Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam? Hide Your Money!

Last Updated on January 14, 2023

Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam? That is what I will cover in my legitimate and genuine Fast Fortune Club review. I will shed light on both sides of the coin of this (In)FAMOUS investment newsletter.

The concept of passive income appeals to us as humans. We even risk losing money in exchange for the possibility of making quick money. The stock market is an excellent example of this mindset. Most people are aware that there is a high risk of losing money in stocks and a low chance of becoming a millionaire even after a long period of time; however, people continue to invest in stocks because they are enticed by the prospect of receiving large sums of money automatically.

Many businesses and traders capitalize on people’s desire for investment advice by launching courses and programs. One of them is Fast Fortune Club.

I’m not quite sure what you want to “hear”, but I assure you this will help you decide whether Fast Fortune Club is your best bet in making money online. Gather up! Now, I’ll guide you through the man behind this, what this investment newsletter is all about, and if it is really worth spending your hard-earned dimes on.

What Is Fast Fortune Club All About?

Want to Get Filthy Rich Without Moving a Muscle? Fast Fortune Club is your best bet – that’s what multimillionaire Tom Gentile wants you to believe.

How are we supposed to know if this is the real deal? Is he speaking the truth? Or is this investment newsletter just some sleazy and lousy circus act making us penniless nincompoops?

“America’s #1 Pattern Trader”, Tom Gentile, claims that you can get $940 richer in 11 seconds, $988 richer in 7 seconds, and even $1260 richer in 8 seconds. Honestly, if I’m gullible and desperate enough, I’d take the bait right off the bat.

I’m glad you’re doing your research now and that you are being careful enough before subscribing to this newsletter. A matter concerning money and time should always be taken into heavy consideration. Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam? Let’s find out!

Who is Behind Fast Fortune Club?

“America’s #1 Pattern Trader”, Tom Gentile, started his investment career back in 1986 and quickly climbed to the top of the American Stock Exchange.

Gentile also developed Optionetics, an educational company that became a front-runner in the field of options education, back in 1993 together with a group of partners.

Starting in 2009, he taught the secrets of identifying high-opportunity and low-risk trade opportunities.
In 2016, he presented a moneymaking pattern with simple options of trade ideas on the top-rated stocks of the world, named Weekly Money Call, which claims to double your money week after week.

Throughout his career, he authored and co-authored books namely: The Options Course, The Volatility Course, The Index Course, and The Stock Market Course.

His current gem, Fast Fortune Club, is a medium where he can share all the trading secrets that honed him to become the multimillionaire that he is now.

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Fast Fortune Club? A Course To Make Money Fast?

The Fast Fortune Club. The name may conjure images of success, wealth, and expensive automobiles. It’s a fitting image for a platform that promises to make you rich quickly. In a nutshell, the program is an investment advice newsletter that gives you access to the Fast Fortune Club’s top trading tips, tricks, and advice.

The program begins by claiming that by following the advice of America’s self-proclaimed “#1 Trader,” you can “Get Richer in Seconds.”

It’s clear right away that this isn’t Tom Gentile’s only online sales funnel; the website header has recently changed to feature a company called “Money Map Press” with several options for different finance-related projects created or endorsed by Tom Gentile.

This program has evolved over time and now includes five distinct features to which you gain access when you subscribe. The panel was previously available in addition to a community forum where you could interact with other subscribers; however, the community forum has since died and is no longer available.

This is one of the main reasons I dislike this program. Any program should actively engage the community. If people are having success with the group, that success should be publicized without a doubt. If a program owner is not actively working on new material, it is their responsibility to keep their community running.

What Does Fast Fortune Club Offer to Subscribers?

You’d be astounded by the numerous products they offer when you subscribe to help you invest and trade responsibly.

Fast Fortune Club Money Calendar

This tool has a pattern trade recognition protocol that predicts how trades are changing over time. It also predicts when stocks will rise and fall. This is the main part of the subscription service.

Fast Fortune Club Payday Appointment and Alert

As the product name indicates, it works as an alarm that alerts you when is the best time to trade and informs you about the tasks you have to do. This works in relation to the Money Calendar. It basically alerts you to take advantage of the trades while a timely.

Fast Fortune Club Millionaire Dollar Master Class

If the offers of a subscription to Fast Fortune Club were a sandwich, the Money Calendar is the meat of the subscription, while this Millionaire Dollar Master Class is the condiments of the subscription. It is usually overlooked, but it wouldn’t feel complete if you don’t include it in the package. This monthly trading session is where you will receive the learning resources and tips from Gentile that you will need to equip to make money and become a multimillionaire like him.

Fast Fortune Club Quick Start Cash Course

They say that when deciding to do something, what’s more, important is how you finish it rather than how you start it. However, if it concerns something as significant as money, you know well enough that you must start it right.

This 7 – part of the beginner’s course is what you definitely need to equip and absorb before venturing into investing and trading if you don’t want to feel lost along the way. If you are a total newbie in the field of investment and trades, this course is definitely crucial since it introduces you and takes you through different trades such as stocks, options, and ETFs.

Fast Fortune Club Text Notifications

Obviously enough, it notifies you of potential new trade opportunities, the stock that you should sell immediately, and so on. This is pretty useful and convenient if you’re always on the go and happen to not be in front of the desktop all the time.

Fast Fortune Club Network

If you ever feel that you are alone in your investment venture, fear not! The Fast Fortune Club gives you access to a network of investors and allows you to interact with other members of the club. Chat groups are available and you have the opportunity to learn and share strategies with these people who are already prodigies in the game of trades. Of course, interactions with these people motivate you to do better and stay focused on your goals.

Progress Report

Each week, you are given a progress report. This weekly report provides you with an overview of your progress once following the investment recommendations granted to you. It tracks and monitors how well you’re doing and how much you are earning – or how you badly suck and how much you are losing.


Fast Fortune Podcast

Looking forward to the following weeks of the program? This podcast updates you on the plans you have to expect in the upcoming week. If you want to stay on track, it is best to listen to the podcast.

Fast Fortune Club Roundtable

Curious about something? In this online-based discussion, experts in the field of investment get to answer the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. Also, this discussion is based on real-time. Better make sure that you capture their attention!

Fast Fortune Annual Summit

Through the Annual Summit, you are given the opportunity to meet the people behind Fast Fortune Club. You are allowed to meet and interact with them face to face. You can also meet other subscribers in real time. They also hold live training sessions and educational lessons where you can learn more about investments and the like.

You also get your own roadmap, personal organizer, winnings log, regular newsletter, and so on.

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What Are the Benefits of Fast Fortune Club?

You’re spending hard-earned money on this subscription, so what does Fast Fortune Club have in store for you?

First of all, the subscription package offers you the Quick Start Cash Course which equips you with the basics of investment, and different kinds of trades such as options, ETFs, and stocks. It’s nice of them to take into consideration that not everyone is acquainted with this science. This prevents anyone from dabbling into something they do not know.

Also, this investment newsletter is crafted and developed by investment and trading experts. Money Map Press, the team of experts behind Fast Fortune Club, has provided many different newsletters, trading services, and research reports.

According to the official website of Money Map Press, their team of investment experts has more than 250 years of combined experience. This speaks a sense of legitimacy and sends a message that this investment newsletter might actually work. That’s what their website says, though.

However, what they think about themselves is not at all that important. What’s more important is what the people think, which brings us to the next section.

What Are the Cons?

Money Map Press claims to be all great and mighty, but people are saying otherwise.

A lot of people are posting complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. BBB rated Money Map Press with an A+. I don’t know how the BBB rating system works, though. However, with over 50 customer reviews, they just received 1 star out of 5.

Anyone with functioning eyes will know that this is such a poor performance. Those who are thinking of subscribing to the newsletter will definitely step back once they take a look at the horrific reviews dissatisfied customers are leaving.

Costumers Complaints

One customer stated that during his 3-month trial subscription to one of Money Map Press’ newsletters, he invested about $12,000 in one of the recommended options. He received nothing but a 50% loss. When his 3-month trial subscription had ended, they wanted him to spend $1950 to buy the subscription. He stated that the company did not seem concerned at all about how much he had lost.

Another customer bought at least 5 trades and spent thousands of dollars on them. Sadly, he gained zero to little return. He contacted the office after 2 or 3 days to claim his money back, but he was told that refunds are not allowed.

Others complained about being buried in email solicitations, their exaggerated claims, unfulfilled promises of returns, and more on the recommendations which caused them to lose all their trades and capital.

The complaints posted on the BBB website also apply to Fast Fortune Club since it is one of the many newsletters published by Money Map Press. Money Map Press and its affiliates disprove to be credible and reliable to its subscribers.

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Outdated Data?

Fast Fortune Club analyzes the conditions of the market so that they can give you recommendations of what is worth investing in and when to invest in it. Of course, this pattern trading approach has paid off – in the past.

The problem now is that the market conditions have drastically changed over time. It seems to me that Fast Fortune Club is living under a rock because they only use the same historical trade records, not updating it and not considering the changes in the market. A lot of people complained of losing trade due to this disregard.

Without a doubt, there is one thing that comes with every investment venture – and that is risk. The more you invest, the more you have to lose. If you are not willing to play a little bit with your money, I do not suggest you enter the world of investments. This is not a path of assurance.

Verdict: So, Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam?

Fast Fortune Club definitely offers you a wide range and variety of products that will be of enormous help in your investment ventures. The subscription package coming with your subscription is deliberately well thought of.

However, what matters more than all these fancy products is the results, whether this investment newsletter actually works and if it proves true to what it claims to be and what it promises you.

The subscription package together with the trade recommendations is enough bait for me to believe that I can pull off a career as an investor. 

Too bad, the trade recommendations are not paying off anymore as they used to in the past. It is outdated, and it makes people lose their trades and therefore results in collateral damage to lost hard-earned money. The company behind Fast Fortune Club also doesn’t uphold its claims, and it seems they are the sole beneficiary of all this.

Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam? Even if it’s not is it really worth your money? I don’t think so!


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