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9 Legit Ways to Make Money From Home

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Welcome, in this article I will present you 9 legit ways to make money from home. Being able to earn a full-time income working from the comfort of our home seems utopic to the common mortal, but believe me, anyone can do it!

Unlike our fathers and forefathers, we live in an era where that opportunity is real. Whether you are a stay at home mom who just wants to earn some money while you take care of your kids or if you plainly need some side income to pay off debts or make ends meet, the Internet offers you an array of ways to make money online.

No more delays, it’s time to get our hands dirty, I’m going to show you a list of  9 legit ways to make money from home, believe me, some of them are a real blast!


9 Legit Ways to Make Money From Home


1.) Get paid by doing simple tasks.



There are so-called get-paid-to (GPT) websites circulating the Internet nowadays. The rule is pretty much straightforward and simple with these websites. By fulfilling tasks the website tells you to do, you get paid. These tasks can’t be any simpler since these tasks are what you usually do when you’re online. Here are some of the best get-paid-to (GPT) websites I recommend for you to use!


pointsprizes homepage


  • PointsPrizes. This GPT is at its juvenile stages as it is only introduced to the public back in the year 2017. Despite being relatively new in the market, it has built quite the reputation as a website who pays you for doing simple online tasks. PointsPrizes is available for everyone to use since it is free and available worldwide. You either gain access to this through your browser or through their application which you could download from Google Play or App Store.

You get compensated with points for each task you complete. PointsPrizes offers you with a lot of ways to earn these points, such as: answering paid surveys, entering coupon codes on the website, watching videos, playing games, answering the daily poll, paid offers, and their referral program.

Now, what good are these points for? First, convert your points into prizes which you can claim in Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, online games and more. Not a fan of any of these? Well, don’t fret, you can exchange points for cash! Just reach the minimum cash out threshold of $20 and you can receive your money.


fusioncash homepage


  • FusionCash. You don’t have to worry about paying for anything to use this website since it is also free to use. Once you have signed up, you will be delivered to your dashboard wherein you’ll be provided with different ways to earn money online. Heck, they even pay you $5 just for signing up.

Get paid for doing tasks such as: taking paid surveys and paid offers, shopping, watching videos, searching on the web, listening to the radio, downloading apps on your mobile devices, paid-to-call-opportunities, and their referral program.

The referral program could earn you a lot of cash. As for receiving trial offers, you can get paid up to a hundred bucks, and you will even receive free products! However, let me warn you now, it’s not always sun and fun. Some of the tasks will only pay you cents for each time you complete them. Nevertheless, you can rely on FusionCash for keeping up with their part of the bargain!


2.) Earn commissions for referring others.


Referral programs are all the rage now. Apparently, most make money online opportunities nowadays implement their own kind of referral program to encourage common Internet users like you and me to promote their platform in exchange for commissions. It’s one of the many legit ways to make money from home.


mindvalley homepage


  • MindValley. This is an education company offering online courses, programs, software, and services with a different approach to delivering education to people. Instead of teaching you to focus on what’s tangible and visible, it teaches you how to develop your mind, soul, and spirit.



MindValley has partnered up with prestigious universities in the world and top transformational leaders to come up with courses that really matter in today’s time. It offers a curriculum that focuses on 5 key areas of life: career and influence, lifestyle and productivity, mind and spirit, health and fitness, love and relationships.

To be an affiliate, you need to have: a well-established list of followers, a highly engaged audience, and consistent traffic to your website or blog. You will be given your own unique affiliate link in which this is what you’ll use to promote MindValley. You can dump this link on your website, blog, or social media accounts. When somebody signs up to MindValley with your help, you can earn a baseline commission of 30%. Nice!


edx homepage


  • edX. EdX is a MOOC, stands for massive open online courses, which as the name implies, is an online platform that provides hundreds of courses covering a wide range of subjects and topics from real and prestige universities taught by actual professors.  The most popular courses included in edX’s curriculum are computer science, business, and management, language, engineering, data science, and humanities. 

With edX’s referral program, you promote their online courses to your friends, family, and colleagues then you earn a commission once they sign up to edX. It is not stated how much commission you will earn, though. It is only stated that the more you promote, the more you can earn. There’s no limits!


3.) Cash you back!



Cashback is when you can receive a percentage of money when you are shopping on certain merchants that participate in this program. In an age where all of us are constantly buying something, cash back is an amazing opportunity for you to earn some cash, especially if you do most of your purchasing online!


dosh homepage


  • Dosh. Dosh is a cash back app wherein you will be given cash for every time you shop at particular retailers and stores with the card you linked to your very own Dosh account. Founded by Ryan Wuerch and Ed Mock in 2016, it has already paid out at least $25 million to 3 million users. It’s such a shame that they only cater to United States residents, though!

All you have to do is link your credit card to your Dosh account. For every additional card, you link, you will earn an extra $1. Just shop at a participating merchant with your linked credit or debit card, and expect the cash to be deposited to your account every time!

Some of the participating merchants include Dosh, Nike, Walmart, Target, restaurants, gas stations, and even hotels. Cashback rates differ depending on the merchant itself. Anyway, it’s all a roller coaster of free money!

They also have a referral program, in which you earn $5 for each person that signs up with your unique affiliate link. Honestly, you won’t run out of options with Dosh.


giving assistant homepage


  • Giving Assistant. Giving Assistant is a website that allows its members to shop through its online shopping portal while also having the opportunity to receive or donate money. This website has partnered with over 3000+ stores worldwide that offer cash back to customers. You can either choose to donate the cash back you’ll receive to charity through non-profit organizations or keep it for yourself. You can also indicate how much percentage of your cashback you want to donate.

Shop with a participating merchant through their online shopping portal, receive cash back, and choose to either donate it or keep it to yourself. Also, like Dosh, the cashback rates vary depending on the merchant.

Another treat Giving Assistant has in store for you are their referral program, in which you get paid $5 for each referral that signs up, and free coupon codes. You can gain access to all these by downloading their browser extension on your computer and phone.


4.) Write your heart out with Freedom With Writing.



freedom with writing homepage


If you are the type who loves to read and write, you may want to consider writing freelance for different mediums like blogs, websites, journals, magazines and many more. Fortunately, there is a website named Freedom With Writing that enables you to search for a job in the profession of freelance writing. 

Freedom With Writing is a website which provides you with freelance writer job listings coming from various parts of the Internet. You can gain access to their job listings without having the need to provide your email address. However, you’re going to miss out. Signing up to the website means gaining full access to all of the job listings and getting informed when there are new projects available to you.

How much you can earn depends on the client and project itself, but you can expect to get paid ranging from $50 to $100. You can rely on me that this is one of the best legit ways to make moneyfrom home.


5.) Answer questions and get paid with JustAnswer.



justanswer homepage


Searching online to find answers to your questions could be kind of a pain in the ass since some of the results can be inefficient and illegitimate. You wouldn’t know if what you’re taking in is real or not. Thankfully, JustAnswer is changing the game by providing Internet users with guaranteed answers to all their questions of all kinds.

You, as a professional in your respective field, can earn money by providing your expertise to these curious people. There are over 175 fields of expertise in JustAnswer like tax, law, mechanics, medicine, electronics, computers, and softwares, among others.

Of course, before you can proceed answering questions and earning money, JustAnswer will ask you for forms of verification like a license, certification, or diploma. Once accepted into the platform, you get paid for each question you answer as long as your client is satisfied with your expertise.

Clients can pay you from $2 to $5, and only 20% to 50% of the payment goes to you, which is kind of underwhelming but it’s just perfect if you want a bit more cash! Also, how much you can earn depends on which profession you belong to. Apparently, the highest paying professions are teaching, medicine, and engineering.


6.) It’s all about matched betting.



I know what you’re thinking. Betting? Is that even a way to make money from home? Well, if you’re thinking about the kind of betting we’re all so familiar with – then no, you can’t earn money from that. But I am talking about another type of betting – matched betting. 

So, what makes it so different from the regular kinds of betting? Matched betting is a risk-free betting technique, legalized only in the United Kingdom, in which you lay bets for both teams, and having the loss from your losing bet covered up by the incentives and bonuses you can receive from matchmakers on online betting sites and casinos. So basically, you are not losing any money, just earning more and more!

Here are some of the best matched betting platforms I know of which are also legit ways to make money from home.


profit squirrel homepage


  • Profit Squirrel. This is an online website which gives you training courses and tools that will enable you to engage in matched betting without the risk. This will guide you step by step on how to make money by means of matched betting with the use of tutorials.

Availing of Profit Squirrel’s premium membership would cost you £40 to £50. This platform will teach you the ins and outs of secure and risk-free betting and will provide you with different resources that will be useful to you once you start matched betting.

You may want to see how Chris Haill explains how Profit Squirrel works.



You can earn up to £1,500 just through the bonuses and incentives the bookmakers give to you when you sign up on their website. Plus, when you think of regular earnings, you are going to make £500 per month!


profit accumulator homepage


  • Profit Accumulator. This is a matched betting platform providing you with tools, tutorials, and other goodies enabling you to intelligently engage in matched betting. To make use of these resources will cost you a monthly fee of £17.99. If you are not confident in paying a monthly fee right off the bat, you can choose to avail of a free trial first. I think that for the price of less than £20, all the tools and goodies Profit Accumulator provides is worth it. The tools are definitely what you would need as you progress along with your matched betting venture.


7.) TryMyUI pays you for your feedback.



trymyui homepage


TryMyUI is a user testing platform in which web and app developers hire internet users which we would address as testers to provide their feedback on their website or apps to further improve these. These testers get paid for their time and opinion! Basically, developers give you a list of tasks you must accomplish while recording your screen and voice. You are ought to speak out your thoughts, suggestions, and improvements on the website or app.

TryMyUI will pay you $10 for each test you complete. A test approximately takes up 20 minutes of your time. According to my calculations, this means that you can get paid $30 per hour with TryMyUI!

Here is an example video to give you a background on how you are supposed to do the tests.



8.) Take paid surveys with Survey Savvy.



survey savvy homepage


Paid surveys have been in the make money online opportunities market for as long as I can remember, and for good reason – you can get paid either in the forms of points, gift cards, prizes, and even legit actual cash for voicing out your opinions on various products within different industries. One of the best-paid survey websites out there I know of is Survey Savvy.

Founded by the President of Luth Research LLC, Ms. Roseanne Luth, Survey Savvy is a market research company headquartered in San Diego, California and has been growing with the internet ever since the year 1999.

Before you can earn money, you have to complete a survey. You need to be qualified first so that you can complete a survey. For you to qualify, you are ought to answer pre-qualifying questions to see if you are the best candidate to answer the survey. Once you qualify, lucky you! You are now earning money!

Completing a survey will give you a cash reward ranging from $1 to $3 max. Other ways for you to earn money is through their referral program and monthly draws. Survey Savvy holds tons of legit ways to make money from home!


9.) Start a blog or a website.



If you have some decent writing skills and just the right amount of passion and dedication, you can start a blog or a website and make it a money-making machine of your own. Do your keyword research, put up some high-quality content, stack all of ‘em up, strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO), generate a regular source of traffic for your pages, and have all of these leads convert into money. You can even choose which niche you want to focus on, as long as it’s profitable.

Though, let me tell you this now, it’s a lot of work. However, as time goes by and you get the hang of everything, this will become your sustainable and passive source of income.

You can even further monetize your blog by being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. Basically, you will get paid commissions for each person that purchases or signs up to their affiliate program through your help. Just develop yourself an audience and create a stream of organic traffic, and you’re already generating leads with Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review now, and you’ll see for yourself just how much you’re missing out on life.


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