TOP 10 Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

Are you looking for the best profitable affiliate marketing niches in 2020? Are you ready to earn from them while you're out living your life? If yes, this guide will make your decision a bullseye!

One thing to make your business successful is to find the most timely, profitable niche. This way, it'll save up your time and effort while it boosts the reward of your hard work.

Taking time to choose the best niche is a factor in monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing mainly because it requires you to make relevant content in the long run steadily.

Putting your blogs live doesn't start strong. Today, you may find yourself continually posting a blog every week, and then without even noticing it, your consistency fades away from posting five blogs to once per month real quick.

Therefore it's safe to say that maintaining a steady output of blog content is no easy task.

The truth is, you can earn money from any affiliate marketing niches, and some might be more profitable than others.

However, it all comes down if you enjoy making content about something. So it makes perfect sense in taking time deciding the right niche for your content and community.

Patience is the key to building your audience and eventually monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. But if your chosen niche dissatisfies you, your affiliate marketing journey will not be profitable at all. Pointless.

On the contrary, ask yourself first whether you enjoy making content about this niche for a year or so, or can you passionately write over 100 blog posts for this niche without losing interest?

Many will be answering yes, but for those who answered otherwise, it's totally fine.

Indeed there'll be a unique motivation happening in making the niche you love. But know this, once you start earning money with affiliate marketing, becoming passionate about one thing can be learnable.

Another tip to consider in deciding the niche for affiliate marketing is to think about what you can offer to your audience instead of feeding what you feel like writing.

Understand that not everyone is interested in your content just because you're the one who addressed it, and it's live out there. That's not how it works. Your content should've got a purpose, to either bring a solution to a problem, learn something, or leave your audience amazingly entertained.

While you might have cracked the best niche for your blog, don't forget to think about the reason why your blog exists in the first place. This is the best time to separate the 'what' with the 'why' in choosing your blogging journey.

Imagine yourself writing about lifestyle, the question is, are you introducing ways to improve your well-being? Or are you able to provide some science-based benefits if that practice is correctly done? In this scenario, you'll notice 'why' is much more highlighted than to 'what'.

Nonetheless, it's important to know that there's no indication of whether you are in the perfect niche to blog until you discover it all on your own. Learning this guide, before stepping into your affiliate marketing journey, will help manage your assumptions 360 degrees.

Remember, there is an endless list of niches that can be used as a candidate for affiliate marketing. Still, only a few are diverse enough to be more excellent in terms of their profitability.

Here you go, we present our top 10 list of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches in 2020:

Health & Wellness Niche

"Health is Wealth." There's no denying that taking care of your health is a top priority. Meaning people will always find the best anti-aging methods, diet strategies, work out regimens, and more. Since the arrival of the internet, the health and wellness programs have enhanced its practices and made ways to reach out to its audience online.

This niche is enormous enough to find it anywhere across internet channels. The best thing about blogging in the health and wellness niche is you don't have to be a certified or professional health practitioner. If you have earned these titles or gained relevant certifications, it will improve your impression of being excellent on the field.

However, if you're patient and passionate about researching and providing definite answers, you can make it big in the health and wellness niche even without these credentials.

We recommend you to choose a sub-niche. You may talk about nutrition and dieting.

Provide common arguments in this field and write informative articles explaining what works best and what doesn't.

Keep up with new services and popular products. You're introducing services and products intended to help people feel better, so due diligence is crucial. Write an extensive evaluation of the product to give your audience proper information on what to expect from using these products.

Avoid coming off like a snake oil salesman through your blogs and recommendations.

Below are the sub-niches to choose from within health and wellness:

  • Reproductive Health
  • Skincare
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Wellness Professionals
    • Healthy Eating
    • Quitting Smoking
    • Family Dental Care
    • Insomnia
    • Food Allergies

    2. Technology Niche

    Technology Niche

    Technology has impacted our lives for good. It also improved other areas like art, real estate, health, finance, agriculture, and many more. It is enabling everyone to make technology a mainstay daily. If tech gadgets interest you, then you should do tech blogging. A tech blogger aims to build an audience by attracting them with their extensive knowledge of the tech space.

    Advancements of technology are occurring as of this moment. Techies like me will always want to keep up with the latest tech updates and find a reliable one-stop-shop for tech-related updates. If you can provide the latest gadgets available in the market and give a personal assessment based on budget and other technical features, likely you become their person of trust for anything related to technology.

    Technology niche is enormous that it's impossible to unravel everything. So we recommend you to choose a target sub-niche.

    One of the notable advantages of blogging this niche is the availability of content. There are hundreds of tech businesses launching products every week. There are existing tech businesses that continuously upgrade and remodel their products.

    Your topics will never go dull as there are always new updates of this niche to cover.

    Another significant advantage is the excellent sales value. For the record, most of the affiliate bloggers earn more from marketing tech products to their audience. Your target is always to be one of the first to write about the latest trends in your sub-niche.

    Technology sub-niches you can write about:

    • Communication Technology
    • Information Technology
    • Transportation Technology
    • Medical Technology
    • Blockchain Niche

    Pro Trick: Amazon is a great affiliate program for tech bloggers! Check why does Amazon Affiliate Program work so well for people who recommend products within their blogs.

    3. Beauty & Fashion Niche

    Beauty & Fashion Niche

    The beauty blog encompasses hair and skin care, makeup tutorials, essentials like lotions and colognes, cosmetics, and many more. Beauty products these days are well invested by the audience to keep their skin radiating and to perfectly match their get-ups.

    If you're a shoe collector or a fashion enthusiast, this is the right time to celebrate. You can level up your love of fashion by blogging about them. Write fashion blogs and make new articles on the latest fashion styles and more.

    Stop repeating what's out there, instead share your honest opinion on fashion-related updates.

    Fashion is a way of making a statement of who we are, what we are. The profitability of a fashion niche is highly recommended if you're just a beginner in the affiliate marketing business. Big businesses like H&M Group and Dior have set the standard in the fashion industry. From hats to shoes, accessories, coats, gowns, and shades.

    There's no denying that everyone loves to look good. Whether you wear a thrifted dress or shine in a high-end attire, fashion is something we're all well invested in.

    Below are some of the sub-niches you'd like to consider in your blogging:

    • Beauty & Cosmetics
    • Fashion Styles
    • Natural Beauty Tricks & Tips

    4. Internet Marketing Niche

    Internet Marketing Niche

    Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, is considered one of the most profitable blogging niches for affiliate marketing in 2020. Internet marketing is growing big over the years. Because of this, the traditional methods of advertising are modified enough to encourage people to improve their internet marketing skills.

    Internet marketing can be done via any websites, social media, search engines, mobile applications, and email.

    Business owners are going all-out in upgrading their online platforms to spread the word about their products and services available. In fact, applying deft digital strategies to your business is a must-to-do now.

    One benefit of blogging the internet marketing niche is that you already know how it works like trying to get more of your social media followers, updating content regularly, making gif-inspired emails. All activities mentioned are a form of internet marketing.

    Take note that the best strategy in building a successful affiliate marketing business in this niche is by having a deep understanding and writing perceptive articles, videos, webinars, and product reviews for aspiring internet marketers.

    You can choose among these sub-niches under internet marketing:

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Web Design and Optimization
    • SEO Marketing
    • Business Plan Strategy
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Video Marketing

    5. Financial Management Niche

    Financial Management Niche

    The financial management niche is not complicated. It's all about getting your finances right and increasing your net worth. This niche is in constant evolution as there are many ways to make money, and nobody has grasped all of the methods there is. How fantastic is that?

    If you're familiar with financial management, personal growth, stock and forex market, and other investment strategies, this is the perfect place for you to excel.

    In this way, you can create insightful articles and provide ways to help people save wisely and invest their money in various options.

    You don't have to be a certified public accountant or be a licensed stockbroker to shine in this niche. Everything is on the internet. You can learn financial strategies, review its products and services, or initiate detailed research to back up your ideas with reliable sources.

    Here are some of the sub-niches you can choose from in financial management and investment:

    • Tax Preparation
    • Invoicing Programs
    • Stock Markets
    • Credit Card Niche & Loan Management
    • Foreign Exchange Markets

    6. Pet Care Niche

    Pet Care Niche

    Do you have your furry companions like me? Or have you worked in a veterinary?

    If so, you already know that pet owners are always looking for the best ways to better care for their furry companions. In most cases, they are willing to spend a lot of money to give them proper pet care.

    Pet bloggers are an excellent resource for inquiring pet owners, which opens an opportunity to convert their passion for pets into a growing affiliate business.

    Many have been asking if the pet care niche is profitable. It's a yes. In fact, according to recent surveys, the pet care industry is believed to make over $21 billion yearly, so it's profitable!

    Below are some sub-niches you should consider in the pet care niche:

    • Pet Grooming
    • Pet Clothes & Accessories
    • Pet Photography
    • Pet Diet & Recipes
    • Pet Training

    7. Love & Relationship Niche

    Love & Relationship Niche

    To love and be genuinely loved is what everyone deserves. It matters not if it's agape love or long-standing love, whatever you choose, people adore "love." Love is essential in a relationship.

    In today's internet-driven world, some people find the building or maintaining a relationship difficult. On the contrary, this niche is profitable because it can generate $3 billion in western countries alone.

    Nowadays, people are willing to spend their time and money on resources that teach them how to find their perfect match.

    If you have an interesting love experience, monetize it by creating a love and relationship blog for your affiliate marketing business. You can write poems, dinner attire ideas, first date tips, best spots for dating, dating advice, and more. These topics are famous in search queries on Google too!

    Love & Relationship sub-niches you can write about:

    • Relationship Blogs
    • Dating Applications
    • Starting a Family
    • Moving In Together
    • Work-life Balance
    • Planning for the Future

    8. Travel Niche

    Travel Niche

    There's no denying that you want to treat yourself by heading out to somewhere and unwind after a stressful day at work. Daily disturbances like traffic jams, work deadlines, anxiety, break-ups, recession, and other life issues make a big case to treat yourself and travel.

    The travel niche is perfect for you if you're passionate about traveling and up for new experiences. Traveling is therapeutic for many people, and if you begin to make blogs about destinations and tips, you'll likely become their go-to-person for travel.

    So how do you start a travel blog?

    The best travel blogs are managed by people who have already been around and have extensive knowledge of traveling and write about it. On the other hand, if you haven't yet traveled, you can reflect on others' experiences or search online.

    As much as possible, you need to sharpen your research skills and storytelling abilities. You can offer every angle of the place from the exotic beauties to the most visited ones; whether it may be a place or the people themselves. Also, guest posts from travel enthusiasts are a good investment.

    There are various affiliate programs partnered with tourism, travel airlines, and trip operators that are open to give a share for every person that deals business with them through your link. Moreover, some sponsors may offer you an advertisement or a referral campaign.

    Below are some sub-niches you can write about under travel niche:

    • Airline & Travel Tour Company Reviews
    • Bucket Lists
    • Travel Budgeting
    • International Laws & Customs
    • Must-Haves In Travelling
    • Backpackers Guide

    9. Movies & Music Niche

    Movies & Music Niche

    Everyone has a distinctive taste of artists and playlists. Filmmaking and the music industry are two of the most significant media products humans have ever made. It matters not if you're a Swifties or a Marvel Entertainment guru, you can blog on movies and music as part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

    There are thousands of movies and music addicts just like you as there are new albums and films underway. If you have a passion for music and movies, you can write review blogs and the latest updates by the minute.

    Write your personal opinion instead of copying what everybody says. With this, you'll definitely earn a set of loyal followers.

    Here are some sub-niches you should consider under the movie and music niche:

    • Music History & Appreciation
    • Music Blogging
    • Star Trivia
    • Top 10 Lists
    • Movie Reviews
    • Movie Comparisons

    10. Christian Faith Niche

    Christian Faith Niche

    The last and not least is the Christian faith niche. Jesus is the Light of the world, and the everlasting life can only come through faith in Him.

    Today, there are 2.4billion Christians on the Earth, and 250 million of them live in America. In fact, 75% of polled Americans have identified themselves as Christians.

    Now let's take a look at their spending capacity and their willingness to spend on their faith.

    Since the medieval era, the practice of tithing already existed. This practice is a voluntary contribution or donation made by churchgoers; it can generate hundreds to billions of dollars annually. People who estimated the total value ended up with an amount of US$ 1 trillion.

    So it makes perfect sense why Christians are willing to spend money on supporting their faith whatever possible ways there is.

    In this case, you can introduce them to faith-nourishing Christian products and services that they might not know. It's a win-win situation; you make money ethically from Christian affiliate programs and become an instrument to your audience by introducing them ways to a more purposive Christian life.

    Christian faith sub-niches you can blog about:

    • Christian Medias
    • Spiritual Home Decorations
    • Christian Family Activities
    • Christian Apparel & Jewelry
    • Christian Dating Services (this is a BIG one)

    10 Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches Bottom Line

    There you have it! If you have been looking for the profitable affiliate marketing niches and blogging ideas when starting, this guide should help you all through it.

    Affiliate marketing blogs are a must-do in building your audience. Remember to check if your blog model's still profitable to your affiliate marketing business from time to time.

    We completely understand if you don't go through into all ten niches at once, as that will not give you enough time to any of them.

    Start blogging now with the niches you think you are interested in, and see if that's the one for you. Naturally, you'll passionately discover what's best for you in weeks or months.

    Uncertainty is okay, but what's not is your lack of confidence. Whatever it takes, achieve your goals.

    Take note that you shouldn't just sell your products in any affiliate marketing, be authoritative when reviewing or recommending a product. Remember that due diligence is crucial.

    See you and enjoy making money online!

    Last Updated on May 3, 2022