Is Cardpool a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my Is Cardpool a Scam article. For sure, you know something about the gift cards, however, are you aware that you can earn money from the gift cards that you are not using? Yes, that is possible with Cardpool, this website allows you to exchange your unused gift cards for cash. Since this has been one of the trends nowadays, a lot of people are questioning their legitimacy.

Is Cardpool legit? Are they really paying you for the exchange of gift cards? With this review, I will make sure that you will have all the details that you are looking for to answer your questions. So, now I want you to be ready to discover the secrets behind Cardpool success, let’s get into details!

Product Name: Cardpool
Founder: Anson Tsai
Logo: is cardpool a scam
Product Description: It is a website that allows you to exchange your gift card to cash, and they also sell gift cards at a discounted price.
Best For: People who are a fan of collecting gift cards and end up not using all of them. Those who are looking form something they can do in order to have extra money.

It's also a website for you to trade your non-utilized donation cards for cash, they also offer gift cards at a low price. Cardpool is a website that Anson Tsai created in 2009. They've been one of the popular websites for buying and selling gift cards since they started the company in 2009.

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What is Cardpool?

Cardpool is a website that was founded by Anson Tsai in 2009, it is a website where you can exchange your unused gift cards for cash, they are also selling gift cards for a discounted price. Since they started the business in 2009, they became one of the well-known websites to buy and sell gift cards.

As per research, they are safe and secure for you to do either buy gift cards or sell them. Cardpool is accepting gift cards from more than 100 stores worldwide which allows you to sell any gift cards that you have in your wallet.

is cardpool a scam

Another good thing about Cardpool is you can sell both virtual and physical gift cards. And for sure you are worried about the expiration of the gift cards that they are selling, you might think that since it is discounted maybe it will expire soon, but don’t worry Cardpool make sure that the cards that they have do not have any additional fees, no expiration dates and most important is they are checking the balance on every gift cards that they have.

How Does Cardpool Work?

Cardpool works like the usual website but the difference is that they are more focused on gift cards since that is their main product and that is how you can earn money with them. You can be either a buyer or seller of gift cards, wherein you can both do it as well at the same time and get money from it. And the big question is how?

If you are going to be a buyer, you will able to purchase gift cards at a discounted price. Sometimes you can save up to 35% on its original price, and that saving can be used for another transaction you will have or just save it for your future. Cardpool makes sure that the cards that they are selling are legit and have the right balance on it.

is cardpool a scam

And if you are a seller, Cardpool is one of the best when it comes to a unique way of earning money. You can sell your gift cards to them, however, you will not get the exact amount of the gift card you will sell but somehow it is close to its original price which is still better than not using your gift card right? Just make sure that the card you will sell does not have additional fees that need to be paid and no expiration dates as well.

However, this kind of earning money may not be enough especially if you are looking for a stable job that can give you money that is enough for the needs that you have in a month. Don’t worry there are still a lot of ways to earn money online.

How Much Can You Make With Cardpool?

A lot of you for sure want to know how much they can earn or get with Cardpool. To be honest, it will not depend on the website itself, it will depend on the gift cards you will have as well as a little bit of patience and hard work will lead you to the amount that you wanted.

And like what I have mentioned earlier, you can earn money with Cardpool with the unused gift cards that you have. And the percentage of how much Cardpool will pay you will depend on the type of gift card you will sell, but it could be up to $90 or $100 depending on the amount of the gift card as well.

is cardpool a scam

Cardpool will also give you two options to earn from the gift card you will sell to them if you agree on how much they will pay for the gift card they will process it for you right away, or the other option is they will ask you if you want them to post your gift card on their marketplace where there is a chance that it could be bought on the amount that you want that will not exceed to $92, but that might take you a long time before it will be bought.

However, Cardpool is not accepting cards that are below $15. So it will be at least $15 and up in order for you to proceed with the selling of gift cards.

Cardpool gift card exchange.

The first thing that you need to do is on their website enter the brand of your gift card together with its balance and choose the payment method that you want. You have two options to receive the payment, either can be an Amazon gift card which will be delivered to your email address or it can also be through paper check that they are going to mail directly to your home address but it would take 5 to 10 business days.

If you want to get the payment faster, Cardpool does have kiosks where you can go and exchange the gift cards there and get the cash right away. Just make sure to bring an ID with the gift card so they can process the exchange for you.

Cardpool referral bonus.

Did you know that Cardpool does have a referral bonus as well? Yes, they have, all you need to do is register on their website for free and just put in the details like an active email address and a password. You will get paid amounting to $5 if your referral made its first purchase on the website.

What I Don’t Like About Cardpool

There are things that I don’t like about Cardpool that I think you should consider thinking, and here they are.

Not available worldwide

Cardpool is only available in the United States so if you are someone out of the USA and thinking to try selling gift cards with Cardpool you may have an issue or cannot do any transactions with them.

Payment Method

There are only two says to get the money, it is through Amazon gift card or by mailing a check. It would be best if they will have an online payment as an option like Paypal so it will be more convenient for the sellers and buyers.

is cardpool a scam

Cardpool Customer Service

A saw a lot of complaints about the customer support of Cardpool. It seems that they are slow when it comes to responding to their customers especially if some of them are having an issue on the gift check that they purchased.

What I Like About Cardpool

If we are going to talk about the things that I like about Cardpool, there are two things that I really like about them. First is creating an account is totally for free, you don’t need to purchase a monthly subscription in order to take advantage of their perks.

is cardpool a scam

And the other one is this website really helps you getting rid of the gift cards that you are not using. Instead of keeping them and not getting any benefits from those gift cards why not sell it to Cardpool and you somehow get a cash-out of it even if it is not the exact amount of the gift card.

Is Cardpool a Scam? My Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have about Cardpool, I can say that they are not a scam. They are a legit company that offers the services that they promise which is selling and buying gift cards. However, I cannot recommend this to those who are looking for much stable work and has a big amount of earning. Cardpool is good as a part-time job or something you can do to get extra money.

This kind of way to earn money is not effective to everybody, if you want you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review where you can learn more ways to earn money which will not require you to sell any gift cards.

I hope that this “Is Cardpool a Scam” review answers the questions that you have in mind. If you have any suggestions and concerns please leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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