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Last updated on February 17, 2020

Is Shaklee a Scam? What they don’t tell!

Is Shaklee a scam? I am so sure that you get interested in having a quick change in your body figure or you want to have a healthy lifestyle as well as looking for a source of extra income. And that is why you are checking this review about Shaklee. Shaklee is an MLM company that is well-known for selling products related to weight loss.

I will make sure you did the right decision checking this unbiased review about Shaklee. I will let you know the different kinds of Shaklee products as well as answering the question on your mind like is Shaklee a pyramid scheme? Is Shaklee legit? So better hold on to your seats while reading as I will reveal the secrets behind the company Shaklee.

Shaklee Review

Product Name: Shaklee
Founder: Forrest Shaklee
Logo: Is Shaklee a Scam logo
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company that sells supplements for weight loss as well as vitamins.
Best For: Best for someone who is looking for a way to lose weight and earn an extra income as well.

Shaklee was founded in 1956 last, and for over 50 years now or 63 years now, they have been in the MLM industry. Shaklee products are like the usual MLM firms selling vitamins and skincare, but they are renowned for their additional weight management. The bulk of products are eco-friendly and have a carbon footprint reduction.

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What is Shaklee?

Shaklee was founded last 1956, they have been in the MLM industry for more than 50 years now or 63 years to be exact. Shaklee products are like the usual MLM companies which sell skincare and vitamins but they are well-known for their weight management supplements. Most goods are environmentally friendly and designed to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Roger Barnett is the CEO of Shaklee. He started his career at the Lazard Freres and Co. investment banking firm. He then set up an investment group to purchase ownership of Arcade Inc., which he converted from a United States enterprise to a global business into the world’s largest sampling agency. He was also the founder of which is known for selling cosmetics online.

is shaklee a scam

Since Shaklee was been established for more than 60 years now and counting, they already expanded to different countries around the globe like in Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and China. When they first started, they only have nutrition and weight loss products, and as time goes by, they decided to have beauty and home products as well.


What Are The Products of Shaklee?

Since Shaklee started last 1956, their product range has grown a lot. They have now around 200 plus kinds of products, which is really popular for some. They have different categories when it comes to their products.

For Weight Loss.

For their weight loss products, they are offering weight loss kits for beginners, shakes, meals, snacks and even teas.

is shaklee a scam

For Beauty.

This category is really popular all over MLM companies and Shaklee is one of them who offers this kind of product. And some of their products include the never-dying anti-aging creams, hydrating and some products for the eyes and skin



They offer supplements as well, this will include food supplements for bone, eyes, and vitamins that you can take every day to stay healthy. However, what I have noticed that these are products that they offer are expensive.


How Can You Earn With Shaklee?

Let’s go to the most interesting part of this review, about how much you can earn with Shaklee? This is one of the bases of others if Shaklee is legit or is Shaklee a scam. Be ready to know more about the earnings on joining the company.

is shaklee a scam

Just like the other MLM companies, you have three ways to do in order for you to earn with Shaklee. It’s like the usual MLM company that you can directly sell the products, recruit people to join the team and through different bonuses that Shaklee is giving to their members.

But of course, before taking advantage of the perks, you need to sign up as an official member of Shaklee. They offer four different types of membership, and they have these leverage to offer you.

Level 1: The Customer

This level of membership is for free, you are just like a usual customer of Shaklee. No membership fee to be collected but you cannot promote the Shaklee products to earn and you need to buy the products for the retail price itself.

Level 2: The Premium Customer

This level of membership is for a one-time payment of $19.95 and when you sign up as a Premium Member of Shaklee you are eligible to get a 15% up to 25% of discount on your purchases. The good thing about this is you don’t have any order required for a month but still you are not allowed to promote the products.


is shaklee a scam

Level 3: The Official Distributor

This level of membership will require you to pay a fee of $49.95 and after that, you can get to promote the products, not like the first two levels of membership. However, the difference is this has an order requirement for each month so you can be qualified for the commission.


Level 4: The Gold Ambassador

Unlike the other MLM companies that the highest membership that they have is a distributor but with Shaklee, it’s not. They have what they called the Gold Ambassador. It’s like you’re with the level of Official Distributor and you will pay $49.95, the difference is you can have the chance to choose a special package that they have which is Gold Pak for $299 and Gold Plus Pak for $599. This means if you avail of these packages you have the chance to get a higher commission.

What I Don’t Like About Shaklee.

As I am doing this review I can see some things that you might consider checking and analyze before joining Shaklee. This can help you think more if this is really for you or not.

Expensive Start-Up

As we discussed earlier the Shaklee products and compensation, it is noticeable that to get started with promoting Shaklee you will need to invest a bit for getting out of your pocket the amount of almost $50. For others, this might be something expensive and they might consider checking for other MLM companies who offer fewer membership fees to promote the products.


is shaklee a scam

They have a large variety of products.

Maybe you think that if an MLM company does have many products, it will be easy for you to earn money. But I think it’s not. Why? Because you may find it hard to endorse it. Especially if you encounter a customer that will really get into details and will want you to give all the names and description of the products.

More than half of the members are not earning.

This might alarm you, based on my research more than 90% of the members are not earning from Shaklee. It’s not that they are a scam, maybe it was really hard for them to sell the products especially it has many products. Maybe you really need motivation and determination to have success in Shaklee.


What I Like About Shaklee.

But of course, there are things that I admire about Shaklee that you may look forward to if ever you decided to join. All MLM companies do have flaws but they also have good things that most people love about them.

Shaklee is well-established.

From the start, we talked about how long is Shaklee is operating until now. It has been more than 60 years since the company was established. This is a living proof that Shaklee is not a scam, they are legit. Because if they are a scam, they will not be staying in the industry for that long.


Their advocacy.

I really like their advocacy, it shows on the products that they have. It is all about health and wellness which is very important to keep an eye on it. As we all know that health is wealth. It would be nice if you’re earning and having a healthy lifestyle as well right?


is shaklee a scam

Is Shaklee a Scam? The Revelation!

It’s pretty obvious at first that they are really a well-established company and this is a good proof that Shaklee is not a scam. Maybe there are ways that are really not effective for everybody like promoting their products.

So, is Shaklee a Scam? Even though Shaklee is not a scam, to be honest, I will not recommend this to anybody. Especially if you’re just starting to enter the world of MLM companies. Aside from the membership fees, you need in order to promote the products, more than half of the members are not earning from Shaklee. Maybe it is because of having a hard time to promote the products.

You might consider other ways to earn money, in that you will find out if joining MLM companies is really for you or not. I hope this Shaklee review was able to help you with your decision. Just always have the motivation and patience and everything will follow.


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