Is Nerium a Pyramid Scheme? The Unbelievable Facts!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Nerium a Pyramid Scheme? We’ll get there in a bit, but first, let me give you an heads up on what’s behind the “brand” Nerium.

On this eye-opening review, I will dig out the rumors about the company are true and if they are just a another scam. Another thing that you will discover is if selling Nerium products can be considered as a legit way of earning money.

Curious about Nerium? Be with me as I reveal the truth behind Nerium International.

Product Name: Nerium International
Founder: Jeff Olson
Logo: is nerium a pyramid scheme? let's find out!
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
Best For: People who are into recruiting and good when it comes to sales.
Recommended: NO


What is Nerium?

Nerium International is one MLM company that manufactures and produces skin care products, like age-fighting cream and lotions and other wellness products.

The company was established last 2011 in Texas by Jeff Olson who is now part of PrePaid Legal (Legalshield). Nerium started with selling just one product which is a anti-aging night cream

Nerium got its name from Nerium Oleandrin Extract which is also an ingredient on their first-ever product. Now that the company had already expanded all over the world to offer a wide range of anti-aging skincare and wellness products, the name that they have no longer applies to it.

Just this January of 2019 they announced that they will rebrand the company to Neora. It was a big question mark to some people that they consider changing or rebranding the company because Nerium was already fully established and make a big name for the past 7 years. So it created a rumor and some say that there is something fishy behind the rebranding.

Though it was not mentioned during the Nerium Presscon, as I do some research about what happened there is an instance that Nerium Skincare the supplier of Nerium oleandrin extract product formulation accused the company last 2015. This made Nerium International pay 10 Million dollars and if you’re going to visit their website, you will no longer see the endorsement of Nerium oleandrin extract.

However, Nerium says that they decided to do a rebrand since their product now is not just focusing on the ingredient that their first one has.

About Their Products?

As they had the rebranding just this year, the previous products that they have include lotion, facial care, eye serum, and vitamins. Skincare products like night and day cream are still on their product line.

They claim that their products are clinically-tested anti-aging products. Their skincare products can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and will provide an overall change in your damaged skin. But the question is, are they really effective or is it a fake advertisement?

This question is personal, to be honest with you. But since we want to know the real score of everything about the company, we all deserved an honest review.

There are some users of the products that really happy with the outcome after using it for a month or two. However, there are also some who don’t see any changes in their skin after using the product. I believe that their products are effective but only for some or will depend on your skin type. I haven’t use the product personally so I cannot give detailed information about this, and the only way for you to know is to try it yourself. But again some of the products contain Nerium oleandrin which is a high-toxic plant so better consult a dermatologist to avoid any allergies on your skin.

Is Nerium a Pyramid Scheme? The Unbelievable Facts!

How To Make Money with Nerium?

Since Nerium or Neora is an MLM company, there are two ways for you to earn money with them. First, you can sign up as a member and you can avail discounts on their products so you can sell it to other people with a markup price. Most of their members are really earning through this way of selling. You can always take advantage of the discounts as long as you’re a member of the company.

For you to be an official member or distributor of Neora, you need to purchase one of their starter kits. The price would depend on what plan you will avail. They have Bronze which costs $499, Silver Pack at $750 and Gold Pack at $1500, the kits that they have are really expensive but it will have an exchange with products as well as freebies. But they also have a basic pack which is only for $50, which does not include any products, it only includes essential materials you need to start your business. It would depend on what suits your budget, again think first before signing up for you not to regret it in the end.

The second way to earn is by recruiting people. Like the other company, you can create your downline in order for you to get a percentage to them and in that way you are also earning. Not just that, through recruiting people they are also giving away Lexus car as a bonus, a good way to motivate you to recruit more to their company. Simple as that, if you are someone who is good in sales and recruiting you will really earn a lot through these ways. Again you have to remember to comply with their monthly order requirement for you to stay as an active member of Nerium/Neora.

Complaints About Nerium.

Just like all the companies in any type of business, complaints are always there. It’s either about the product or the company itself. There are complaints that are based on their experiences and some are just a complaint to make a bad image for the company.

Most of the reviews and feedback that I found over the internet is about the products that they have. Some say that it’s not as effective as they expect it to be. But like what I have mentioned earlier it may be effective only to some.

is nerium a pyramid scheme

For me, this kind of complaint is normal is especially in this kind of products they are selling, the skin is something that we care about as a human. Caring about your skin sometimes leads you to invest like buying skincare products. That’s why it’s also normal for some people to complain about the expensive price of the product and in the end, nothing will happen on their skin.

Maybe it will be best if Neora will have a good advertisement to inform their consumers that it’s not guaranteed to all skin types and it still varies.

is nerium a pyramid scheme

What I Don’t Like About Nerium?

As I am doing this review, what I have found out that they are all about recruiting. What if you’re not into recruiting people or let say you’re a kind of a person who is shy type? This could be a recruit-or-die scheme for you. To be honest, I am not into recruiting that’s why I started this, but again if you are someone that used to it, then go for it.

Another thing I hate about Nerium is some of their distributors who are making a not suitable marketing strategy for them to recruit someone. Some of their distributors are editing photos and making a before and after effect of using the Nerium products, which can be the reason why some customers are expecting that what they saw on the picture can really happen to them. Some lead to bad reviews or complain.

Lastly, there are a lot of complaints about their product. Most of the complaints are severe allergies and reactions on their skin as well as requesting a refund and canceling their orders.

Is Nerium a Pyramid Scheme?

For me, it is hard to tell if they are a pyramid scheme or not, simply because they have their own products to sell. As well nowadays it’s really hard to identify the modern pyramid schemes, as everything gets updated along with the technologies.

What I observed is since Nerium is focusing on recruiting more people to their business and giving so many bonuses by doing that, some of the people recognized them like a pyramid scheme.

My final thoughts about this are, I can recommend this to people who are into recruiting people and good in sales. You can really earn a lot from Nerium. When it comes to their products, you can always try it as long as you have enough details of what contains in the product to avoid any complaints about allergies and skin reactions.

I hope I was able to give you brief information about what Nerium or Neora is. Always be sure and armed with your actions.

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