Learn How to Make Money Blogging: 7 Easy Steps

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Do you want to learn how to make money blogging? Hey, are you the type of fella that think building a passive online income is something awkward? You are not alone! Some even think it’s impossible! believe me, you are wrong on this one because on this post I will share with you how do bloggers earn income from blogging in 7 easy steps!

No matter if you are a proud blog owner looking for ways to monetize it or a complete beginner, in this article I will share with you everything you need to know about how to make money blogging.

pick an awesome niche

Learn How to Make Money Blogging

Let’s start with the basics shall we?

Pick an Awesome Niche

An awesome niche is defined as a profitable niche. Of course, if you are writing a blog for money, you need to know which niches are the trends in today’s time and which niches most of the people are interested in. 

You can be the most hardworking, most passionate, and most talented blogger writing about the oldest artifacts and relics. However, all of these traits does not really guarantee you anything! Not everybody cares much about artifacts and relics. 

Only a small percentage of people give a damn about these, and you can’t expect to make money by blogging about items from the past and items somebody’s great-great-grandparents used.

In short, you should cater and dedicate your writing skills and blog posts to appeal to what the people care about, and knowing their problems so you could be the one to provide the solutions they are looking for. Tapping into this source of interest means people will now have a reason to visit your blog in the first place.

But of course, if you’re going to put in the effort to write for the needs and likes of Internet users, you may also want to consider if the niche you’re targeting to dedicate your blog to is something you would love to write about, or at the very least make sure you are interested in the niche.

You can’t expect someone to like and trust your content if you’re not even the slightest bit interested in what you’re writing about. Remember, as a blog writer, your enthusiasm always resonates in your words and if people can’t feel it, then what’s the point? 

Plus, picking a niche you love becomes an advantage to you because it will be easier for you to write content and you are able to naturally engage with your audience more. People like genuineness and when you’re genuine about what you write, people tend to relate to you more, making them want to come back to your blog!

Here are the top 5 most profitable niches you should consider when picking an awesome niche!

  • Health and Fitness. According to Science Daily, over 95% of the world’s population has health problems. Time has also stated that at least 30% of people in the world are obese or overweight. These are facts, and as heartbreaking as all of these may seem, this is where most of the money comes from.

A lot of people are unhealthy and a large portion of those people resort to Google to search for remedies in the pursuit to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Dedicating your blog posts to provide these remedies mean you could tap into this large portion of unhealthy people and direct them to your blog. 

Some of the sub-niches you could focus on are weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, diet, and nutrition among others.

dating and romance niche

  • Dating and Romance. People are suckers for love, and of course, when things don’t work out as they plan, the Internet is the largest and most accessible source of love advice for the hopeless romantic. 

A lot of people tend to search for information on how to get their ex back, online dating, and where to meet rich men and women. If you have some experience in dating and romance and would consider yourself a dating guru, help this hopeless romantic out!

  • Make Money Online. Of course, lots of people are getting tired of the rat race and the repetitive 9-5’s. Make money online opportunities are becoming more relevant especially now that technology and the Internet is at its prime more than ever. 

As an awesome and smart blogger, you want to make people notice you and there’s nothing people want more than to make money.

You may want to focus on the most popular sub-niches like online jobs, search engine optimization, and Youtube marketing, among others.

hobbies and activities niche

  • Hobbies and activities. I find this a really profitable niche because there is nothing a person won’t do for the things that make them happy. The most passionate person will climb even the steepest mountain and swim the coldest oceans just to make sure they get to do what they want in their life.

Some of the hobbies and activities people like to invest in are gun safety, beekeeping, learning how to play the guitar, and iPhone photography.

  • Personal Development. Quarter-life crisis, mid-life crisis, and every crisis a person may experience will definitely make you think your life is a massive shithole. Everybody has problems and everybody wants to escape from their shitty lives and try to live a fulfilling life as much as possible. 

You being one of the people to listen to their problems and give them life advice and solutions means you’re a hero and these people will trust you with their vulnerabilities. 

All of these are amazing as long as you choose a niche that isn’t too much saturated and crowded with competitors or you’re going to have a hard time finding a spot for yourself and ranking on the first page of search engines. 

build your website

Build Your Website

You want to build a website, but there’s just one problem. You don’t have the budget to put it up and you feel intimidated because you don’t know how to do it. Building a blog does not mean you need a fortune nor does it mean you should know how to build it on your own. All you need is the best website builder.

Do you know that you can build your own website for FREE? Yes, you read it right! Normally, building a website can be a big pain in the @$% with all the technical aspects no one really wants to deal with.

This top-notch site builder keeps it real simple,  it takes out the tech side of the website building, you get your site up and running with just a few mouse clicks.

Not to be overdramatic, but for no charge at all, you’ll be surprised at all the features this website builder has to offer you. It not only provide you hosting and a free subdomain, but it also provides you with instant support, coaching, and help the moment you run into any technical issue. 

You can also choose from thousands of professionally designed WordPress themes that will suit any kind of niche website that you want to start.

Hosted on a state-of-the-art cloud network this a 100% responsive site builder so it will look great on any mobile device or desktop. This is the perfect solution if you are on a budget or just starting out your online business. Create your free siterubix website & learn how to make money online!

Search For Suitable Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs

Building your own website and picking an awesome niche is one of the few essential steps in writing a blog for money. Then, what’s next? I know, making your blog a money-making machine that runs on autopilot. 

Affiliate programs are one of the best, proven and effective ways to further monetize your blog. What makes it the most preferred business model is it’s capability to generate you income passively. But wait, what exactly are affiliate programs?

Believe it or not, companies are willing to pay you a share of their income for promoting the products and services they offer to the audience of your website. Whenever someone from your readers buys the products and services your affiliate merchant provides, you get to earn commissions. 

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell. If you want to know more about this business model, check out my post on What is An Affiliate Marketing Business now.

There are loads of affiliate networks out there that allow you to earn commissions by promoting the products and services of other companies. Yes, there are a lot and this means you have to sort out your options and only choose an affiliate program that is easy to work with, pays very well, and would give you a lot of benefits. 

You have to choose a network that will suit your blogging needs the best and of course, you have to make sure it’s legit as legit can be. No one can ever be sure about something in today’s time, and it wouldn’t hurt you to do a bit more research on which affiliate programs are legit or not.

But hey, I already did some of the work for you! Check out some of the companies with well-established affiliate programs that I recommend for you to promote to your audience.

  • edX. EdX is a MOOC, stands for massive open online courses, which as the name implies, is an online platform that provides hundreds of courses covering a wide range of subjects and topics. 

The most popular courses included in edX’s curriculum are computer science, business, and management, language, engineering, data science, and humanities. 

With edX’s referral program, you promote their online courses to your friends, family, and colleagues then you earn a commission once they sign up to edX. It is not stated how much commission you will earn, though. It is only stated that the more you promote, the more you can earn. There’s no limits!

  • MindValley. This is an education company offering online courses, programs, software, and services with a different approach to delivering education to people. 

Instead of teaching you to focus on what’s tangible and visible, it teaches you how to develop your mind, soul, and spirit.

mindvalley courses

It offers a curriculum that focuses on 5 key areas of life: career and influence, lifestyle and productivity, mind and spirit, health and fitness, love and relationships. 

When somebody signs up to MindValley with your help, you can earn a baseline commission of 30%. Nice!

  • Shopify. Shopify is claimed to be one of the greatest platforms in which you can open your own online store. This online store builder’s affiliate program encourages you to use your voice to inspire entrepreneurship. 

Signing up is free and all you have to do is promote their plans and have people sign up to these plans namely: Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and Shopify Plus.

Whenever you refer your visitors to Shopify and they sign up for a specific plan of their choice, your commission will be twice the monthly rate of that particular plan. Take for example, if they sign up for an Advanced Shopify plan which costs $299 per month. Double that and you are left with a heaping $598. Hot damn!

Walk The Extra Mile

Make sure you are willing to walk the extra mile. Remember, you are building a business. Just like how every other business is built in this world, every owner must be willing to take all the risks and own up to each of the consequences that may arise. 

You have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment on new things and ideas to bring out the best potential of your blog to generate you income. 

step out of your comfort zone

It seems crazy and reckless, doesn’t it? Especially since the income you need to pay for bills and feed your family is on the line. But then again, it’s a business after all. You’re going to lose some and earn some along the way.

Walking the extra mile means going beyond the common affiliate program and search engine optimization techniques. It means you put yourself in the position to formulate new strategies in monetizing your blog, and swearing by these strategies with all your blood. Kind of overdramatic, but you get the point.

If you are a complete noob in the field of online marketing, you may not know the power of building and expanding your email list. Pop-ups are a classic form of nuisance in every website ever. I mean, it’s so annoying when something gets in my way when I’m trying to read!

As bothersome as it can be, even if you’re totally against bothering your readers with pop-ups, you NEED to have pop-ups on your blog. This is the best way to build your list of email subscribers. I mean, if you don’t pay the little price of bothering your audience with pop-ups, how else would they come back to you if you don’t get their email? 

As much as I want to be optimistic, we have to be realistic and practical. Not everyone would come by your blog by will, that’s why you have to expand your email list by all means. It builds the pillars of your blog. 

You could also go the extra mile by writing ebooks, online courses, workshops, and entice your audience to purchase these. Another thing, offering your readers consultation and coaching sessions will help you build authority in the niche of your choice. You can charge them or not. It’s your business, so you create your own rules.

Consistency is The Key to Success

consistency is key to success

You can’t post an article for just one day a week and expect your blog to be a money making machine right off the bat. You can’t do the bare minimum and have everything go your way. Only the most notorious scams will make you believe that you can live the life you have always wanted without having to do anything at all. Not here, not ever.

You see, you have to be consistent if you’re really serious about pursuing a career in the field of online marketing. It’s just like how everything happens in the real life. If you want to be a pro in playing the guitar, only practicing a day within a single month won’t get you anywhere. 

Being a great dancer will not let you get away by just practicing whenever you like. Landing a job within the rat race won’t let you get away with anything unless you’re consistent in applying to every company there is. 

It’s all the same with blogging. Consistency is the key to success. As a new and fresh blogger, you have to strengthen your website authority by posting content on your blog as much as possible. I don’t know how you’re going to define consistent in situations like these, but on a desirable note, 5 blog posts a week won’t hurt anyone and will be of great benefit to you in the long run.

Also, even if you claim your writing skills are already great as it is, all your perceptions about your skills will be warped and changed, at the very least. As a blogger, you’re not writing for yourself anymore, but for the people. In consequence, you have to adjust and tweak your writing style and tone in a way that will appeal to people. 

Achieving such a drastic change needs consistency and practice. It could take you years on end to perfect your writing skills as a blogger, and I have to admit, I’m still on the process of wielding these skills myself. 

Having an initial website design theme and an initial design on all the elements of your blog will eventually tire out your readers and will eventually be outdated. You want to consistently implement new skins to give your blog a new and exciting look every once in a while. Your audience will also get to see through your genuineness in only giving them the best visit they could ever have.

Determination Equals Prosperity

determination equals prosperity

Blogging and combined with other business models like affiliate marketing can become a source of passive income in the long run. But of course, that won’t become the case right off the bat. Most people engage themselves in the field of making money online with the mistaken belief that money comes streaming into their account in an instant. 

That’s such a nice thought but money does not grow on trees, nor does it make its way to those who only does the bare and minimal effort. Anyone who believes that is delusional. 

Only with determination shall prosperity bloom. Remember, if you are engaging in the niche of make money online opportunities, you have to work your damn ass off. Sure, you can enjoy the comfort of working within the comfortable boundaries of your home and enjoy the company of your family at all times, but such benefits come with the price of working more than 24 hours a day, at the beginning at least.

You have to write your content, stack them up, develop a handsome and good looking website, promote your affiliate merchants like crazy, and continue to build everything from dust and scratch.  Heck, it could take you months or even years on end to see the results you are really yearning for.

Think of it in this way. There’s always a rainbow at the end of a storm, and at the end of that rainbow lies a pot of gold somewhere. Not to sound like a life advice guru, but it’s true! Just keep on striving hard to build your blog into a money making empire, it’s all worth it in the end.

Get The Best Training

Now you know the basics of how to make money blogging, then what’s next for you? Knowing the basics wouldn’t be enough, you’re going to need to gear yourself up with the best form of training you can get. Fortunately for you, I have something in the trunk which would be of the greatest benefit to you.

You don’t have the scavenge the Internet far and wide to search for the best training program about making money online through blogging, because I have already done the task for you. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate network powerhouses which not only teaches you about affiliate marketing itself. 

It will also teach you everything you need to know about building your own profitable and sustainable online business through blogging. Wealthy Affiliate will guide you step by step until you are at the stable stage to write content on your own and manage everything else. 

I’d love to do all the talking here, but if you are really want to learn how to make money blogging from the best, make sure you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review! See for yourself all the benefits you can get from this training program.