Is Maskcara Beauty a Scam?

Is Maskcara Beauty a scam? It’s always refreshing to see a small cosmetics company making a name in the very broad and large niche of makeup, especially since there are bigger companies making millions of dollars selling makeup products.

What’s less refreshing to see, on the other hand, are makeup companies employing the business model of multi-level marketing. I mean, we’ve seen big companies selling cosmetics like Mary Kay employ MLM to their sales strategy, and most of the time it doesn’t turn out well.

This had me wondering, how will Maskcara Beauty differ from most makeup companies out there with the same set of principles? I’m a simple person, if I am curious about something, I search and gather information about it until I get a clear and full picture.

Before I did my research on this one, I had my own expectations. However, after the deed has been done, I found something else which totally caught me off guard!

Now that I have your attention, let us further delve into this cosmetics company and see for ourselves if it is different from the others or if it’s just another one of those notorious pyramid schemes.

What Is Maskcara Beauty?

Maskcara Beauty is a company selling cosmetics ranging from foundations, eye shadows, mascara to blush on, which has also employed the business model of multi-level marketing to their sales strategies.

This makeup company is founded back in 2013 by fashion and beauty blogger Cara Brook. She developed her own company with the sole intent of empowering women through her products and adding another layer of beauty on top of one’s natural beauty all the while making money through their MLM aspect.

maskcara beauty homepage

Is Maskcara Beauty a scam? Before we get to that part, it’s only fair to understand how things are going out and about on the inside of this cosmetics company before we decide on a conclusion.

How Does Maskcara Beauty Work?

Just like any other company selling cosmetics, they offer a wide range of products for customers to choose from. They have every product for the face, eyes, skin, brushes and tools, and their collections.

As for the face, they have highlighters, contours, illuminators, setting powder, bronzers, and stuff for the lips and cheeks. All of these costs $14, while the setting powders, bronzers, and illuminators can reach up to $16. Right off the bat, you will be urged to buy because of the very trendy, minimalistic, and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

maskcara beauty highlighters

The eye shadows range from from glitters, shimmers, and to matte. All these costs $12 with the most expensive being $14. Sounds cheap, right? Not really. You know how you’d usually get eyeshadows in palettes? Well, you only get one color for the cost of over $10. That kind of sucks. The colors are pretty, nevertheless.

maskcara beauty eyeshadows

Maskcara Beauty’s skin products, on the other hand, are more diverse. They have setting sprays, milk toners, cleansers, moisturizing creams, and they even have skincare products for men. These costs from $10.50 to $50. If you like, you can avail of their skin care systems both for men and women for $140.

maskcara beauty skin products

Moreover, they also sell compacts, brushes, and other tools.

The company takes pride in its IIID Foundation, which is popular for supposedly enhancing your skin tone, hide dark circles and unwanted blemishes and become a sort of like a second skin with the impression of adding a natural look, as described by a customer.

The Maskcara Beauty Compensation Plan

To view the full compensation plan of Maskcara Beauty, refer to the video below.

Becoming A Maskcara Artist

Most companies with an MLM aspect address their members as distributors or whatnot. In the case of Maskcara Beauty, you are called an artist. Now, how do you become one of those?

The application process gives you two options. First, you can sign up through their on-site application to become an artist. Second, Maskcara Beauty encourages you to enroll to their program under an active artist by typing in their Artist ID on the bottom of the on-site application. Of course, the purpose of this is to build downlines.

The next step would have to be buying one of their kits. They have two kits, to be specific. The Basic Artist Kit costs $199, while the Pro Artist Kit costs $399. Take note, though. Once you have selected your kit, you will not be given the chance to upgrade it in the future. Basically, it translates to “just buy the Pro Artist Kit!”

maskcara beauty startup kits

Maskcara Beauty has listed what’s included in each kit.

Inside the Basic Artist Kit:

  • 25 Catalogs
  • 25 Host Brochures
  • 25 Opportunity Brochures
  • 25 Post Cards
  • 18 IIID Foundation Singles
  • 1 Powder Single
  • 2 Brushes / 1 Perfector
  • 3 Compacts

Inside the Pro Artist Kit:

  • 25 Catalogs
  • 25 Host Brochures
  • 25 Opportunity Brochures
  • 25 Post Cards
  • 21 IIID Foundation Singles
  • 12 Eyeshadow Singles
  • 2 Powder Singles
  • 6 Brushes / 1 Perfector
  • 4 Compacts
  • 20 Temporary Tattoos
  • Milk Moisturizer

On top of this expensive startup fee, there’s also a recurring monthly back office fee of $9.95. Once you have picked your kit, you proceed to enrollment, and finally with the confirmation. There you go, you’re already a Maskcara artist.

You are now ready to earn money. Just like any other MLM company, there are two ways to earn money: through retail sales and via recruitment.

Earning from Retails

Before anything else, you first have to go through a training period. The training period does not range for a certain amount of time. In order for you to graduate from this, you have to reach a total of $800 in total commission sales. The commission rate is 20% per product.

Now, the commissions you are bound to receive from retail sales does not differ depending on your rank. Regardless of your rank, for each product you sell, you will always receive 20% commission on a weekly basis.

The only upper hand you get once you’re out of the training period is you are now eligible to receive up to 40% commission. Your commission rates only differ depending on your total amount of commission volume on a weekly or monthly basis.

Maskcara Beauty entails the details of the commission rates depending on the commission value below.

  • 1-319 CV: 20% (on SV) weekly
  • 320-639 CV: +5% (on SV) monthly
  • 640-1599 CV: +5% (on SV) monthly
  • 1600-3199 CV: +5% (on SV) monthly
  • 3200+ CV: +5% (on SV) monthly

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Earning From Recruitment

You can now start recruiting other artists once you are done with your training period. Not being able to recruit artists while you’re still under training period kind of sucks since you would have to reach $800 just by solely selling products.

But, on the bright side, that’s also a great thing since just by that observation alone, Maskcara Beauty is definitely not a pyramid scheme due to the fair emphasis on recruitment.

Anyway, the question is, how much can you earn by recruiting artists into Maskcara Beauty? Unlike the retail sales in which your commission is based on how many you can sell regardless of your rank, your recruitment commissions is primarily based on your rank.

The more artists you recruit, the higher your rank will be. Naturally, in MLMs, this results to higher commissions. According to the compensation plan of Maskcara Beauty, this is the list of ranks from lowest to highest and the percentage of commission you can earn.

  • Elite HAC-ER: 3% CV
  • Top HAC-ER: 6% CV
  • Artist Ambassador: 10% CV
  • Elite Ambassador: 13% CV
  • Top Ambassador: 19% CV
  • Influencer: 21% CV
  • Elite Influencer: 24% CV
  • Top Influencer: 27% CV
  • Executive Director: 31% CV
august2021 Commission
set2021 Commission

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Maskcara Beauty Secrets EXPOSED!

Is Maskcara Beauty a scam? Find out the answer you are looking in the next section below.

Makeup Formulation

Some of the customers are complaining of having skin problems due to the makeup formulation of some products. It’s a good thing that only 5% of the total population of Maskcara Beauty’s customers are having problems with the makeup formulation.

Of course, makeup always differs for everybody depending on the needs of their skin and their skin type, so it’s also the customer’s responsibility to check out the contents of a product and see if something could harm their skin before purchasing.

Some Can Get Pricey

The prices of the products are okay, but considering that products like eyeshadows, contours, and highlights are sold separately per color or shade instead of being sold as whole palettes makes the difference.

maskcara beauty palette

Expensive Startup Fee

The kits you have to buy in order to get started as a Maskcara artist either costs at least $200 and $400. I believe the price is valuable and reasonable due to the fact that the kits are stuffed. But of course, this could still be an overwhelming amount for someone just starting out. Then again, this is an MLM so expensive startup costs aren’t even a surprise anymore.

Low Return And Success Rate

In relation to the expensive startup fees, this does not really guarantee you will earn the amount of money you are yearning for. It’s still a known fact in the industry of MLMs that it’s hard to earn returns.

You can sell their products to your heart’s desire, but of course, it would take a lot of your time and effort to actually see the money coming back to you. As for the recruitment commissions, you really won’t be making a passive income out of that unless you rank higher and recruit more artists. Of course, that too, will tire you and exhaust you.

maskcara beauty 95% fails

What’s more heartbreaking is, no matter how hard you try, you’ll be earning little to nothing because the money will just keep on flowing upwards the pyramid. I am not kidding on this one, 95% of people who try to make a career out of MLMs fail drastically fail along the way.

Limited Payout Options

Maskcara Beauty does not process payouts via PayPal or bank transfers. The only payout option they provide is Paylution.

What I Like About Maskcara Beauty

Lots Of Bonuses

As you may have seen in the video, Maskcara Beauty wants to compensate you for training and supporting your downlines through bonuses. Fortunately, they provide a lot of those!

Products Of Great Quality

maskcara beauty good quality products

Of course, at such expensive prices, you should only expect great quality. Maskcara Beauty does not disappoint with the quality of the products. Customers themselves are giving them thumbs up on their palettes, setting spray, brushes, and many more.

Aesthetically Pleasing Packaging

I know that when it comes to products like makeup, what’s more important is the content rather than the packaging. But of course, sometimes the eyes want to deceive you and before you know it, you have already purchased the product! This is also a great strategy for companies and entrepreneurs because people are getting more superficial as trends come and go.

Nothing To Hide

If you would take a look at  their website, you would see resources there in which Maskcara Beauty explains all about their compensation plan and products among others. This gives me the impression that they want customers and potential artists to be fully informed about their products and services. No undisclosed information and no secrets.

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Fair Emphasis On Recruitment

Most of the time, MLMs are always labelled as pyramid schemes. This also has something to do with the fact that some MLMs are only using their products as an excuse and cover up. They give more emphasis on the recruitment program, rather than giving equal importance on both aspects.

As you may have already known, pyramid schemes are illegal for only recruiting people and operating without products to sell.

It’s a good thing that they give equal emphasis on retail and recruitment. Just like what I have said before, just by this observation alone, Maskcara Beauty is not a pyramid scheme.

My Final Conclusion! Is Maskcara Beauty A Scam?

Maskcara is a legit cosmetics company from which you can rely on for good quality makeup products. They have nothing to hide and it seems that they really want you to succeed in your career as a Maskcara artist.

Unfortunately, I still would not recommend you to join Maskcara Beauty. In the end, it’s still an MLM. Being in the industry of MLMs will do you no good. You pay for an expensive startup fee thinking you can earn big. But you will just tire and exhaust yourself before even making a single cent.

There’s still a pyramid, and the people on the top are the only ones really earning decent money leaving little to nothing to the big mass of people accumulated at the bottom, and you’re part of that big mass.

Is Maskcara Beauty a scam? No, it’s definitely not, nor a pyramid scheme but it will be tough for you to succeed with Maskcara Beauty.

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