Is Asea a Scam? Dirty Secrets Exposed!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

I would like to welcome you to my Is Asea a Scam review. Health is one of our main concerns in our generation today and as a human, another necessity that we need is water that contributes a lot to our health. And Asea is a well-know multi-level marketing company that sells water but they claim that it is not just an ordinary and we will find out more about it as I go along and discuss other details about Asea. I know one of your friends has introduced Asea to you that is why your curiosity leads you to check this review.

It is very important that before entering a business especially an MLM company is you should have your own investigation in order for you to avoid being scammed and find what you want which is to earn money online. Don’t worry, you land on the right page to check the legitimacy of Asea. With this review, I will let you know everything behind this company and find out if there are real people who earn money by joining this company. I don’t want you to wait so long, so let’s dig into details.

Product Name: Asea
Founder: Verdis Norton
Logo: is asea a scam
Product Description: A multi-level marketing company that sells saltwater and other skincare products.
Best For: People who can sell and promote products like saltwater and skincare products. Someone who is looking for business opportunities through an MLM company.

Asea is a multi-level marketing firm distributing and manufacturing saltwater and other skincare products. The saltwater, which includes healthy redox molecules suspended in a saline solution, is its main product according to the report.

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What is Asea?

Asea is a multi-level marketing company that sells and manufactures saltwater and other skincare products. As per research, their main product is the saltwater which contains balanced redox molecules that are suspended in a saline solution. Let me give you a short description of their two main products.

The Asea Redox Supplement – this is their main product that is composed of saltwater and other minerals that will give you with the following benefits:

  • Cell protection
  • Increase cell rejuvenation
  • Increase athletic performance
  • Increase cellular communication

The Renu 28 – this is their skincare product, Asea claims that Renu28 gives the user with the following benefits:

  • Decreases eye wrinkles
  • Improves facial skin texture
  • Increases your skin’s smoothness
  • Increases skin’s moisture

is asea a scam

These are the two main products that Asea has. They also created a plan or guide that the user can check in order for them to be guided while taking the saltwater or using the skincare product that they have. In other words, you have to continuously purchase the products for you to see the real effect of it on your body and skin.

Plus if you are going to sell out their products, you must market the products really well in order for your customers to continue using it.

When was Asea founded?

Asea was founded by a businessman Verdis Norton and their main office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is known to be the home of the famous and biggest multi-level marketing company like DoTerra and Young Living.

They started to sell and manufacture the products in 2009 and based on the information I gathered as of now they have more than 35000 distributors all over the world.

Is Asea a MLM company?

I know that you will ask, is Asea a MLM company? Yes, it still operates the same as the other MLM companies out there. They have the same business opportunities as directly selling the products and recruiting people to join Asea.

I am sure that one of your friends, relatives, and neighbors have introduced Asea to you and even ask you to try to sell the products and earn money from doing it right?

Can You Make Money With Asea?

Making money with Asea is possible since they have been in the business for so long, there are a lot of people who already earned from them by selling the products and recruiting people to join the company.

However, before earning money with Asea you must be an official distributor of their products. And unlike the other MLM companies, in order for you to be a successful member of Asea, you need to purchase at least one of their 4 packages, and these are:

  • Asea Advancing Life – this package includes one case of Asea Redox for $120
  • Basic Plus – this package includes two cases of Asea Redox for $240
  • Builder – this package includes four cases of Asea Redox for $370
  • Express Builder – this package includes 8 cases  of Asea Redox for $770

And I know you want to know how many bottles are included per case, each case contains 4 947ml bottles of Asea Redox so if you are going to do the math, you are paying at around $30 per bottle.

is asea a scam

Now let’s discuss the ideal amount of earning that an Asea member can get, Asea is offering a lot of commission and bonus to their members, like for their retail commission you can get $30 for every sale of $150 case of their products.

Here are the other commissions and bonuses that Asea offers to their members:

  • Preferred Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Recruitment Commission
  • Check Match Bonus
  • Team Commissions

I know that the way an MLM company work is not for everybody. There are a lot of ways and alternatives that you can try in order for you to start earning money online.

What I Don’t Like About Asea

There are things that I noticed about Asea that I think you need to think twice and will have a big help to you in deciding if you are going to try your luck with Asea. Here are the things that I don’t like about Asea.

Asea BBB complain.

There are some reports or complaints on the Better Business Bureau page about having side effects after taking the saltwater from Asea. This has a big impact on their business especially people right now are basing their judgment on the feedback that they are reading from the BBB.

is asea a scam

Incomplete information on their website.

Asea has been in the business for so long but I noticed that they are not providing well-detailed information on their website. In our generation today, the internet plays a big role in our daily lives. Most of us are checking the information about something on their website so it will be better to have full information on it.

Expensive products.

Since Asea is selling saltwater and skincare products, if you are going to check over the internet there are a lot of products that have the same ingredients as Asea products have but at a lower price. I believe that $30 for a 947ml bottle of saltwater is too expensive. And it will be hard for you to sell these products if it is that expensive compared to its competitors.

What I Like About Asea

If you are going to ask me things that I like about Asea, I can answer that with one answer and that is Asea are providing quality training to their members. Upon researching it seems that Asea is also into developing its own members, they want their members to grow and earn and not just sell their products. Not all of the MLM companies are providing good and quality training so this is really awesome for me.

is asea a scam

Is Asea a Scam? My Final Thoughts.

After all the research that I have to complete this review if you are going to ask me the question is Asea a scam? I can say that they are not. Maybe one of the reasons why people think that they are a scam or pyramid scheme because they are much focused on recruiting people. However, if you are going to check their compensation plan it seems that they are also into the growth of their members.

The final decision will still be with you, I know that joining an MLM company is not effective to everyone and if you wish to continue joining Asea then I wish you good luck and if you are looking for other ways for you to earn money online, you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover how you can easily earn in just writing your favorite hobby.

I hope that this “Is Asea a Scam” review answers your questions and if you have suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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