way to earn some side money.

This is great because a lot of people are using apps to book rides. As long as you don’t mind driving around all day around the city and as long as you can last the day without feeling irritated because of the heavy traffic, I’ll cheer you on!

Or if you’re the type who likes riding motorcycles, you can opt to deliver packages for shipping companies like Amazon. UPS is actually open with part-time positions for drivers and driver helpers.

It’s easy to apply for these side hustles online. Hence, here are some of the companies you can check out:

Uber, Roadie, UPS, Lyft, Juno, Grubhub, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, and LaserShip among others.

How much can you make: $25/hr

Party Planner

party planner

All those partying you did back in college, or if you’re still in college, could have probably given you an idea of how parties should be planned. If you’re a party person and if you like to plan various events, they might as well plan parties for clients!

You could offer your services to friends and families that just love to throw parties no matter the occasion. Build a great reputation and you can even build your own brand in the future and expand to outside cities in your state.

How much can you make: An average of $16.07 per hour

Online Tutoring

online tutor (2)

Some people love to teach other people. They know a lot of things and they want to share this knowledge with others. Do you fit into this category? If you do, you may find being an online tutor enjoyable as your side hustle.

You can help students learn and you just have to choose what you want to teach from an array of subjects such as math, language, writing, and many more. As long as you’re enthusiastic and have a vast knowledge on a subject where students from kindergarten to college may struggle with, you’re already running a business!

Depending on the company you apply for, you may or may not need to have an advanced degree on top of your bachelor’s degree. Some companies may only need tutors with a bachelor’s degree, while other companies like QKids hire undergraduates, too.

You can promote yourself the traditional way by social media or telling your family and friends if they have kids struggling with their academics. For me, I think I would prefer resorting to online services like Tutor.com or Chegg.

How much can you make: Around $20 to $25 per hour online

Babysitter / Caregiver


If you like kids and have the touch of maternal care, you may want to try out babysitting. Though it’s significantly more than being a babysitter when you were in high school, this side hustle can be demanding. I mean, you’re still dealing with kids after all.

Some clients and companies would require some credentials like a certificate in child development or childcare. If you have very impressive credentials and a good reputation among those whom you have provided your services for, you can even have a referral business.

On the contrary, if you are passionate about elders, you can also work as a caregiver. You can even become one even without proper training in nursing. It’s just like babysitting but for older individuals.

Some elders who have retired from their jobs and are ready to just settle down in their homes may still need a bit of help around the house. Your tasks would include cleaning, doing the laundry and the dishes, cooking for them, helping them wash up, or walking upstairs.

This would definitely be a fulfilling and heartwarming job if you have an intense passion for elders.

You can sign up for websites and companies like Care.com and UrbanSitter.

How much can you make: $15 – $ 40 per hour, depending on credentials

Online Services

online services

There are lots of places on the internet where you could get online gigs. One of these places would definitely have to be Fiverr.

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for online gigs in which you could choose from a huge array of tasks which include digital marketing, writing, music and audio production, graphic design, business projects, video editing, and programming.

People who apply to Fiverr to provide their online services could either be the stay-at-home parent type or even professionals in the categories of fields I have listed above. So, you can expect a lot of options for you there.

How much can you make: Gigs can pay you $5, but recently Fiverr enabled professionals and even side hustlers to make money on an hourly basis depending on the gig.

Freelance Writing

freelance writing (2)

Freelance writing is all the rage, nowadays. This is mainly due to the surge of online businesses in the preceding years. There are lots of online businesses and websites that could use some content, and they’re willing to pay professional or aspiring writers for providing them this content.

Your way of writing could vary depending on the niche you are in and depending on what your clients demand from you. So, if you tend to excel more writing in a technical tone, you have to be flexible enough to enable yourself to learn new styles of writing.

I actually love freelance writing because it gives me the freedom to create my own schedule, enabling myself to work when and where I want. In times where you’re not assigned to write anything, you can even squeak in some side hustles you can find in this list. Thus, you could make more money.

Freelance writing can be for everyone. You don’t need to be a professional writer nor do you need English to be your native language. As long as you can coherently and decently write, there are a lot of doors waiting to be opened by you.

How much can you make: $20 – $70, depending on your experience

Proofreading and Editing


In connection to being a freelance writer, if you feel like writing is too much of a task for you or if you’re simply just not interested in writing that much – you can become the person who edits and proofreads their works. A writer needs an editor to polish their work for them.

Some businesses and clients also hire proofreaders and editors for their individual projects. Among these companies who could use your proofreading services are Scribendi, Elance, and Proofreading Services.

If you feel like you need more knowledge and training on proofreading, there are a lot of proofreading courses like Proofread Anywhere that you could avail for you to become more efficient in your work.

How much can you make: $25 – $44 per hour


blogging (2)

The rapid development of technology and the expansion of the Internet has brought upon the monetization of blogs and websites. Anyone could become an owner of online business nowadays, and they could rake in the money they desire through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

One of my favorite ways to make money online through blogs and websites is definitely affiliate marketing. This online business model first teaches you the ropes you need to grasp to be an effective affiliate marketer. It’s hands-on, that’s why I really like this business model.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing programs to be involved with for you to start an online business of your own. They have built a very solid community of affiliate marketers all around the world and you could expect these persons to be proud of their online businesses while working at home and earning stable incomes.

Becoming a blogger does not require you to be the best writer in the world. You don’t need English to be your native language nor do you need a bachelor’s degree in writing. You just need to pick a niche you’re comfortable with and share information on something you love.

This is your business, meaning you can create your own rules and your own schedule. If you’re searching for a flexible side job, blogging may be the best side job for you!

You could even make a stable source of income out of your blog, given that you build it with all the time and effort you can give of course.

How much can you make: Overall, $500 – $50,000. But take note, there’s really just no limit!

Make sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more about this rock-solid affiliate marketing program!

My Final Take on the Best Paying Side Jobs

Whether you’re going to save up for that trip to the Bahamas, or if you just want to quickly pay off your loans, taking on side jobs are one of the best options for you to consider. Weigh out which side hustle would suit your needs and schedule the best. Hence, you could achieve your financial goals in no time.

There are many opportunities out there for you, you just have to learn to filter out your options and look in the right places. If you have any question or simply want to add something to my “Best Paying Side Jobs” list, feel free to drop me a comment down below, I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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