Is Wix A Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Is Wix a Scam review. 

When you want to build a website, you would need to trust a website builder to make it happen, and that could somehow be a complicated decision if you’re uncertain if the provider is legit or full of scam. And maybe, on the flip side, you’re not knowledgeable about any code there is which real website solutions offer you to put up your business for success.

In the website solution industry, it appears that new companies are popping out of nowhere every day, so it would not be very easy to determine which web hosting provider to lend. While there are numerous website building platforms, it doesn’t mean that they all provide the best services and support.

And when you finally rely on a web hosting solution to build a website, you may now make DIY’s like Wix to guide you into creating a good-looking and professional website. 

With Wix, you’ll build a website in thirty minutes.”

In this post, we’re going to look closer at the Wix company, present some advantages and red flags, and if it’s possible to make money with the platform rather than just entrust your website to be live. Furthermore, we’ll break down the various websites best with Wix and, ultimately, its pricing plans. But before anything else, let’s take a look at the brief overview under.


Website builder


Price starts at $4.50


It provides excellent marketing tools for your marketing efforts effectively within the Wix interface


Wix is not a good option for huge businesses because they do not provide unlimited storage, and the navigation doesn’t really manage menu structures accurately


Wix is legit, a modern, and a user-friendly website builder

What Is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based web service that enables you to design and build your site or online business without asking you to code anything

Wix was founded in Israel in 2006 and is among the best-known web hosting companies with over 3,000 employees. As per, there are approximately 3.8 billion live websites registered under Wix at this very moment and counting.

Wix Homepage

Together with its head office in Israel, Wix also has headquarters in Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, the United States, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

You don’t actually need to bother about settling a web provider or installing software anywhere– the idea is that everything you need to build and put up your site is offered ‘out-of-the-box’ that takes place online. You simply build, choose designs, and manage your website in a web browser through the Wix website.

What Kinds of Websites Is Wix Best For?

My best way to respond to that question would be for business websites, e-commerce websites, personal use websites, and blogging websites.

For Business Websites

In general, building an excellent and professional business website with Wix is very easy to achieve. They have multiple templates made to fit in any industry’s demands. 

Templates for professional trade services, law studies, training facilities, technology businesses, marketing, financing organization, and just about any other business opportunity you could imagine.

Furthermore, with the add-on apps that Wix gives, you can efficiently market your website, reserve appointments, create contacts, receive payments from customers, etc.

For E-commerce Websites

Admittedly, Wix covers some superb features for building an online business, including Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This Artificial Design Intelligence is the only automated web designer with a unique ability and is a fantastic choice for those who have streamlined products to promote, with or without much of web design experience.

Plus, you have the call to push and pull between the Wix Editor and the ADI option.

E-commerce Upper Hands

Indeed, Wix provides a lot of remarkable features for building your thriving e-commerce business. They also offer great analytics, social commerce, inventory tracking, and access to clients’ checkouts. 

There are many other useful add-on features and optimizations in the App Market, such as the Member’s Login. This gives your previous shoppers the power to reuse their accounts and eventually to face the latest orders. Moreover, this makes your e-business far more user-friendly than other platforms, like eBay and Amazon.

E-commerce Drawbacks

Several of Wix’s red flags for an e-commerce website is that they do not give you the power to forward an automated abandoned cart email, provide product search, or permit you to get real-time reviews from customers.

Even though Wix is an excellent choice for an e-commerce website, there are still missing features, and that they have been great at addressing them. That said, there’s no reason to assume that they won’t keep addressing them.

For Personal Use Websites

As per personal use websites like an approaching occurrence or a special event, with Wix, it’s possible. Their features and some add-on apps should be enough to suffice for anything you want to achieve in that regard. And since a personal website doesn’t usually need a lot of features, to begin with, it would typically fall within the lower price fee in the end.

For Blogging Websites

Unquestionably, Wix has innovated better for blogging ever since they have significantly upgraded their builder’s SEO ability. This news holds dear since every blogger hopes their content to rank best in the SERP.

For beginners, Wix is a good option than WordPress. It enables you to drag-and-drop, build, and provide many blogging features and designer-made templates. They are also known to provide generous support, whereas WordPress only offers help in forums (making it a headache).

Nevertheless, Weebly is one platform, in specific, worth comparing to Wix. In comparison, they bring a bunch of features that best-suites in blogging. Plus, their pricing is along the lines with Wix plans. 

So really, how much is Wix, and how many plans are there ready to cop?

Wix Pricing Plans

Free Plan: $0

It creates a free website with some Wix ads. However, not included your unique domain name.

Connect Domain Plan: $4.50

This connects your domain with your Wix website. Please note that your site will still show Wix ads; however, this plan is not accessible in some countries.

Combo Plan: $8.50

This plan is best for smaller to intermediate professional’s website—no ads and heaps of storage.

Unlimited Plan: $12.50

This plan is best suited for you if you need a lot of web storage to store, like up to 10GB.

Business & E-commerce (VIP) Plan: $24.50

This is a better choice if you want to build an online business or take advantage of premium apps like Wix Books or Wix Hotels. Monthly fees for 1-year contracts; Domain listed in selected packages.

In my opinion, the Combo Plan is an outstanding choice for regular websites, out there, without the involvement of the e-commerce game. It’s ad-free, it also includes a domain name right for one year and offers enough storage for most common demands.

How To Make Money With Wix?

Wix affiliate program is a strategic effort by which Wix company employs affiliate websites to promote their products and services in exchange for a commission

They usually reward a commission to every affiliate who directs a customer to their site and purchases a premium product or service. However, no commission is awarded for customers who use a free membership or those that failed to complete the acquisition dealings.

On a side note, you can make a real property digitally and start making money online. If you’re fascinated about writing futuristic articles or any other pieces that interest you, make sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review

I’m not trying to sound skeptical; instead, I want to help you attain that financial independence sooner than you think. See you on the other side!

What Wix Products Can You Promote?

There are not many products or services that you can promote under the Wix affiliate marketing program– you are primarily boosting unique hosting resources for Wix websites.

They actually have four levels playing around from $13 up to $49. The highest level has a fair amount of extra services like analytics, professional-made logo, and VIP support.

The nice thing about this affiliate program is that you don’t need to promote them individually. Instead, you send referrals to the Wix site and let them decide what they want and how much services they will cop.

Maybe it’s the free membership, or perhaps they want the VIP plan subscription. Once you refer your guests, it is entirely out of your hands, and it’s not a particular referral like you would set up for a product-based affiliate program.

Commission Structure: Wix Affiliate Program

The commission structure is usually the first thing that an affiliate marketer checks when deciding which affiliate program to promote. As you get more knowledge, I believe you’ll find that conversion, and ultimately the product itself are even if not more critical in respect to the commission. 

However, the commission structure is the most obvious answer that you would ask when seeking a suitable partner program. So I’m delighted to inform you that the commission for the Wix affiliate program is exceptional.

They provide a $100 clean fee for new conversions when someone clicks on your affiliate link and then avails for one of their premium packages. The set of people who will click on your affiliate links for weeks would typically take advantage of the free services.

Wix is famous for its free web hosting and blog services and marketing tools (that are really an edge to fame) and ultimately have numerous superb services that you can promote and earn that $100 per sale. Here, you are promoting subscription plans for Wix hosting and services mostly. 

So really, how can they abundantly offer a $100 commission?

Because they understand once someone signs up to them, they stay signed up. With that, they can reward you with a large upfront payment and still make a bunch of money for themselves down the line over the subscription fees.

Also, you will rarely notice a percentage commission for these kinds of services. They reward the clean fee and then acquire all of the costs from thereon. It is a very profitable business model for both the affiliate marketers and the Wix affiliate program.

With a commission this excellent, Wix could be the only affiliate program you really want. You can build an overall website around promoting Wix and earning commission from directing people to their sites and choose products or services they want on offer.

Several people are taking advantage of this at the moment, and most of them are very successful at it. 

There’s still a space for new players in promoting Wix, particularly if you’re sharp with your keywords and work around with the giant players instead of picking them head-on. But the fantastic commission is going to make it all productive ultimately.

Wix: Pros & Cons

The Good

  • It has an array of designer-made templates to choose from
  • It offers a massive choice of apps in the Wix App Market
  • Uncomplicated to use drag-and-drop builder
  • It provides excellent marketing tools for your marketing efforts effectively within the Wix interface
  • Monthly basis plans; they even offer a forever free option
  • Their designer-made template automatically adapts for mobile, even though you can change for mobile options whenever you want
  • It automatically inserts an SSL certificate with a single click
  • Simple to put up scheduling options for services efforts
  • Quickly accept expenditures through your site with Wix payments such as Paypal and Stripe

The Bad

  • Once your website is live, you can’t change the templates
  • The free membership doesn’t gain you access to all the features
  • Wix is not a good option for huge businesses because they do not provide unlimited storage, and the navigation doesn’t really manage menu structures accurately
  • You have to pay for the sake of adding your Google Analytics to your website

Is Wix a Scam,The Bottom Line

Therefore, Wix is legit, a modern, and a user-friendly website builder. It provides more than 500 unique layouts, a selection of widgets and apps, and even an SEO solution. 

Nevertheless, similar to other website builders, because of its simplicity, it’s not that very adaptive; you can only drag-and-drop but cannot modify the primary layout entirely.

With Wix, you can either decide AID for more easiness or Wix Editor, which is also uncomplicated to use but more extensive than the first option. And if you’re more refined, you can select an open layout and code it based on your demands.

Try Wix Today

Furthermore, their affiliate program is worth considering for your website. Yes, it might take a little while to get approved, but it deserves to be considered if you have an established website generating a little traffic.

That brings up the end of my ‘Is Wix A Scam’ post. If you have some related ideas concerning the post above, please drop a comment down below, and I would get back to you as soon as possible.

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