Top Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2023

Making profit out of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin goes beyond investing and trading. It's natural to be afraid of losing out, especially now that cryptocurrency has begun to burst on social media and search engines. On this post, we will review the top crypto affiliate programs with various success narratives. 

The bitcoin sector is expanding daily, and many different companies are running affiliate programs to reach a larger audience. What's surprising is that the profit potential is enormous. Some of the largest firms in existence today have been formed on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrecny Bitcoin sector

Finally, your requirements and tastes will determine the ideal cryptocurrencies affiliate programs. However, to help you get started, we've compiled a list of some of the more unique options.

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Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase was formed in 2012 to make the world an equal place through decentralized currencies.

That's a bold aim, but it's the direction the world appears to be heading in — a future where fiat currency is no longer required.

This is a more conventional cryptocurrency trading platform and wallet since you can buy any leading cryptos using fiat currency. Still, you can also take funds from them via PayPal.

Coinbase is a brokerage, so that you may buy cryptocurrency directly from them. Coinbase Pro, under Coinbase still, is a genuine exchange and peer-to-peer trading platform with incredibly cheap trading fees.

The exchange has handled $150 billion in cryptocurrencies for 20 million users in 42 countries.

Coinbase is appealing as a crypto exchange in that they offer up to $250,000 in insurance coverage and keep most of its information offline.

Plus, You earn a share of your referral's trading fees through their cryptocurrency affiliate program.

Because there is no restriction on the number of people you may refer to Coinbase, there is no actual limit to the number of affiliate commissions you can make.

Most notably, Coinbase employs Impact to administer its affiliate program. You're in for a treat if you've never been set up on Impact before. This is one of the most straightforward ways to gain a summary of your affiliate marketing activities.


Commission rate: 50% of referral trading fees for the first three months

Payment method: Your local currency (preferred currency)

Binance Affiliate Program

Binance Affiliate Program

Changpeng Zhao started Binance in Hong Kong in 2017. Since then, they've transferred their offices to areas that aren't under Chinese control, allowing them to run their business in a global market.

Binance began as a crypto-to-crypto exchange, but in 2018 it added capability for fiat trades. This cryptocurrency exchange accepts all major cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin, its cryptocurrency (BNB).

The fantastic thing about Binance is that everyone can sign up as an affiliate and earn a 20% commission. By storing 500 BNB in your Binance wallet, you may double this rate up to 40%.

This currently costs $7850 to complete, but it may be well worth the dedicated affiliates' price.

Finally, you can fill out an application to join the 50% commission tier. However, there are certain severe conditions and a human approval process.

The possibility to offer your referrals a 5 percent -20 percent reward is a beautiful feature of the Binance affiliate program, which is somewhat of a lifetime discount for them.

This is deducted from your commission. This offer may encourage more people to sign up using your links. Calculate the cost and discover if it's worthwhile for you!

You can't talk about crypto without discussing Binance, so you should take advantage of the affiliate commissions that come with it.


Commission rate: Up to 50%

Payment method: All cryptocurrencies

Changelly Affiliate Program

Changelly Affiliate Program

Changelly is among the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, despite being one of the newest.

You may trade in over 150 different cryptos with Changelly without ever needing to deposit your coins or cash.

Instead, you search dozens of exchanges for the cheapest rates and execute your trade. Changelly allows you to buy cryptocurrency with your Visa card, making it more a hybrid exchange than a pure cryptocurrency exchange.

There is a fixed cost of 0.25 percent when exchanging crypto for another crypto, and there are no extra hidden or unexpected fees.

The Changelly affiliate program allows you to earn money by either putting their widgets on your site or using a referral link that you can place everywhere.

You'll receive 50% of all transaction fees charged to your referral once they join up for an account with Changelly, using either method.

The more coins traded, similar to Binance, the more money you make.


Commission rate: Up to 50% lifetime

Payment method: Currency referrals trade-in

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Trezor Affiliate Program

Trezor Affiliate Program

Trezor just does a single thing, and they do it well, which is they produce cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

One of the most significant advantages of cryptocurrencies is that they have enabled us to decentralize our finances by allowing us to save our money on the blockchain rather than in a bank account.

However, in one of the most ironic twists of fate, the last place you want to store your cryptos is online.

The main reason for this is the danger of a security breach or a user error leading to losing your entire wallet's contents.

So, the two most secure methods are writing down your private key on paper or putting it in a hardware wallet, such as one made by Trezor.

Affiliates get 12–15% commission on Trezor wallet sales, and high-end wallets costing over €600 make a lot of money.

Hardware Trezor would be one of your authority site's bolt-on crypto affiliate programs because cryptocurrency wallets are typically one-time purchases.


Commission rate: 12-15% of every sale

Payment method: Bank transfer 

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Ledger Affiliate Program

Ledger Affiliate Program

Ledger, founded in 2014 by Eric Larchevque, makes it simpler for newbies to store all types of cryptocurrencies.

Trezor and bitcoin wallets aren't complete without a mention of Ledger. They control the majority of the cryptocurrency hardware wallet market.

Hardware wallets are the most secure way to keep cryptocurrency; therefore, promoting one to your audience will tremendously help.

In terms of affiliate programs, Ledger has one incorporated into their website and a global affiliate network called Awin.

The program is simple to join, and they pay out a 10% commission on each of their three main offerings.


Commission rate: 10% of every sale

Payment method: Bank transfer 

Coinmama Affiliate Program

Coinmama Affiliate Program

Coinmama, in the year 2013, began as a brokerage for consumers wishing to acquire Bitcoin and Ethereum but has now grown to include Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies.

The disadvantage is that brokers have to charge a fee, so you will spend more than you would if you traded privately. To sum up, this translates to a 5.9% increase in brokerage costs in dollars and cents.

For the availability of their accounts, the Coinmama affiliate program pays you 15% of all purchases completed by your referrals. That's not awful!


Commission rate: 15% on all referral purchases

Payment method: Fiat

Bonus Program: eToro Affiliate Program

Bonus Program eToro Affiliate Program

You might be familiar with eToro because of its viral marketing campaigns and extensive promotional methods. They are a popular social trading platform where you can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other assets.

It's crucial to understand that, depending on the country, your recommendations on eToro can be trading CFDs (contract of difference).

For example, instead of acquiring and keeping an actual Bitcoin, you may purchase a Bitcoin contract at a fixed price that can be sold later for a higher price.

This may not be the platform for your audience if they want to possess actual cryptocurrencies. eToro is a safe and dependable site; nonetheless, readers should know the distinction.

This is why we bring up eToro. They may have the most lucrative affiliate program available. Depending on where country a recommendation comes from, they pay different amounts of commission.

Referrals from top nations pay out $600 per trader on eToro. 


Commission rate:  $200-$600 per active trader

Payment method: Fiat

CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program

CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program

Let's be honest: dealing with taxes is not enjoyable. When you add in the complexities of cryptocurrencies, you've got yourself a fascinating situation.

There is various cryptocurrency tax software available to help you streamline your accountancy.

CryptoTrader.Tax allows users to upload trading papers and calculate the amount owed automatically.

They offer an outstanding recurring affiliate program that pays a 25% commission. The affiliate program is hosted on its site.


Commission rate: 25% Recurring commission

Payment method: Fiat 

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs Bottomline

This market has become flooded with service providers wanting to profit from the cashless revolution of cryptocurrencies.

Hundreds of new exchanges, marketplaces, and lenders spring up every day.

The issue with this is that many of them might be gone as swiftly as the promise of astronomical gains from an impending ICO.

As a result, the affiliate programs I have included in this post are the top Bitcoin and cryptocurrency affiliate programs with good backgrounds and reviews.

These new currencies appear to be here to stay; therefore, it's never too late to develop an authority site in this niche or a related sub-niche.


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Last Updated on February 9, 2023