6 Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly With PayPal

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra cash on the side and even turn it into a full-time business. But with so many different affiliate programs out there, which one should you choose? This post will help you find the best affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal, so you don't have to wait for the end of the month to start earning your commissions!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular and often lucrative way to make money online. Companies offer special deals and discounts to their affiliates, typically in the form of commissions or referral fees for each purchase made. These commissions can range from a few dollars to upwards of $1,000+.

If you're looking for your first affiliate program opportunity, it's crucial to find one that offers a commission you're happy with. Ideally, you want to find an affiliate program that pays out on each purchase (not just when someone clicks through), so you earn a commission every time your referrals buy something.

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6 Affiliate programs that pay you instantly With PayPal

It's estimated that almost half (41%) of all affiliate marketers end up quitting for this very reason alone: payment issues. With that in mind, I made this unbiased list of the best-researched affiliate programs that pay fast!

JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo Affiliate program

JVZoo is a software and digital products marketplace where you can find anything from eBooks to webinars.

They provide its affiliate marketers with 100% instant commissions since 2011. 

They have more than 18 million sales worldwide, averaging 6085 daily transactions. A true catalyst in selling products online quickly, easily, and securely.

JVZoo credits itself for continuously updating its affiliate engine. The last numbers counted 295 updates through the year. 

Another great feature is that they provide 24*7 support to ensure affiliates get what they need when they need it!

JVZoo is a great place for new affiliates to learn about their digital marketing techniques. They have a Facebook community that helps many amateurs get the best out of their "modest" strategies and an extensive knowledge base with blog posts, video tutorials, and guide libraries!

URL: https://jvzoo.com

Commissions and fees: JVzoo charges a 5%fee of the gross selling, and the commission varies depending on the affiliate program you promote. The minimum payout is $50.

Payments: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net

dr cash affiliate program

Dr. Cash Affiliate program 

Dr. Cash is one of the top affiliate programs that provide fast payouts. They promote beauty and health products with a modern design that focuses on traffic monetization

They offer HTML optimization and various sources to generate traffic like Google or Facebook. Other great features include distributed servers, no redirect links, etc. 

Dr. Cash's product range consists of different nutraceutical providers around the globe. They offer different levels of payments to affiliates such as Tier3 with easy COD flow and instant payment options.

Dr.Cash also has an active online community where affiliates can grow their business through live chats and private groups by earning exclusive bonuses from different sites that use Dr.Cash as their major affiliate network.

URL:  https://dr.cash

Commissions and fees: The commission varies depending on the product you are promoting. They also have a minimum payout of $50.

Payments: PayPal, Wire, ePayments, etc.

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warrior plus affiliate program

Warrior Plus Affiliate program

Warrior Plus is a marketing automation platform with high-quality features, such as membership sites and quick integration with emails. 

It has unbeatable statistics, which are helpful for individual marketers to make money from their products or services. 

Warrior Plus provides vendors and affiliate marketers the ability to track the sales details of their promotions to know who is actually purchasing them. 

It can also help you add custom pixels for retargeting with Google or Facebook. This is great, so you know what people are looking at online before buying anything from your website advertisement.

WarriorPlus further enables these brand partners by offering multi-tiered commissions, which provide higher commission rates at predetermined times and empower brands based on how much they've sold during a specific period. 

With its launch calendars that offer extra exposure for affiliates (to all affiliated brands), clear stats and data points about each promotion campaign, along with convenient link requests, there's no doubt why so many are flocking over to become an affiliate marketer!

URL:  https://warriorplus.com

Commissions and fees: Warrior Plus charges per transaction basis a standard rate of 4.9% + 10c per transaction and the minimum payout is $15. 
If your vendor score is equal to or above 60, you can be eligible to lower rates depending on your sales revenue.

Payments: PayPal, Stripe, and others 

clickmagick affiliate program

ClickMagic Affiliate program

ClickMagick is an easy way to automate link-tracking. It can do the job of multiple marketers and provide up-to-date information on key marketing aspects! 

One of its best features is that it pays fast commissions for affiliate promotions, assuring you accurate results.

Clickmagick was developed by Patrick, who wanted to manage an in-house multi-dollar affiliate business.

Today, the tool provides dynamic links that effectively track any sales funnel with automated split testing and multidisciplinary advantages over other networks like offering commission splits between buyers and sellers. 

It also offers daily commissions without locking affiliates into long-term contracts while providing free trial periods for all budding marketers trying out this intelligent software.

URL:  https://www.clickmagick.com

Commissions and fees: ClickMagick offers all its affiliate marketers a recurring commission of up to 35% per sale, and the minimum payout is $50.

Payments: PayPal only unless you are considered a Clickmagick super affiliate 

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paykickstart affiliate program

PayKickStart Affiliate program

PayKickstart is a subscription billing tool that helps brands sell their products online. They allow their customers to make easy payments, which promotes sales too! 

Their affiliate program has two instant or delayed commissions options for affiliates, and they have an easy-to-use mobile app! 

It ensures that you will earn referrals for every sale and allows you to easily track leads and sales across multiple campaigns. 

To help companies and sellers manage affiliate programs, PayKickstart integrates with the best payment gateways.

PaykickStart has completed over 330 thousand transactions with solid networks of more than a hundred thousand affiliate marketing partners globally. 

The company makes it very convenient to create links for private promotions or custom landing pages using the platform's intuitive interface, including drag & drop functionality. 

Plus, you will never have problems tracking sales because everything is tracked in real-time, as well as lifetime commission tracking and cross-campaign tracking.

URL:  https://paykickstart.com

Commissions and fees: PaykickStart offers tier 1 and tier 2 commissions. The commission % varies depending on the affiliate program you promote and the minimum payout is $25.

Payments: PayPal only

maxbounty affiliate program

MaxBounty Affiliate program

MaxBounty is one of the top-rated 100% instant commission affiliate programs. It offers multiple campaigns for different marketers to participate in, as well as a range of pricing models, such that affiliates can earn commissions through the CPI (cost per install), CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost per sale), and CPA ( cost performance advertising). 

The advanced dashboard provides concise reports on earnings and high-end reporting tools for quick overviews about new campaigns and marketer success rates.

They also offer dedicated affiliate managers who help various advertisers select the best campaign and design promotional content accordingly.

MaxBounty is a performance-based network that offers the best return for brands and affiliate marketers. This company works hard to ensure its partners get the highest quality global marketing experience.

This is why multiple marketers are associated with MaxBounty to make their stronghold in digital marketing.

URL: https://www.maxbounty.com

Commissions and fees: MaxBounty offers a 5% commission with a minimum payout of $100.

Payments: PayPal, Wire, Check, etc


If you're interested in making money online, affiliate marketing is a great way. Though there are many different programs, finding them perfect for your needs can still be challenging. 

In this blog post, I tried to give you a rundown of some of the most popular and highly regarded affiliate programs that pay instantly, so you can start making money today.


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