14 Great Affiliate Website Examples & What Makes Them Successful!

The goal of affiliate websites is to make money, but how can they market their affiliate links and generate commissions? Get inspired with these affiliate website examples.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make money in various ways, but one of the most successful methods is to generate passive income through an affiliate website.
With so many other affiliates out there, how can you ensure that your site stands out and generates the traffic — and cash — you need to achieve your passive income goals.

It begins with a user-friendly website, high-quality content, affiliate marketing tools, and a profitable niche.
But, before we go into examples, let's define affiliate marketing and how it may be used to generate passive revenue.

What Is An Affiliate Website?

An affiliate website, for those unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, is a website that promotes services or relevant items to visitors in exchange for a sales commission. The company pays the marketer a commission for each referral resulting in a purchase.

A commission-based passive income may appear frightening. Affiliate marketing's scalability, on the other hand, is what makes it so appealing. The amount of money you can make is limitless.

The number of successful referrals and, as a result, the amount of affiliate income you earn is solely determined by your performance.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative if you choose the correct area and content strategy, but It's not easy to make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer.

You'll need a dedicated affiliate marketing website, for starters, and you'll also need to research and outperform your competitors and learn from the industry's top affiliate sites.

This is when the information in this post comes in handy.

In this post, I've listed the most excellent affiliate websites on the market to motivate you to get started with your affiliate website.

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Great Affiliate Website Examples that will get you inspired

safewise affiliate website


?Niche: Home Security

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 2.8 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 2.1 million

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $25-$50M

SafeWise is a home security-related affiliate marketing website. Its goal is to assist people who are facing security issues. As a result, the website gives information on the finest solutions for living safely and intelligently.

domain authority and backlinks

What makes them successful?

One of our most basic demands is family and personal safety. Home security is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing topics. One of the reasons for Safewise's popularity is because of this.

This website goes even further because they consider the protection of the entire family, from infants to the elderly.

Safewise website has already established itself as an authority on the topic. This will ensure that lead generation is future-proofed and the brand remains relevant.

Keeping an eye on future industry trends might be a game-changer for your website. By focusing your content strategy on them, you'll be able to attract new visitors to your website. 

Google Trends makes it simple to uncover current industry trends for your website. This site will display all of the most popular searches and their performance. If you narrow your search to your industry, you'll be able to adjust your keyword strategy to reflect current market conditions.

The site structure and interlinking technique of SafeWise are excellent. They put links to content within the same silo to disperse the link juice. Relevant interlinking is a superb SEO approach that dramatically improves your page's ranking.

How Do They Earn Money?

Affiliate commissions provide for the majority of SafeWise's revenue. 

They include affiliate links on every product review and blog entry. Deals from Amazon, HomeDepot, and Commission Junction are among them.

A red CTA button stands out for the viewers on the site. They also emphasize the benefits of each product to encourage people to buy it, which is a brilliant technique to reassure your customers about the worth of your product. Your affiliate website's CTR will improve if you use this strategy.

Lastly, the site lays a strong emphasis on providing the most outstanding possible user experience. As a result, they don't utilize any invasive advertising.

consumer Search affiliate website homepage

Consumer Search

?Niche: Product comparison/review

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 1.2 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 3.6K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M-$5M

Consumer Search is a massive affiliate site that reviews anything from lawnmowers to Bluetooth speakers to dishwashers. It's been around since 1999, and while it's not the most cutting-edge affiliate marketing platform out there, we adore its simplicity.

When it comes to setting up specialty affiliate marketing websites, Consumer Search does what the bulk of affiliates do: targeting keywords relating to the 'best' of each product type. The difference is that they're doing it on a far larger scale than most other affiliates, and they see fantastic results — with 1.2 million monthly visitors, to be exact.

consumer search domain authority and backlinks

I personally like Consumer Search's reviews because they highlight a variety of possibilities that are outstanding in diverse ways, rather than simply ranking products from best to worst. Take, for example, Consumer Search's article on home security cameras. Yes, they have a 'best overall' option, but they've also designated products as the best deals, making it simple for customers to locate what they want.

Consumer Search is unique in that almost all of its affiliate links lead to Amazon products, and one couldn't identify a single affiliate link that led to another website.

Amazon isn't the highest paying affiliate program, with a compensation rate of 12%. On the other hand, Consumer Search is likely drawn to Amazon because of the sheer volume of offers it has access to. In reality, Amazon affiliates have access to almost 12 million offers.

Consumer Search was purchased by About.com in May 2007 for $33 million and subsequently sold to iAC in the year 2013 as part of a broader deal for $300 million.

nerdwallet affiliate website homepage


?Niche: Consumer finance

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 29.1 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 1.1M

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $100M-$200M

NerdWallet is one of the most well-known affiliate marketing websites in the finance industry. In overview, NerdWallet is a website that reviews financial data. It goes over all of the fundamentals of personal finance. Expert guidance on credit cards, mortgages, and savings can be found here.

What makes them successful?

Consumer finance is one of the most lucrative affiliates marketing sectors. NerdWallet's SEO approach takes advantage of this by ranking for the industry's most competitive keywords. This article serves as an excellent example:

The term "best credit cards" has a search volume of 156,000. The site receives consistent organic traffic as a result of this.

consumer search domain authority and backlinks

Every month, NerdWallet changes its credit card recommendations. This guarantees that they remain relevant and attract interest in a crowded market.

Another example of content that is evergreen. The topic of how to choose the best mortgage is always in demand. Every month, over 168,000 searches are done for the term "mortgage."

NerdWallet's financial tools also assisted them in becoming the industry's best affiliate marketers. Tools are employed to attract backlinks and provide value to their visitors. Link baiting is a sophisticated search engine optimization method.

The financial instruments cover everything from debt repayment to retirement planning. NerdWallet is a master at using specialist calculators to attract more visitors and newsletter subscribers.

Any review site can benefit from this method.

How Do They Earn Money?

NerdWallet makes money by partnering with financial and credit card affiliate programs. Geico, Upstart, and Capital One are some of their most popular programs. Product suggestions are the site's principal source of revenue.

They use their comparison tool for marketing various financial solutions. This provides visitors with the most accepted credit card for their specific needs.

A financial tracker is also available on the site. They use dynamic CTAs in their content and on their homepage to promote the app.

From credit card solutions to expenditure management, the app has a lot of things to offer.

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money saving expert affiliate website homepage

Monthly Saving Expert

?Niche: Consumer finance planning

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 16 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 106.3K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $25M-$50M

Money-Saving Expert is the largest consumer website in the United Kingdom, dedicated to helping ordinary people save money in all aspects of their lives. Journalistic research, money-saving tools, and a vast community forum are all available.

So, what makes it so popular?

Money-Saving Expert is editorially autonomous, unlike many other review sites. Companies cannot pay to be featured on the site, and while it is supported by affiliate marketing, financial considerations have no bearing on the site's suggestions.

The company crafts its guidelines with the consumer's best interests in mind and only afterward does a team look for affiliate links for the products that have been featured. If the unit cannot locate an affiliate link for a product, it will be featured, and Money Saving Expert will not profit from the recommendation.

money saving expert domain authority and backlinks

Money-Saving Expert is also unique in that it avoids forming ties with financial product suppliers to avoid being pressured by firms who want their products included. Instead, it largely relies on referral links from other affiliate sites like Tradedoubler or comparison sites like MoneySupermarket and uSwitch. Money-Saving Expert is then paid a percentage of the profits.

You may think that the site's lack of commercial motivation would limit its popularity, but it has instead established its status as one of the top 60 websites in the United Kingdom. This affiliate marketing company has grown to 16 million monthly users, nearly 100 full-time employees, and a mailing list of over 13 million people since it was founded in 2003 for just £100.

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Globo Surf affiliate website homepage

Globo Surf

?Niche: Watersports

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 303,268 clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 169.8K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M-$5M

Globo Surf is a water-focused affiliate website. It's a great place to find snow, land, and water activities evaluations.

This website is dedicated to providing the most excellent outdoor sports equipment reviews.

Globo Surfer domain authority and backlinks

What makes them successful?

Globo Surf is a well-known affiliate marketing site with a practical content approach.

They rank for keywords like "wakeboard," "standing paddleboard," and "inflatable kayak" that are used in eCommerce.

These are keywords with a lot of traffic and buyer intent. Your traffic and conversion rates will rise if you can rank for them.

Surprisingly, Globo Surf goes a step further. They also go after keywords like "best x." A good example is "8 Best Cyclocross Bikes In 2020."

How Do They Earn Money?

Globo Surf is a member of the Amazon Associates program. This implies they make money by using Amazon affiliate connections.

Facebook Custom Audiences are also available on the site. This suggests that GloboSurf uses Facebook ads for retargeting purposes.

dog food advisor affiliate website homepage

Dog Food Advisor

?Niche: Dog Food

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 2.2 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 110.1K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M-$5M

Dog Food Advisor is a non-profit organization. They provide compassionate dog owners with excellent pet nutrition recommendations.

You'll discover everything from product statistics to nutritional information. They also include every recall in the United States since 2009.

What makes them successful?

The success of Dog Food Advisor is primarily due to its particular specialty. Instead of covering pet food, they increased their focus on canine nutrition. As a result, the site became an expert on the issue.

By 2023, the US pet food market is expected to reach $13.3 billion, dog food accounts for a sizable portion of the overall market.

dog food advisor domain authority and backlinks

The website is an excellent example of how to establish trustworthiness. As canine nutrition specialists and dog lovers, the team inspires trust.

The section about dog food recalls on Dog Food Advisor is also quite helpful. It lists all of the dog food recalls that have occurred since 2009. This keeps dog owners informed about tainted goods.

This section's primary goal is to provide value to dog owners.

It also establishes the affiliate site as a go-to source for information on dog food recalls. This is how the website establishes credibility.

For pet owners, recalls are essential news, and they help the site gain valuable connections from news publications and other niche-specific authoritative sources.

Last but not least, the silo structure of the site is well-organized. It enables an excellent interlinking technique.

There are a lot of links in the material that lead to other interesting articles. Links inside the material, on the other hand, are equally vital.

Within each silo, the links within the content's body serve to develop topical relevancy. The probability of ranking for those competitive keywords is substantially improved by having a good website structure.

How Do They Earn Money?

Dog Food Advisor's primary source of revenue is affiliate commissions. Each product in their reviews has a Chewy or Amazon affiliate connection.

Buying Tips or discounts are frequently displayed beside the links.

A newsletter about dog food recalls, and nutrition is also available.

They promote it using pop-up CTAs for their readers on occasion. This newsletter's sense of urgency is what makes it a successful project.

They can also use their newsletter for remarketing their readers in the future. This can also increase the number of people who return to the site.

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ruled me affiliate website homepage


?Niche: Ketogenic Diet

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 1.8 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 120K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M-$5M

The ketogenic diet and lifestyle are promoted on Ruled.me, an affiliate website. They put a strong emphasis on delivering a fact-based approach to keto. The goal is to facilitate weight loss while making the dietary change as painless as feasible.

This affiliate website is well-designed and easy to navigate. Everything from dietary advice to recipes and valuable tools may be found here. The website aspires to be a role model for keto dieters.

What makes them successful?

This affiliate marketing site aspires to be a must-visit for any keto enthusiast. They accomplish this by utilizing keto-related tools.

The Keto Academy is a subscription-based service. It includes a keto meal planner, recipes, and a wealth of nutritional data.

Affiliate sites can use tools to increase customer retention, especially when developing a comprehensive platform like the Keto Academy.

ruled me domain authority and backlinks

Ruled. Keto dieters may now arrange their meals for the entire day. They can also shop and keep track of their macros. This was made available as a single tool by me.

This is a reliable source of income for Ruled.me. Not only that but obtaining testimonials generates more interest in the site.

Subscribers who have successfully altered their life are included in the testimonies. Gaining such strong social proof can significantly boost the authority of any affiliate marketing website.

How Do They Earn Money?

Ruled.me, like many other affiliate websites, makes money from commissions. At the end of the reviews, there are links to Amazon affiliate products. However, they make money from their keto tool through a membership program.

Over 312,000 people have signed up for their membership-based app.

The monthly plan is $19.99, with 3-month and 6-month memberships offering discounts. This is the pinnacle of monetization strategies.

Over 450,000 keto fans have signed up for Ruled.me's newsletter. This gives them more remarketing choices.

Any website that has a large newsletter is a valuable asset. It improves brand recognition and customer retention. It also provides you with a platform on which to promote your services.

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skyscanner affiliate website homepage


?Niche: Travel & Tourism

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 11 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 844.1K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $20M-$24M

Skyscanner is the Google of travel sites, allowing users to search for and discover the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars for a specific date.

The algorithms used by Skyscanner rank the options offered in order of lowest price first and include information such as reviews and critical characteristics to assist customers in making the best decision possible.

Because of the affiliate website's thorough travel guides and tourism-focused articles, the majority of Skyscanner's 11 million monthly traffic can be linked to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Skyscanner then gets commissions from the airlines, hotel partners, and car rental firms that it recommends or includes on its price comparison tools, which is a beautiful illustration of how SEO and affiliate marketing can work together.

skyscanner domain authority and backlinks

Like Money Saving Expert, Skyscanner always lists the best deals for customers, even if it has no affiliation with the company featured. This helps create customer trust, meaning tourists are more inclined to return if they plan a vacation.

Skyscanner is now a household name, and it moved from being created by three university graduates in 2001 to being acquired by Ctrip (China's largest travel company) for $1.8 billion in 2016. So, it's evident that this affiliate marketing website is doing something right!

the points guys affiliate website homepage

The Points Guy

?Niche: Travel & Tourism

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 6.1 million clicks every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 1.5M

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $25M-$50M

The Points Guy began as a points and miles affiliate site. It now includes information on credit cards, transit, lodging, and other tourism-related topics.

What makes them successful?

The Points Guy, for example, is a valuable resource for anything tourism-related. Their "Deal Alerts" are excellent sources of information about travel deals.

Relevant deals will always generate interest, mainly if they help you save money.

Sites like The Points Guy take advantage of this curiosity. They write material with phrases like "deal alert" and "points and miles" in mind.

This attracts buyers who are already in the market to buy. Sites like The Points Guy simply direct clients to the most fantastic deal while earning a commission.

the points guys domain authority and backlinks

Their tourism-related news section is another appealing element.

The Points Guy focuses on travel and tourism-related keywords to earn backlinks, and it's working. Topical news stories about airlines and cruise ships are famous. This contributes to the site's considerable authority.

The Points Guy is an excellent example of maximizing the purchase funnel's effectiveness. They attract those who want to travel and convert them into purchasers.

They do this by focusing on cruises or cityscapes as tourist attractions. They recommend monetized material once they have their attention, such as "9 easy ways to save points when visiting a new place."

How Do They Earn Money?

The Points Guy is a website that receives referral fees from the credit card issuers represented on the site.

American Express, Citi, and Chase are the most popular offers. In terms of the rewards offered by the cards, this differs.

The links are given in the context of respective reviews.

A daily travel and tourism newsletter is also available on the site. The Points Guy can now advertise more affiliate deals to his subscribers.

Newsletters can also give your subscribers a sense of importance. This can help you retain customers over time.

Throughout their platform, they place CTAs with interesting trip locations. People are drawn to their website by the CTAs, which direct them to the pages that earn the most revenue.

For future retargeting campaigns, the site additionally employs a Google Remarketing Pixel.

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Wirecutter affiliate website homepage


?Niche: News & Media

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 500 million visits every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 26.9K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $80M-$150M

Wirecutter is an affiliate website with a journalistic style that lists the top gear and gadgets for those who want to save time deciding what to buy. It was founded in 2011 and acquired by the New York Times in 2016. It includes affiliate connections to various websites, such as Amazon, Home Depot, Nordstrom, and Office Depot.

But why is Wirecutter so effective at what it does when there are so many affiliate marketing websites that do the same thing?

wirecutter domain authority and backlinks

For starters, the Wirecutter staff is knowledgeable in their respective disciplines. The advice is given by a group of journalists, scientists, and researchers who use a combination of thorough reporting, interviewing, and testing.

This isn't one of those sites that scour the internet for suggestions. Instead, they examine hundreds of goods before suggesting only a handful. Take, for example, Wirecutter's article on the finest bath mats.

Second, Wirecutter is open about its motivations, and affiliate links pay it a commission. The proclamation is prominently displayed on their webpage! This emphasis on transparency and honesty pervades everything Wirecutter does.

They even refer to themselves as the reader's "geeky friend with advanced research abilities that thoroughly evaluates everything they buy, so you don't have to."

Most of their product offerings involve higher-priced items that will likely produce substantial commissions. So, in addition to generating over 10 million monthly views, it's no surprise that this affiliate website currently employs 60 people and had $1.5 billion in revenue in 2016 (according to One Man's Brand).

vpn mentor affiliate website homepage

VPN Mentor

?Niche: VPN (Virtual Private Network)

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 3.5 million visits every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 359K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $15M-$25M

VPN Mentor is one of the most effective VPN affiliate marketing platforms. They attempt to provide valuable resources for individuals looking to acquire a VPN.

This affiliate marketing website features expert VPN reviews and helpful information on data privacy issues.

What makes them successful?

In terms of content strategy, this affiliate website is an excellent example. Each article delves into the specifics of VPNs for each scenario.

VPN Mentor regularly updates its most comprehensive publications, such as "The Best VPNs - Full Analysis," regularly.

By raising the click-through rates from Google, updating your primary content pieces can enhance your website traffic. People are looking for the most up-to-date information possible.

Even if your content is a month old, you could lose a click to another site in a highly competitive niche. VPN Mentor gets around this by ensuring that the current month and year appear in the headline of its SERPs.

This can be automated by automatically inserting a shortcode in your title that automatically fills in the current month and year. Some SEO plugins, such as Yoast, already include this feature.

A news center is also available on the affiliate site. Contains the most recent cybersecurity reports.

Industry-relevant reports are timely and interesting. VPN Mentor's trustworthiness grows as a result of these highly linkable resources.

vpn mentor domain authority and backlinks

This legitimacy boosts the site's chances of receiving links from reputable news sources. It also boosts user confidence, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

Anyone promoting an affiliate program can learn from VPN Mentor's CTA tactic. Orange is the color of the CTA button. It's simple and distinct from the brand's blue color scheme.

A sticky sidebar serves as a call to action on the site. Any affiliate website's CTR can benefit from this feature.

How Do They Earn Money?

Product suggestions are how VPN Mentor makes money. They feature a creative section named "Best VPN Deals."

It includes links to their top-rated products. Even on an instructional page, this sidebar appears on most website pages, increasing the possibility that someone will click on the affiliate links. It's a tried and true way to increase your CTR.

For many products, the site uses strategically placed pop-up advertising.

The affiliate links in their reviews are the same as these.

VPN Mentor has a minimalistic look with no advertisements.

There are no other monetization or display advertising indicators. VPN Mentor even gives away their software for free. The most well-known of their services are VPN Comparison, Hide My IP and IP Leak Test.

VPN Mentor uses accessible technologies to boost user engagement and secure those all-important backlinks.

august2021 Commission
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finder affiliate website homepage


?Niche: Comparison website

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 8 million visits every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 20K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $800M-$1B

Finder is a significant global affiliate marketing website and the UK's fastest-growing comparison site. They help people locate what they need from more than 300 brands across more than 50 categories, ranging from credit cards to mortgages, and car insurance to hotels, to make everyday decisions less of a headache.

It's no surprise that this site attracts a wide range of brands trying to market their products and services because it covers so many categories. In addition, Finder's client services team offers partners advice and statistics to assist them in enhancing their results.

finder domain authority and backlinks

But, on the customer side, what does Finder do well?

On the other hand, Finder provides much more than simple product comparisons. It's also chock-full of excellent content, money-saving tips, and valuable tools.

Take, for example, this alcohol savings calculator, which shows how much money you could save by quitting drinking. This reflects Finder's commitment to providing value to customers rather than simply selling items. Money creates itself by focusing first and foremost on the demands of its customers!

Successful affiliates come in various shapes and sizes, as these six examples of affiliate marketing websites demonstrate – from well-known comparison sites to specialized review sites (not to mention individuals who make money as an affiliate without a website!).

Considering how much money these websites make solely through commissions, imagine how much value they must be provided to their affiliate partners!

A successful collaboration is a win-win situation for both the affiliate and the advertising brand at the end of the day. For additional information, see our beginner's introduction to affiliate marketing.

runner click affiliate website homepage

Runner Click

?Niche: Sports » Running Gear

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 300K visits every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 138K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M-$5M

Runner Click is a running enthusiast-created affiliate website. It provides running ideas, advice, and product reviews.

This affiliate site's content includes everything connected to running. Running shoes, vitamins, and fitness tracking devices are available. Their reviews are intelligent, and seasoned authors provide their recommendations.

runner click domain authority and backlinks

What makes them successful?

Runner Click puts a lot of time and effort into its content creation and research. This is why they have gained so much clout and popularity.

The quantity of research is presented in their "In a Hurry" section.

It also has a unique CTA and the item's score and perks. Similar sections above the fold can help your website's CTR save readers time.

Their success is also due to their runner-friendly tools. One of the most well-known is "Find Your Injury."

A complicated tool for determining the location of your sporting injury. It also includes a wealth of information on treating and avoiding them. Runner Click's popularity stems from this degree of participation.

The website is an excellent example of user-friendly web design. It is user-friendly and responsive, vital for Google's SEO bots.

Runner Click is also a master at producing stuff that is easy to skim. They include the essentials and areas hidden from individuals who want to learn more.

Because it is quicker to read, skimmable content encourages reader engagement. When you use this strategy for your content, you'll see increased visibility and shares over time.

How Do They Earn Money?

The Amazon affiliate website Runner Click is a part. They make money from the products they review. Running gear (and the fitness industry in general) is one of the top affiliate marketing areas. This is because runners are constantly in need of new equipment.

A new section named "Gear Deals" has been added. It neatly lists all of the current running gear discounts on one page.

This is a fantastic way to bring in some extra cash. People appreciate a good deal, so it is wise to put it all in one convenient location.

A newsletter is also available on the affiliate website, which can help you earn more money.

They use their email list to advertise new content and affiliate offers to their subscribers. Any affiliate site's revenue and customer retention can benefit from this.

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this is why im broke affiliate website homepage

This Is Why I’m Broke

?Niche: Sports » Ecom/Shopping Marketplace

?Estimated Organic Traffic: around 1.8M visits every month

?Number of Keywords It Ranks: 30K

?Estimated Annual Revenue: $900K

This Is Why I'm Broke is the place to go if you seek the most bizarre, worthless, and strange gifts. It may be loaded with things you'd think no one in their right mind would buy (see this pimple-busting toy for proof!) However, with most of their affiliate connections coming to Amazon, they still make hundreds of pounds in compensation.

this is why im broke domain authority and backlinks

So, what are they doing correctly?

This Is Why I'm Broke isn't the most technical or current affiliate marketing site, but it's a genius to hit consumer habits and people's sense of humor.

These are the kinds of items you'd expect people to share with their friends, post on social media, or buy as a joke, and the site's clever product descriptions surely help! Furthermore, This Is Why I'm Broke includes several high-value products, boosting the worth of each sale.

This affiliate marketing website produces money in other ways as well. When users click on these Amazon affiliate links, a cookie is set, which means that "This Is Why I'm Broke" gets compensated even if they buy something completely different from Amazon.

Of course, Amazon is a seasoned cross-seller with its related items' feature, so the conversion rate is likely high.

These Affiliate Website Examples can help you succeed. 

When deciding on your next business venture, take inspiration from these best affiliate website examples. If you're prepared to put in the effort, you can become an affiliate marketer.

The amount of work put in by these eight affiliate websites unites them the most. We're talking about the work that goes into writing high-quality reviews, putting together a solid SEO plan, and gradually raising their Google ranking.

The majority of these websites tried a variety of formulas until they found one that worked. Don't be scared to apply the same principles to your website.

Experiment with various CTAs, post styles, interlinking tactics, and methods for generating trust. Find the strategy that works best for your site and stick with it.

It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out the technical specifics. Focus on your audience once you've figured this out. Make sure they feel valued and that your contributions are helpful to them. As a result, you'll notice a significant increase in conversion rates.


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