What is an evergreen product on Amazon? Evergreen Products?

What is an evergreen product on Amazon? You're starting an eCommerce business on Amazon but aren't sure what products to sell online. You wonder, "Which products will provide me with consistent and reliable revenue to sustain my Amazon business?" Many sellers are unaware that many replenishable, profitable products that provide consistent cash flow are right in front of them! Evergreen products are the answer. 

Evergreen products, such as evergreen content, remain green all year. This means that these products will always be in high demand, regardless of the time or season. Evergreen products provide a solid foundation of consistent sales from which any seller can grow and scale their online businesses.

This blog will define an "evergreen product" and give you some great examples of where to look for profitable evergreen niches!

An Evergreen Amazon product can be found on and off the Amazon platform. When historical data, current trends, and the future outlook of a product indicate that it will have long-term success and demand, it is classified as "Evergreen." We live in a world where almost everything is changing all the time. It's good to be able to identify these products and have them under your belt, which in the long run can consistently bring in significant revenue.

What Do You Consider An Evergreen Products?

Evergreen products

The most basic definition of evergreen products is those that have consistent and strong sales throughout the year. This means that the products are always in demand and are typically unaffected by external factors or societal changes. To understand evergreen products, it is necessary first to understand why people buy them in the first place.

Simply put, evergreen products meet our basic needs and are helpful in our daily lives. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for products that address three critical aspects of their lives: health, lifestyle, and relationships. Whether it's fitness equipment or cookbooks, shoppers look for these types of products all year. Sellers who follow evergreen products may discover an entire place of profitable, in-demand products.

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Evergreen Products to Sell on Amazon List

You may be wondering what products fall under the categories of health, lifestyle, and relationships. Here are a few places to start your search:



Lifestyle products are highly diverse, but they can be easily defined as items used for daily activities, hobbies, and interests. Sports equipment, makeup/beauty products, cooking or kitchen tools, and clothing/fashion are examples of hobbies. Lifestyle products are generally any product people are interested in throughout the year. Remember that hobbies are not something you can do all year! Winter sports and equipment, for example, are only in demand during the cold months, so even some sports products may not be evergreen. Ask yourself if you could use this lifestyle item every day of the year. If so, you most likely have an evergreen product!



Health products, as the name implies, are items designed and manufactured to promote healthy habits and well-being. This includes fitness-related products such as fitness equipment, athletic clothing, and dietary or nutritional supplements. Because of the high demand for health and fitness products, these items are available all year. Health consumes a portion of evergreen products, whether people go to the gym or take daily supplements.



Relationship products may appear complicated initially, but they are pretty simple! Relationship products are items bought as gifts for others throughout the year. Pet and animal products such as pet food, toys, and essentials such as collars, leashes, and accessories that pet owners purchase throughout the year are famous examples. Toys are another excellent example. Toys are frequently purchased for birthday parties, which can happen anytime, or by parents shopping for their children. As a result, many toys have consistent monthly sales and can provide a steady revenue stream.

It's critical to keep evergreen products in mind when sourcing products for your inventory. Health, lifestyle, and relationship products sell consistently throughout the year and are less volatile than other products.

Evergreen Product VS Evergreen Content

You might think that an evergreen product is irrelevant to evergreen content. But the fact is, they’re somewhat similar, interchangeable, and could be integrated. Just like an evergreen product, evergreen content is search-optimized content that is always relevant and, as the name implies, remains "fresh" for readers over time. You may believe that all online content is long-lasting; after all, a blog post does not vanish after it is published.

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Amazon Products to Avoid When Looking For Evergreen One

If you want consistent sales revenue, there is a list of products and categories to avoid with evergreen and year-round products. These products, commonly referred to as seasonal products, perform very well in certain parts of the year but very poorly in others. As a result, these products are highly volatile, with high-risk, high-reward profits. 

There are numerous seasonal products that you are likely to see at certain times of the year. Products sold during the holidays or the last quarter of the year are examples of seasonal products. Anything related to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sells well in the previous few months but very poorly the rest of the year.

As the name implies, seasonal products are also affected by weather and climate during certain times. One example is winter sports and equipment, which sell very well during the cold months but are essentially a money pit during the summer and warmer months.

Summer sports and equipment, such as swimming trunks, beach equipment, and water sports, are on the other end of the spectrum. While they can generate a lot of money during summer, their sales plummet during the winter and colder months when these products are less popular.

If you're ever in doubt about whether a product is an evergreen, simply ask yourself, "Would I purchase and use this product at any time of year?" If not, I advise staying away from those products!

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How to Find Evergreen Niche Amazon Products?

By this point, you should have a good understanding of what evergreen products are and a list of categories that will help you build a solid foundation for your Amazon business. The next step is finding new evergreen niches to expand your inventory and scale your business. When looking for evergreen niches, you should focus on the core three categories: health, lifestyle, and relationships, but you can now broaden your search. It would be best if you used these criteria to find an evergreen niche:

  • Competition: How many competitors, such as sellers, brands, and companies, are in this niche?

  • Affordability: Is the product affordable to the average consumer?

  • Market size: Is there a consumer in your target market for this product?

  • All Year-Round: Can this product be purchased and used at any time of year?

Final Thoughts

As previously stated, an evergreen niche/product you can find on Amazon is something that has long-term appeal regardless of the economic climate or season— just like how you write evergreen content for your blog. Everyone requires these products or services and has no peak or off-season.

Health, lifestyle, and relationships are the three most common evergreen niches. However, through market research, you can determine whether your niche is evergreen by asking yourself the above questions. Based on the findings, pet-related products may be an evergreen niche worth exploring.


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Last Updated on August 27, 2022