Is Tranont a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

If you are reading this post then you must be wondering, Is Tranont a Scam? We will get into that in a few seconds but first, let me congratulate you on doing proper research before you pick an “online money-making” program. That is undoubtedly the best way to avoid falling into shady schemes. But enough chit chat, let’s get into the Tranont review itself.

Tranont Review

Product Name: Tranont
Founder: Lorne Berry
Logo: Is Tranont a Scam logo
Product Description: MLM
Best For: Tranont can be right for you but only if you have superpowered marketing skills.
Cost of Tranont

How much money is not having a Tranont Financial Education Membership costing you? Have you ever made a bad financial decision? Have you ever received poor...

Recommended: NO


What is Tranont? 

Tranont is an MLM company. In case you don’t know, MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a network marketing system most of those are pyramid schemes

In an MLM company, revenue is generated when the employees of the company sell their products for a certain commission.

People that work for MLM companies don’t have a set salary, they operate on commission. They earn money through marketing and mostly convincing other people to join the company distribution chain. 

Tranont operates similarly. It is a health, wealth, and wellness MLM company. 

They have a wide range of products related to personal growth, health, and fitness, such as different drink mixes and powders.

They also sell financial products such as products related to tax, real estate, and credit. Tranont also has plans to protect its customers from identity theft, etc.

Tranont is slightly different from the regular pyramid scheme because you do not need to recruit more people through advertisement and marketing. 

The only way you can make money is by selling their products directly to customers in the market and earning individual retail commissions over those transactions.

Is Tranont a Scam

How does Tranont work? 

Tranont works like most other MLM companies. People invest their money in a pyramid scheme and then become non-salaried employees of the company. 

To earn money, they have to promote and sell the products and services the company provides. In Tranont’s case, they provide financial and health products. 

You must advertise these products so that people buy them. When people buy the company’s products, the seller/investor gets a retail commission. 

This commission is not fixed and may vary with time according to the company policy.

Joining Tranont is also reasonably easy. You need to pay an activation fee of $99, and you are set to go.

They have this startup fee to make sure people that join their ranks are serious about selling their products.

Hey, but the expenses of joining this program don’t stop just here:

  • you have to pay a monthly $25.00 fee for support & business tools
  • and the monthly subscription of the package of your choice when you first sign up. $150, $125 or $250 depending on if you pick the Health, Wealth or builder package accordingly. 

What products does Tranont offer? 

Tranont offers various products in two main categories: health and finances. Despite these categories having no apparent link to each other, Tranont provides a variety of services in both these categories.

Financial products include credit products, services to protect against identity theft, real estate, and tax products. 

They have a Business Smart pack that includes all their financial services for around $59. If you work for this company, you will probably have to sell this package to your customers.

Tranont also has health products that consist of various shakes and powders. These products target an audience of people that care about their health, plenty of markets here!

They have some renown supplement products such as Balance, Restore, ICARIA, Vibe, and Life. They are sold at high prices and can give a good %profit for the seller.

How much can you make with Tranont? 

Like all other MLM companies, you have the chance to make a considerable amount of money through this company. Sadly not everyone is suited for this type of “job.”

Let’s take a closer look at Tranont’s case. 

The average folk that works with Tranont get around $2400 yearly commissions.

This means people are only making around $200 per month. This is not a lot of money considering the sizable investment you are required to do before joining the company. 

Even getting to $200 a month is a challenge. You will have to work very hard, let me tell you, the job is neither satisfying nor rewarding.

Don’t forget you only earn money through retail commissions, and the % depends on the type of product you are selling. 

If the product is high ranked and expensive, you can squeeze around 35% commission, which is not bad! 

You also earn bonuses through the residual commission. These bonuses are relatively small and depend on the number of people you recruit and how well the team under you performs.

Let me tell you this, around 73% of people who invest in this company lose their investments. 

This is a huge loss for anyone who puts their life’s savings and works for a company.

27% of people who actually make some profit is not significant when compared with the amount of work and dedication you have to put into. 

They are left feeling unsatisfied and overworked.

What I like about Tranont

There are a few things I like about Tranont. 

  • Firstly, it is relatively easy to join. The process does not take long, and it is not complicated either.
  • Secondly, people don’t have to invest a lot of money. Compared to other MLM companies, this one charges a lot less.
  • Thirdly, I like how Tranont is not exactly a pyramid scheme. In pyramid schemes, there is a downline team. This means that the people at the bottom (i.e., investors and employees) have to suffer most losses while the people at the top get the most profit.
  • Last but not least, in Tranont, you don’t have to recruit and build your own team. You can earn a retail commission by advertising their products. 

what i dont like about Tranont pyramid scheme

What I don’t like about Tranont

There are several things I do not like about Tranont. 

  • Firstly, you have to pay a lot of extra “fee” before joining the company. This includes a Startup fee and even Monthly fee. This gets deducted from the total money you make.
  • It’s hard to make a lot of money. After deducting extra charges, most people end up making around $200 a month, which is extremely short for the amount of work you have to put into
  • Also, their compensation plans do not have clear guidelines. This is too confusing, especially to new investors who don’t know a lot about MLM companies and investments. 

Is Tranont a scam? 

Tranont is a highly inefficient company. It does not offer the best quality services, and people who tend to invest their money usually end up losing a lot of time, money, and energy. 

It can be concluded that this company is essentially scamming people by not giving them the services and profits they deserve. 

People invest a sizable amount of money and pay extra charges and get almost nothing in return.

Working as a server at a fast-food chain would probably get you more money than investing in Tranont. 

Furthermore, there are many other MLM Companies in the market that offer better, more organized services. 

Final Verdict!

Despite the easy money and the comparatively low joining fee, Tranont is not recommended by a lot of people. This is due to several reasons. 

Firstly, the CEO and founder of this company, Lorne Berry, went bankrupt in 2013.

This is ironic because he runs a company that essentially offers money management and financial services to clients.

His bankruptcy was due to a massive accumulation of personal debt. This is an extremely unusual thing for someone to have if they are running a company based on the provision of financial services. 

The most shocking thing perhaps is that he accumulated a debt of around $100,000! A tremendous amount of money and a clear red flag for anyone who thinks to invest in this company. 

In addition to this, this MLM Company is a scam because of the convoluted and vague compensation plans it has. 

You will never know how much money you are making and how or when you will get it. There are a lot of confusing policies that can easily pass unnoticed but can hurt your pocket.

Not to mention that you are selling overpriced products to other people. This in itself is a dishonest practice and can lead to potential legal trouble for you and the company.

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