Can I record a Podcast For Free? Podcasting For Beginners!

So you've decided to start a podcast but aren't sure where to begin. Since you're a beginner, you might wonder, " can I record a podcast for free?"

You'll need a microphone and headphones, but what else will you need? Obviously, recording software is required, but which software is free that can work well just like the paid ones?

Lucky you, because this post is all podcasting for beginners who want to start for free.

You can record a podcast for free via a portable recording device, video conferencing software, or directly from free audio editing software like Audacity, an open-source audio recording, and editing program that many podcasters begin with. It has all the basic features you'll need to edit and clean up your recordings. When you're finished editing, you can export to various file formats.

What Equipment do you need to Record a podcast?

Why Are You Starting A Podcast

It is simple to start a podcast. It only takes a good microphone, a computer, and recording software to start.


Podcasts are an audio medium, and visuals cannot compensate for poor sound quality. As a result, viewers directly correlate your audio's quality to your podcast's value. Even if you have the most creative podcast idea ever conceived, few people will listen to it if it sounds terrible.

A good microphone is required to ensure good sound quality. You can get an excellent entry-level microphone for under $100 and gradually work your way up as your podcast grows. 

But, for beginners, any available microphone will do. Just make sure that you're recording in a soundproof or quiet room.


To run your podcast recording software, you'll need a computer. Your recording will be captured and saved as an audio file, which you can edit on your computer. It makes no difference which operating system you use if your software is compatible. Your computer should also be capable of handling your digital audio workstation (DAW).

When selecting a new DAW or recording software, always check the hardware requirements to ensure that your computer has everything you require. Examine the CPU, RAM, and storage in particular. Audacity, for example, requires a processor speed of 2 GHz or higher and 4 GB of RAM.

Recording software

There are numerous options for audio recording and editing software, also known as DAWs. Some high-quality software is free, saving you money as you launch your podcast. Audacity and GarageBand are popular free options, and Adobe Audition and Logic Pro are popular paid recording programs. Remember that the more expensive and complex the software, the greater the hardware requirements.

Which software should you use to record your podcast for free?

There are numerous programs available that are free; they have distinct features, so it all comes down to personal preference.



Many podcasters use this free program. Their interface is not commendable, and you may find other programs much easier to use, but this is an excellent option if you're starting and don't want to spend money on software.

Many podcasters have been using Audacity for years and love it, so it comes down to finding the program that works best for you.

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GarageBand is excellent for both music and talks audio editing. It is also accessible compared to other audio editors, which is a significant benefit. It is less appropriate if the person is recording audio without editing it. In those cases, I recommend the Voice Memos app, which is also an Apple product.

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Recording through a remote recording platform

The great thing about these platforms is that they were designed specifically for podcasting.

That means that you can get high-quality audio if everyone has a good microphone and is recording in a good environment.

Many platforms, including Squadcast, Zencastr, and, include video, which is essential when remote recording because you need to see who you're talking to.

You can also record the video using remote recording platforms, which is helpful if you want to use footage from your show on YouTube or promote it on social media.

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Recording through video conferencing software

You can record your podcast using platforms like Skype and Zoom, but these were designed for video conferencing rather than podcast audio recording, so the audio quality is often lower.

If you're recording with Skype, you'll need to buy software that gives you more control over the audio, such as Ecamm Call Recorder.

And, if you're using Zoom, some back-end settings can help you get better audio quality.

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Direct recording into audio editing software

If you're hosting your show on your own, this is the simplest way to record your podcast. Why? Because all you need is a USB microphone and your preferred audio editing software.

It's as simple as plugging in your microphone, making sure it's selected in your audio preferences, and pressing record.

However, suppose you're using more than one USB microphone. In that case, you'll need to do some configuring in the back end of your computer to get things working since it won't automatically register two microphones in the exact location.

Final Thoughts

Can I record a Podcast For Free? Of course, it is entirely possible.

Make sure you consider where you will record. Your recording space should be audio-friendly if you're setting up a home studio.

This includes rooms with reflective surfaces such as tiles, windows, or high ceilings. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this. A few thick curtains or couch cushions may suffice.

However, if you want your podcast to be a success, you must improve the sound of your show.


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Last Updated on August 11, 2022