Remote Integrator Academy Review

Today, we'll examine Ravi Abuvala's Remote Integrator Academy skillset training program. Messenger Channel and Group Like most training programs, you'll be assigned to a private group of over 536 people who are also enrolled in Remote Integrator Academy.

Today, we'll examine Ravi Abuvala's Remote Integrator Academy skillset training program. Is Remote Integrator Academy a legitimate program? Learn more in this Remote Integrator Academy review.

You may have arrived here looking for a side hustle. After all, to keep up with inflation, you may need to supplement your income. The previous search may lead you to Ravi's Remote Integrator Academy. It's a good candidate for a typical side hustle because the job it offers is something you can do online in a matter of hours.

However, before you buy this program, you should read this Remote Integrator Academy review. So you can decide whether or not the program is worthwhile for you.

Please remember that this is an entirely unbiased Remote Integrator Academy Review. And I have no affiliation with Remote Integrator Academy or its creator.

Remote Integrator Academy Overview

One of the programs in Ravi's Scaling With Systems lineup is Remote Integrator Academy. As the name implies, this program promises to teach you the skills required to become a remote integrator.

According to its founder Ravi Abuvala, it is the best way to separate your time from your money. He also claims that you can make money online without going through the hassles of starting your own business.

Ravi guarantees three things inside Remote Integrator Academy.

The first is that you will learn the exact skillset that Ravi used to generate over $9 million in the past three years despite having no prior business experience. According to him, this is a highly sought-after skill for which clients are willing to pay thousands of dollars.

The second benefit is that you will receive your first high-paying client within the first 90 days of joining the Academy. They'll try to match you with someone on their client list via their placement program.

Third, unlike any other online course, you will be a part of a program. Unlike courses on social media management, sales, and eCommerce, this is something "you have never seen before" in an untapped market.

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Who is Behind The Remote Integrator Academy?

Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala founded remote Integrator Academy. He is also Scaling With Systems' Chief Scaling Officer (CSO). Ravi aspired to be a lawyer before becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and expert remote integrator.

In fact, after graduating from college, he took a year off to pursue his dream and prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). He must pass the above exam to be considered for admission to the best law schools in the country.

Despite this, his newfound outlook on life caused him to reconsider pursuing a career in law. Instead, he aspires to have his own distinct and lucrative career.

To prepare for his unique career, he first worked at an Italian Resto, earning $2,000 per month while learning how to set up ads online. He's also learning other things that will soon become Academy-taught knowledge.

He couldn't get a client for eight months without something like Academy's placement program. But the wait was well worth it. His first customer, a plastic surgeon, immediately matched his monthly salary at the resto.

He put his profits back into mentorships. He was eventually able to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to help him manage his workload.

His businesses are now worth millions of dollars two years later. He also learned a slew of marketable, in-demand skills from business owners and recession-proof skills.

Remote Integrator Masterclass Review

Remote Integrator Masterclass Review

This is Ravi's offer, as most of the courses are available online. According to the website, this is an introductory course for becoming a remote integrator.

In this section, Ravi will entice you to become a remote integrator like him. Essentially, it's a sales pitch for his Remote Integrator Academy.

The following are some of the topics that will be covered here:

  • What is the remote integrator

  • Why choose to become a remote integrator rather than start your own business

  • How to set up your own passive “profit centers” as a remote integrator

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Remote Integrator Masterclass Content

  • Remote Integrator Quick-Start Guide

  • “Mindset To Freedom” Bonus Training

  • “Set It And Forget It” Result System For Clients

  • $50,000+ Client Retainer Guide

  • Time Freedom Strategies (How To Work Less Than 10 Hours / Week)

  • Client Attraction Blueprint

Remote Integrator Masterclass Pricing

The cost of the course is $39.97. This comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Remote Integrator Academy Content

What you get when you buy Remote Integrator Academy is as follows:

Access to the Curriculum

This is the core training material, which includes over 120 video lecture modules. The following are the main themes of the topics included here: program introduction, changing how you view systems and business, getting clients, selling yourself, and providing lifetime value.

You'll also learn data analysis, use Google Sheets, solve marketing and sales problems, and solve client fulfillment and retention problems.

Finally, modules on the success mindset, creating generational wealth through investing, software Bootcamp, and other practical examples and case studies will be covered.

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Messenger Channel and Group

Like most training programs, you'll be assigned to a private group of over 536 people who are also enrolled in Remote Integrator Academy. The messenger channel is where you contact your success coach, who will respond to your concerns during one-on-one calls.

Accountability Group

In addition to the private group mentioned above, you will be placed in a much smaller group of 4-8 people who have recently joined the program. A much smaller community like this keeps you on track.

You can also share your experience with someone. When you hold each other accountable, you're more likely to succeed.


This is a coaching session led by various expert-level integrators who have earned at least six figures as remote integrator in their career. This is distinct from the one-on-one sessions with your success coach.

Placement program access

This is a client-placement service available to academy graduates. It is not a guarantee that someone from the Academy's client list will hire you, but the chances are excellent.

Remote Integrator Academy Pricing

The pricing is not visible on the program's website. You won't receive a quote unless you schedule a "breakthrough" call.

Fortunately for you, I discovered that the program requires a one-time payment of approximately $7,000- $7,500.

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Is Ravi Abuvala Legit?

Ravi Abuvala and his program are not a scam. Ravi appears to be a genuine entrepreneur rather than a phony persona.

He's like Anthony Morrison, who only makes money from course sales. The majority of his income appears to come from Scaling With Systems consulting services rather than selling Remote Integrator Academy.

However, the fact that he is not a scam does not imply that the program is worthwhile. In my verdict, I'll explain why.

Remote Integrator Academy Review: Final Verdict

I would not recommend this program to anyone based solely on its cost. It's not worth much when it's lacking in systems.

Don't just take my word for it; his students have given him rave reviews. They will say things like "weak on actual systems, heavy on hiring VAs."

Ravi is also known for simply overcomplicating terms. He's been chastised for talking too much and turning a 20-minute information session into a 5-hour masterclass.

I'll tell you to do otherwise if you're also paying for this program to use its VA services and software. It's way too expensive.


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Last Updated on July 8, 2022