Usana Vitamins Review. Unspoken Truth!

Last Updated on February 21, 2023

Usana Vitamins Review, Usana Health Services is one of the well-known producers of food supplements or vitamins. But aside from that, they say that there are people who are using Usana products and earning at the same time. The reason why is because Usana is also a multi-level marketing company.

In this review, I will cover all you need to know and try to answer who is questioning if Usana is really legit and how effective are their products. Is Usana Health Services is a pyramid scheme? let’s find out!

Product Name: Usana Health Services
Founder: Dr. Myron W. Wentz
Logo: usana vitamins review. unspoken truth!
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM)
Best For: People looking for extra income and good in recruiting people and doing sales.
Recommended: YES

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What is Usana Health Services?

Usana is a large health network marketing company that offers dietery supplements, skincare and vitamins. They are based in Utah and founded by Dr. Myron W. Wentz.

Usana was listed by Forbes between 2004 and 2006 as one of the “200 best small companies.” However, in 2007 the company was not included in the list due to some issue, the government and some industry experts are questioning their products as well as their business practices.

In the same year, it has been found that several executives of Usana have given misconceptions about their various qualifications. Ladd McNamara is one of their sales associates who claimed that he is a medical doctor but later found out that his medical license was dismissed.

Usana faced a different kind of lawsuit that involves concealment, unfair business practices, and fake advertisements. As of last year, people can still become a distributor of Usana products. They still seem to work towards further global expansion.

About Their Products.

Like the other companies who offer a different variation of products, I personally have tried some of their products. Especially the vitamins that I need to take every single day in order for me to stay healthy. They have around 150 products based on my research and most of their products are food supplements.

I tried their vitamins for almost 4 months, and I can say that it is really effective for me. I normally work at night and having enough sleep is much needed. But when I start taking Usana products, I see a big difference in myself. Even if I am just sleeping around 3 to 4 hours a day I still feel energized and ready for the whole day. It is also good prevention for sickness like cough and colds which is having an outbreak due to weather conditions.

usana vitamins review. unspoken truth!

When it comes to their other products like skincare and diet supplements, if we are going to base it with the reviews and feedback of the other users, I can see that it is also effective. But most of the people are using their vitamins. They are well-known to their proven and effective vitamins.

I cannot say anything about their products, but for me, not all their products can be considered effective for everybody. We have different lifestyles and different skin tones, so the result really varies. And to be honest, I tried to look for any bad complaints about their product and surprisingly I was not able to find any. It was a good thing and it shows that the product is something that everybody looks forward to use.

usana vitamins review

How Can You Earn Money Through Usana?

This part is interesting since we don’t find any bad comments and reviews about their products, maybe it is easy for their distributors to promote and sell the products. 

The first question is how to be their distributor. Like the other MLM companies, you need to pay for a membership fee which will cost you $30 and a renewal fee of $20 every year. A start-up kit is provided by the company to independent distributors is covered by this membership fee. This includes corporate info that you need in order to start your business with their company and no products included on the membership fee. You have to buy the products first and then sell them in order to earn money from sales. They also offer different packages so you can create your own business and start having your downline and earn extra cash from them.

The packages are:

  1. Basic Business Pack at $300
  2. Entrepreneur Pack at $625
  3. Professional Pack at $1250

But the thing is, not everybody can afford those packages that they offer. You still sell out their products, you just need to get at least 200 points which are a total of $250 Usana products to get started. So little by little you can buy their products and save points, and when you reach the 200 points you can earn more.

Just recently, Usana Health Services launched a new way of getting a commission. They called it 5 Customer Rule, wherein you need to make sales to five different persons in a month. It is by hitting the quota consistently in order for you to be an associate of Usana.

What do I like About Usana?

What I like about Usana is their product. As I have my research there is a lot of feedback about how effective is their products, especially their vitamins. It is a must-try product that you will see the outcome in just a month. I can say this because I tried it personally as I mentioned many times in this review.

As well as the good feedback from their employees that they are seems to be enjoying their stay and working with Usana Health Services.

If you’re looking for a product that will give a result, Usana can be one of your options.

usana vitamins review

What I Hate About Usana?

As I mentioned earlier I haven’t seen any bad reviews about their products. And if you will ask me what I hate about Usana, maybe it is the price of their products, I find it too expensive. I did a research on how much is the cost of their products and most of them are around $60. But I don’t say that this is the most expensive in the market, there are some products that are much cheaper.

Maybe they can lower down the price for their products to attract more customers and soon will sign up as their member. Again this is just my opinion and suggestion, and since I already tried one of their products I believe somehow it’s worth it and what matters is the protection of our health.

Usana Vitamins Review, The Unspoken Truth!

Personally, I think the Usana Health Services is a great MLM company. They have shown that they can last since they started in 1992. Since they already had their time in the market, it’s very difficult to earn extra money from proven MLM schemes.

I believe that it is proven that their products are effective and a lot of people are using it. This is a way for us to know that a company is legitimate and not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It all starts with how effective their product is and money will follow. It’s like building a good foundation to have a good investment.

If recruiting people and doing sales is your strength, I can recommend Usana to you. It can still be used as a source of extra income as long as you have the passion and willingness to do it. This could be a baby step to your success.

The compensation scheme is solid, but in order to earn money, it is not just the money that you need to sponsor with Usana, so put your cash on boys and girls because you are going to benefit from it.

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I hope you found my Usana vitamins review helpful, and if you were wondering Is Usana vitamins a scam? No, it’s not,  but at the end of the day, every step of the way to earn money is really challenging. You need to have a better understanding of the business. And again there are no shortcuts to success, it demands effort, capital, and motivation.

Always remember it’s not always wrong to invest especially for your health, taking vitamins at least once a day can really help. For me, health is wealth so one of the things I invest with is in my health together with my family.

And Usana is something that I can recommend to you and to your family. Again health i wealth but it is also good to investigate more on a specific product to make sure that your investment is worth it and would not cause any hassle.