Is Vasayo a Scam? Healthy Facts!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my Is Vasayo a Scam review. Health is one of the major concerns that people have nowadays, and it is one of the best niches when it comes to business because of its high demand in the market. People will do everything to stay healthy and fit especially nowadays that Coronavirus is existing is some countries, which is so alarming.

I know that you are aware that you can make money by selling and promoting health products and one of your friends has introduced Vasayo to you that is why you end up checking on this review. I believe you also want to know how legit is the business opportunities with them, and that is what we are going to discuss in this review. 

I will make sure that at the end of this review, all of your questions in mind will be answered by providing you facts about Vasayo. So be ready and hold on to your seats as we dig into details.

Product Name: Vasayo
Founder: Dallin Larsen
Logo: is vasayo a scam
Product Description: A multi-level marketing company that sells and manufactures health-related products.
Best For: People who are looking for business opportunities through a multi-level marketing company. Someone who has a good skill at selling and promoting a product. Those who are into recruiting people and have great convincing power.

Vasayo was founded in Dallin Larsen in 2016 and is, essentially, a multi-level marketing company. But Vasayo's founder already had an MLM company that was MonaVie before. You have Utah and United States Headquarters and Hong Kong Headquarters.

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What is Vasayo?

Vasayo is a multi-level marketing company that was founded by Dallin Larsen in 2016, and basically they are just new in this business. But the Founder of Vasayo already had an MLM company before which is MonaVie. They have headquarters at Utah, in the United States and they also have one in Hong Kong.

is vasayo a scam

Their products are health-related like nutrition supplements and most of their products do have liposomes. Liposomes are used in some products to enhance the effectiveness of their products. Here are some of the products that they are currently offering.

  • CBD One
  • V-Tox – is a detox caps
  • Eternal – is an antioxidant supplement
  • V-Slim – is a weight loss powder
  • Core Complete – is a multivitamin caps
  • Neuro – is a cognitive-enhancement caps
  • V3 – is an energy, hydration and mood supplement
  • MicroLife Sleep – is an oral spray to improve sleep
  • Renew – is an oral spray for joint health

Vasayo chooses this kind of product because it will really hit the market. People nowadays are into investing in their health which is also a good thing because health is wealth. And because of its demand, health products are drastically growing all over the globe especially in the United States and Canada. 

is vasayo a scam

And another interesting thing about Vasayo’s products is it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so meaning to say withing 30 days after you purchase it, and if you are not satisfied, Vasayo will refund your payment. This is very unusual for other multi-level marketing companies out there.

How Does Vasayo Work?

Since Vasayo operates like the usual multi-level marketing company out there, the ways for you to earn money with them is either you will do direct selling or referring other people to join and be a member of Vasayo.

How much does it cost to join Vasayo?

It important for you to know how much you need to prepare if you have plans of joining Vasayo. The membership will depend on what package you will avail upon signing up the application form. Here are the different packages that Vasayo has.

  • Foundation Partner – this will cost you $329 which includes 2 samples of products and each sample pack is consists of 5 individual pouches.
  • Premium Partner – this will cost you $699 same with Foundation Partner, but it has extra 2 sample packs of Renew, Energy, and Sleep.
  • Executive Partner – this will cost you $949 which includes 3 basic products, plus extra 2 Renew, Energy, and Sleep. Together with 4 Energy sample packs and 2 Sleep sample packs.
  • Ambassador Partner – this will cost you $1399 which includes 4 of each basic products, plus extra 4 Renew, Energy, and Sleep together with 6 Energy sample packs and 6 Sleep sample packs. And the difference with other packages is this has a free ticket to the Vasayo Convention.

is vasayo a scam

If you will notice it is a bit expensive compared with other multi-level marketing company but all of their packages include freebies such as products that they have. If you find this expensive there are alternative ways that you can try to earn money online.

Is Vasayo a pyramid scheme?

So far what I can say is that they are not a pyramid scheme because they have real products to offer and a lot of people have already tried their products even if they are just new in the industry.

How Much Can You Make With Vasayo MLM?

For sure one of your questions in mind is “Can you make money with Vasayo?”, so now I will discuss to you the estimated amount of earnings you can have if you will join Vasayo. I know that you are aware of how complicated is the compensation plan for every multi-level marketing company, basically, Vasayo works the same as the other MLM company. By doing direct selling, you can earn a commission of 20% however, their commission has a quota as well that you need to maintain and reach in order to get it.

Vasayo offers a large range of bonuses and incentives and some of it are:

  • Sales Incentives
  • Referral Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus

But of course, in order for you to earn more, you must work harder to achieve it. It is not going to be instant money especially in MLM company, it will really require you to fuel yourself with knowledge on how you can effectively promote and sell the products. Total earning you can have will depend on yourself, on how determined you are as a distributor of Vasayo products.

What I Don’t Like About Vasayo.

Upon doing this review I notice things that I know you should be aware of since that is one of the reasons why you are reading this review. And here are the things that I don’t like about Vasayo.

Is Vasayo FDA approved?

Unfortunately, if you are searching and wanting to know if Vasayo is FDA approved, they are not. This is another reason why people easily think that they are just a scam. Being FDA approved plays a big role especially if your products are health-related because they want to be sure that the products that you are selling are safe to the public.

They are not BBB accredited.

Vasayo is also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, just like FDA, this is another important factor that people are considering. This is the way people checking the company’s legitimacy and unfortunately, Vasayo is not accredited but still has a B+ rating on the BBB website.

is vasayo a scam

Not for everyone.

Selling is a job that will require you to have skill and experience if you are someone who is not well-informed and trained to do sales it may end up hard for you to reach the quota that Vasayo is requiring their members each month.

What I Like About Vasayo.

If you are going to ask me about what I like about Vasayo, I can say that it is about their products. Their products are considered to be one of the best when it comes to health-related products compared to other MLM companies. Especially they are using liposomes to enhance the effectiveness of their products, there are studies about liposomes that really provide health benefits.

is vasayo a scam

Is Vasayo a Scam? The Conclusion.

After doing all the review and research, let’s answer the question since the beginning. Is Vasayo a scam? And my answer is not. They are a legit company that sells and produce health-related products. There are proven members who are earning by selling their products, it may be a not that big amount but still, they are getting something out of doing it.

This way of earning or doing business may not be effective for all of us, but you have a lot of ways to try to start earning money online.

You can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review to get some guidelines on how you can start earning without investing a big amount of money or selling products. It can be easy as writing your hobby on a daily basis.

I hope this “Is Vasayo a Scam” review was able to serve its purpose to you. If you have any questions and concerns please feel free to leave that in the comment box below. Cheers!


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