What Is A Funnel Hub?

What Is A Funnel Hub?

A funnel hub is ClickFunnels 2.0 backend! A place where you can create and manage pages, blogs, customer centers, store pages, and more.

The Funnel Hub is one of the features available only to ClickFunnels 2.0 customers. It serves as the tool’s control panel and the headquarters for the website and funnel building. Backend navigation for your website can be found here, and you can use it to create and manage pages, blogs, customer centers, store pages, and more.

The Funnel Hub feature in ClickFunnels 2.0 came in handy for us. It greatly simplifies everything for the user.

For example, tasks that previously required you to move from one page to another can now be completed in a single location. It will save you a lot of time and make the tool simple for beginners.

How Long Does It Actually Take To Build A FunnelHub? 

Unlike a website, which can take up to 12-15 weeks to build, a FunnelHub is designed to get you or your client from project “launch” to “live” as soon as possible. Numerous shortcuts are available to you, such as templates with 97% of the FunnelHub heavy lifting already done for you, so all you need to do is add in your or your client’s information!

The more you practice creating FunnelHubs (for yourself or for clients), the faster you will become! It could take a week to create your first FunnelHub. It may take a few days, the second or third time. It’s all up to you! People have built FunnelHubs in just a few hours! The main goal is to have FUN while creating your funnels!

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How Does FunnelHubs Work With The New ClickFunnels Platform?

Depending on the level you sign up for, you get different accounts inside the new ClickFunnels platform. An ‘agency’ account is also available. This has been strategically designed to benefit Agencies that work on funnels for other businesses! You get a ‘site’ for each client you sign up for, which allows you to create a FunnelHub and as many funnels as you want. And it all goes into your account.

If that client ever wants to take over their site and funnels, you can create a ClickFunnels account for them and ‘push’ all of their funnels into it. If you own multiple businesses and want to sell one, you can transfer it to the buyer’s ClickFunnels account, and it instantly migrates the entire business, so they have their FunnelHub and all their funnels! As an affiliate, you can also earn recurring revenue when your clients sign up for ClickFunnels through you, resulting in consistent and predictable cash flow for your business!

What’s Inside Funnel Hub Launchpad

If you want to build FunnelHubs for other businesses, this is something you can scale to be as small or as large as you want! You can begin by running a small side business and taking on a few projects to generate extra cash flow to pay a mortgage or car payment.

However, some students have built businesses around providing these services to their clients. And if you want to create a large company, this model works great as you make the team or agency continue to scale. You can also generate recurring revenue, eliminating the need to seek new clients.

This course teaches you both the ‘TECH’ side of building FunnelHubs for your own business and the ‘SALES’ side for those who build funnels for other business owners as a service. The FunnelHub Launchpad program includes no additional software, and nothing else is required to become a FunnelHub Agency. The purchase does not include ClickFunnels.

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Module1: Intro To Funnel Hub

You’ll learn the tactical aspects of creating a FunnelHub and the technical skills required to build out your hub page by page. Mike and AJ will walk you through the philosophy and framework behind each page and what needs to be on it, so there will be no guesswork or questions about what to build.

Module 2: How to Build A FunnelHub

Regarding building your FunnelHub, the ClickFunnels Funnel Team has created unique training videos that walk you through all the technical aspects of creating a page, such as adding buttons, opt-ins, videos, and more!

Module 3: Client Acquisition

Mike and AJ realize that creating a FunnelHub for themselves is one thing where they get to make all of the decisions. Bringing in clients with their own important vision and opinions is an entirely different ballgame. AJ and Mike will teach you their blueprint for working with clients and walk them through creating a FunnelHub from start to finish so that they get the desired results and you can deliver a quality FunnelHub that you’re both happy with.

Module 4: Selling A FunnelHub

This module is dedicated to presenting your FunnelHub idea to a client in a way that not only makes them want to say, “yes, I want it!”…but also ensures that you’re selling your FunnelHub for the right price. Learn about pricing, client interview questions, proposals, and our system that sells for you. You’ll also see real-life live recordings from FunnelHubs that Mike and AJ have sold, allowing you to be a fly-on-the-wall and listen to the entire sales process from beginning to end. You’ll also receive the same tried-and-true slide deck we use for presentations, so all you have to do is plug in your client’s information, and your entire sales presentation is DONE – no guesswork!

Module 5: Service Delivery

You’ll learn the tactical aspects of creating a FunnelHub and the technical skills required to build out your hub page by page. Mike and AJ will walk you through the philosophy and framework behind each page and what needs to be on it, so there will be no guesswork or questions about what to build.

Module 6: Ascension and Upselling

Do you want long-term dream clients who will come back to you for multiple funnel projects? If you intend to build FunnelHubs for other business owners, that is only the foundation!

If someone purchases a FunnelHub from you, they will likely require SEO, Reviews, different marketing funnels, etc. There are a lot of opportunities! Mike and AJ will demonstrate how to add upsells and ascend your clients up your Value Ladder to sell them MORE funnel services and create long-term high-end clients.

How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate To The FunnelHub Launchpad Course?

What you want to get out of this course can happen quickly! You could start your Launchpad training on a Friday and have your first FunnelHub conversation with a potential client by Monday. It may take a little longer for those who need to learn the sales and technical aspects, but the training is all designed in a bite-sized format, so you can consume the pieces you need! You may not need to complete the entire course. So concentrate on the training and shortcuts you will require to get this working immediately.

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What Is A Funnel Hub: FAQ

Where Do I Find People To Sell Funnel Hubs To?

Consider all of the people you already know! Many people try to find brand new prospects, but there are business owners in your area who require FunnelHubs today. Many people need Funnel Hubs who are already within arm’s reach. All it takes is starting the conversation with them and providing some value in advance to entice them to work with you. Once you’ve gained their trust and they realize “this person got me a result,” their ears will be open and ready to hear about your next strategy to assist them.

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Can’t I Just Build A Funnel Instead?

I’m not arguing that funnels are the only way to grow your online business. But if you don’t have a Funnel Hub, your marketing bucket is clogged. You don’t want holes in your bucket where you lose potential leads and customers while spending a lot of money on advertising. You want to get as many conversions as possible out of your funnel. 

What Do I Need To Start A Funnel Hub Business? 

The advantage of running a digital marketing company or agency is that the entry barrier is shallow. Mike began his agency in 2011 with an internet connection and a laptop. When building Funnel Hubs as a business service, you need an internet connection, a computer, and the Launchpad course (to learn how to do it). Inside Launchpad, we have the training, systems, and support to assist you as you build your business.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve gotten this far, someone in your life could benefit from this. Whether it’s a friend, the owner of the gym you go to, or an existing list of clients with whom you’ve worked. If you want to help clients get better results and increase their customer activity, it is highly encouraging to look into this opportunity. If you’re concerned about the “technical” or “sales” aspects of building FunnelHubs, this course is for you – that’s what you’ll be learning! 

Furthermore, there is a money-back guarantee, so if this opportunity isn’t for you or no one wants a FunnelHub, their guarantee protects you, and you can get your money back.

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