Is Dagcoin a Scam?

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Is Dagcoin a scam? That’s a good question. Investments are the smart man’s way of securing his money for the future. However, it’s only a smart way if you’re investing in something legit and something that comes with a worth.

Dagcoin is the kind of program that one should NEVER invest in. In fact, it’s not even an investment. It’s a death wish. What happens inside Dagcoin is something that anybody should never be involved with.

If you have been invited to join Dagcoin, let me just stop you right there. Read this review until the very end to see all the dirt I have dug up on this program.

You can thank me later for helping you dodge this bullet! Without further ado, let’s dive into this Dagcoin review!

Product Name: Dagcoin
Founder: Nils Grossberg
Logo: dagcoin logo
Product Description: Cryptocurrency and multi-level marketing (MLM) company
Best For: NOBODY
Is Dagcoin a Scam?

Dagcoin seems to be a cryptocurrency and an MLM. In reality, it's just a clone of one of the most notorious Ponzi scheme, Onecoin, ever existed.

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What is Dagcoin?

dagcoin homepage

Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that people invest in to obtain returns. It also presents itself as a company with the business model of multi-level marketing in which its community of members is ought to sell some kind of product and recruit others into the system. Apparently, there ought to sell some educational products.

This company was developed in 2017 by founder Nils Grossberg and it’s currently based in Estonia. It seems that he graduated from the University of Tartu with a bachelor’s degree in history. It appears that he is also a former CEO of Dagcoin OU, which is the software company behind the development of Dagcoin cryptocurrency and its ecosystem.

Nils Grossberg even explains Dagcoin in the video below.

Okay, I think I had enough crap writing these. First off, I don’t believe in anything they are trying to make us believe. We’re just barely scratching the surface here.

Is Dagcoin a Scam? Let’s move on the REAL Dagcoin review here, shall we?

How Does Dagcoin Really Work?

Dagcoin brings in returns for the investments of its members. This may not seem like a big deal but these people are investing real and actual money to obtain returns in the form of cryptocurrency. You can think of it as Bitcoin.

However, this cryptocurrency is worthless. Since it’s not publicly traded, it doesn’t have any real-world value. At least Bitcoin, on the other hand, is publicly traded and has real-world value since a lot of establishments and programs accept this cryptocurrency.

Imagine, you’re handing over your money to something that couldn’t even buy you groceries or pay your bills. Dagcoin provides you with no value at all.

Now, moving onto the multi-level marketing aspect of this company. This business model is as straight-forward it could get. People earn money in just two ways: one is by selling the products of the company, second is to recruit others in the system, as well.

Be it known to all that this is completely legit to use and a lot of companies are following this business model, as well. The moment it only begins to become illegal is when the first aspect is not present, and that is the products to sell.

If a company makes it look like they have products to sell but only has a recruitment system on the inside, it means that it’s a pyramid scheme disguising as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

So, does this mean that we’re dealing with a pyramid scheme? Close. What we have here is something similar to that, a Ponzi scheme.

Basically, it’s a fraudulent investing scam that promises high rates of return to its investors by recruiting more investors into the system. These schemes are notorious for their pyramid structures in which it’s only the ones at the top who are making real money whereas the mass of people at the bottom is left with little to no returns at all.

The diagram below should give us a visualization of this infamous scheme.

how a ponzi scheme works

Source: EG NEWS Camp Guide

The main problem with schemes like Ponzi and pyramid schemes is that it will always be on a time bomb. These systems are unstable and has the tendency to collapse at any moment.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that all your investments will go down the drain. All your returns will be as if they didn’t exist in the first place.

It won’t be long until another Ponzi scheme will be raided and be wiped off from the face of Earth, and there’s no assurance that Dagcoin wouldn’t be next on the list of the top wanted of authorities.

Are You Really Going to Acquire Returns With Dagcoin?

Once someone decides to invest money in this system, this money is going to investors who have been waiting for their returns. This should give us an idea that most of the people investing in Dagcoin will definitely end up losing money.

You see, you ARE going to have some returns with Dagcoin. But always keep in mind that this still has no value in the real world. All your returns will just be stored in the Dagcoin system, and as I have discussed earlier, its system can collapse at any moment leaving you with nothing in the end.

Since Dagcoin is on a time bomb, investors would just have to hope for returns before the system collapses so they could at least make use of their money.

Waiting for returns when knowing how unstable the system is must be such an anxious chore, especially if we consider the fact that you have to reinvest 35% of Dagcoin back into the company for a minimum of 8 months.

Think of it, you would have to wait for 8 months before acquiring your returns and receive a 3% return rate on a weekly basis.

Of course, you can always resort to recruiting more into the system while outliving these 8 months. But it won’t be long until you run out of people to recruit, and there’s no assurance that your downline would keep on recruiting because by then they might have already realized how crap Dagcoin really is. I mean, why should you even promote something like this in the first place?

After 8 months, you then get 50% of your investment back and wait for 8 months again to see returns. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Your rate of returns would mostly vary on how much you invested in Dagcoin, which brings us to the next section.

How Much Will Dagcoin Cost You?

dagcoin how much would it cost you

You can invest in different levels:

  • Starter – $100
  • Explorer – $500
  • Advanced – $1000
  • Expert – $2500
  • Pro – $5000
  • Mentor – $12,500
  • Investor – $25,000

Basically, if you invest in the Starter level, you’re going to receive little to no returns at all. This leads us to infer that the only way you can earn is if you invest $25,000. Yikes.

Anyone who’s thinking of investing $25K for something as sketchy as Dagcoin should withdraw usage from the Internet for even just a week. Please, do yourself a favor.

Dagcoin Compensation Plan

In a nutshell, your returns will also depend on the affiliate level you have reached. These levels are:

  • Affiliate
  • Junior Manager
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Junior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • President
  • International Junior Vice President
  • International Vice president
  • Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador

The more recruits your downline makes, the higher your rank goes. Better go and have a pep talk with your recruits!

When it comes to your personal commissions, Dagcoin states that 10% of the investment of your personal recruits will go to your pocket. A percentage of the investments paid by the downline of your recruits will also go to you, though Dagcoin doesn’t state how much.

Dagcoin and Its Dark Reality

dagcoin and onecoin

Source: Notebook Check

Have you ever heard of Onecoin? If you’re in the same industry as me who reviews scams on a regular basis, you probably have. But if you’re doing research on whether you should be involved with Dagcoin or not, you probably don’t know that Dagcoin is related to Onecoin.

You see, Onecoin is a cryptocurrency and a Ponzi scheme launched 5 years ago. It’s one of the most notorious crypto schemes and it has scammed 4 billion dollars out of people’s money! Let that sink in for a moment, a 4-billion dollar scheme, that’s crazy!

The founders of this scheme are finally placed behind bars and are sentenced to 90 years in jail. Anyone in that situation would rather just beg for a death sentence. All the 98 people in total behind Onecoin are arrested, as well.

Here’s the catch. The biggest affiliate of Dagcoin is ALSO one of the top promoters of Onecoin and he goes by the name of Igor Alberts.

The red flags are too big to not be noticed. Everything about these two schemes has SCAM written all over it. Both employ the system of a crap cryptocurrency and a recruitment system that’s bound to collapse at any time.

In conclusion, this gives us an idea of how dangerous Dagcoin really is. Not only is it unstable and useless, but it could put a lot of people investing their money in these systems in a pickle and a lot of trouble. It is only right and safe to stay away from Dagcoin once and for all.

All Dagcoin Red Flags Exposed

Its Cryptocurrency Does Not Have Real Value

The money you gain in Dagcoin will never have any real-world value. You can’t buy groceries and you can’t pay your bills. You just can’t spend it anywhere unlike Bitcoin which is actually used in a lot of establishments. So, if you think about it, you’re spending thousands of money on something that won’t be of use to you.

Recruitment System Reflects That of A Ponzi Scheme

You have to recruit people and build a downline within the time that you’re waiting for your returns, specifically within 8 months. The problem with this is that no matter how much you work ass off, if you’re at the bottom of the pyramid, then you’re receiving little to nothing returns.

You’re basically relying on the investments that your downline will make, and considering how not many people will take the bait and do their research on Dagcoin first, it won’t be long until people forget Dagcoin ever existed in the first place.

Dagcoin is on A Timebomb

dagcoin is on a timebomb

Systems like pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes never last long. There are a lot of scams on the internet, but its these schemes that always experience the hit first. Of course, it’s a lot harmful than most scams out there. This only means that Dagcoin doesn’t have a lot of time left before authorities get a grasp on this and put an end to it once and for all.

Related To The Most Infamous Crypto Scam

All of the evidence points back to Onecoin, the most notorious crypto scam that arrested 98 people in total and scammed 4 billion dollars from its members. This should be enough of a reason to completely stay away from Dagcoin.

What I Like About Dagcoin

There’s just nothing to like about this Ponzi scheme. It should have never existed at all.

Is Dagcoin a Scam? My Final Verdict on my Dagcoin Review!

Everything about Dagcoin screams SCAM. You need to stay away from Dagcoin at all costs. Nothing good will ever come out of this Ponzi clone!

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