10 Best And Lucrative Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Last Updated on February 11, 2023

Do you want to enter one of the world’s most profitable markets? Worth a trillion dollars and involves billions of dollars in transactions each year! The market I am talking about is real estate, and there are numerous ways for an enterprising affiliate marketer to get a piece of it through real estate affiliate programs.

This guide will assist you in breaking into the world of real estate affiliate marketing by introducing you to some of the best affiliate programs available.

What Is Real Estate Affiliate Program?

Property-related businesses use real estate affiliate programs as a marketing strategy. Instead of advertising on their own, these businesses develop programs that allow you to advertise for them. Real estate can have some of the most significant transactions in top affiliate niches. This is significant because many programs pay you a percentage. The greater the total transaction, the more valuable that percentage is to you.

If your efforts result in a sale, you’ll be paid affiliate commissions ranging from flat one-time bonuses to up to 50% of the sale value.

People who click on your links will be tracked by cookies, allowing you to claim any sales they make in the next 30 days. However, 30 days is only the beginning. This list contains many affiliate programs that track your leads for 60-180 days.

You’ll frequently need a real estate-related website with verified traffic to qualify. However, some affiliate programs will accept you for social media or email marketing even if you do not have a real estate industry website.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs 

Land Century Affiliate Program

Land Century Affiliate Program

Land Century is a search engine property that specializes in vacant lots and foreclosed properties. It charges a subscription fee to post listings and serves subscribers looking to sell one or hundreds of properties at once.

You can earn up to 15% commission on referral traffic or sales as a real estate affiliate. Standard subscriptions range in price from $15 to $145 per month. Corporate subscriptions are also available at negotiated rates.

The possibility of orders containing hundreds of listings at once may make this one of the best real estate affiliate marketing programs for sites dealing with flipping, low-value properties, or vacant land (think homesteading or survival niches).

Commission: Up to a 15% recurring program commission

Cookie duration: 90 days

Product Type: Property search engine

Showcase IDX Affiliate Program

Showcase IDX Affiliate Program

Showcase IDX is a WordPress plugin that assists real estate agents in attracting new leads and increasing conversion rates. It accomplishes this by introducing new features to realtor websites, such as map tools and sorting. You will earn 10% of all revenue from referrals who click on your affiliate link as a real estate affiliate in this program. You will also receive 15% of all revenue generated by referrals made by your referrals. The monthly subscription fee ranges from $59.50 to $99.95.Because the plugin is already popular, you may be able to get started at a lower cost-per-lead. All commissions earned are recurring for one year.

Commission: 10%-15% commission rate per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Product Type: WordPress plugins

Leads Bridge Affiliate Program

Leads Bridge Affiliate Program

Leads Bridge is a popular marketing and lead management platform among property investors. Subscribers can use it to target specific audiences, track existing leads, and synchronize data.

If you join this real estate affiliate marketing program, you can earn a 20% commission on all sales made through your website links. Subscription prices range from $23 to $999 and up. Newsletters and scheduled demos are among the promotable subscriptions. There are numerous ways to earn money.

Pre-built links, banners, videos, and social media posts are available to real estate affiliates.

Commission: 20% commission

Cookie duration: 90 days

Product Type: Lead management subscriptions

Architectural Designs Affiliate Program

Architectural Designs Affiliate Program

Architectural Design is a house plan gallery with thousands of detailed home plans in various styles. Most countries protect these plans as intellectual property, so licensing fees must be paid to access and use them.

The website also charges a fee for detailed plans and build-ready CAD (Computer-aided Design) files. The total transaction value could make this one of the best real estate affiliate marketing programs for any home design website.

You can make money by promoting these programs. It’s a standard cost-per-action setup (hosted on the CJ Affiliate network) in which you’ll earn a 5% commission on every purchase made by one of your referrals.

That rate may appear low at first glance, but many of these plans cost more than $1000, and only a few are less than $700.

Commission: 5% commission

Cookie duration: Cookieless tracking

Product Type: Home plans

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All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

All Things Real Estate is a popular online marketplace for real estate agent products. They sell everything these real estate professionals require to sell real estate. Everything from home-showing prop decorations to signage, stationery, and advertising materials is available.

Real estate affiliates can profit by assisting them in selling all of these products on a cost-per-action basis. You’ll earn a 10% program commission every time you make a sale. Prices for bulk orders range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

There are numerous products to promote, making this one of the best real estate affiliate programs for sites that have not chosen a specific real estate niche. When you join this real estate affiliate program, you’ll be given free banners and a dashboard to track sales.

Commission: 10%

Cookie duration: 15 days

Product Type: Realtor products

Dealcheck.io Affiliate Program

Dealcheck.io Affiliate Program

Dealcheck is a website that analyzes rental properties, flips, and multi-family buildings for online real estate investors. Using the tools, members can import dozens of property data points and estimate property purchase costs and potential profits.

You can earn money as part of this real estate marketing program by promoting subscriptions ranging from $10 to $20.

This is not the highest rate, but one of the benefits of this product is that it is well-known and popular. The product’s widespread use can help you persuade people to use your affiliate links. It is easier to make money with this product than with others of lesser renown.

Commission: 30% recurring program commission

Cookie duration: 90 days

Product Type: Property evaluation subscriptions

Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO) Affiliate Program

Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO) Affiliate Program

Corporate Housing by Owner is a site that connects property owners and managers with travelers looking for furnished rooms to rent. Each owner who pays for a listing receives a suite of management and marketing tools.

You’ll earn money for each person who visits the site via your affiliate links and purchases a listing. Travelers can sort and browse what is accessible to them.

The commission earned from the purchase of a listing is around $40, according to Corporate Housing by Owner. The program, hosted on the ShareASale network, comes with a collection of creative banners ready to be placed on your website as soon as you sign up.

Commission: 15% program commission

Cookie duration: 60 days

Product type: Corporate housing listing and search engine

Property M.O.B Affiliate Program

Property M.O.B Affiliate Program

Property M.O.B. is a site that provides real estate wholesaling training to those new to the industry. The website currently hosts over 25 comprehensive programs ranging from probate market entry to real estate advertising.

You can promote any of the website’s products as a real estate affiliate for a 50% commission. One of the program’s highlights is the high rate. Although the total transaction costs are low, this is one of the best commission rates in the industry.

All new real estate affiliates will have access to a library of banners and other creative assets. They’ll also be able to access their portal to monitor clicks and sales.

Commission: Up to a 50% commission for any products

Cookie duration: 30 days

Product type: Real estate wholesaling courses

Buildium Real Estate Affiliate Program

Buildium Affiliate Program

Buildium is a property management software that allows landlords to manage their rental properties’ financial, accounting, and tracking tasks. They can accept payments, track expenses, and generate customized rental reports.

As a program real estate affiliate, you will receive a 25% program commission on all new monthly subscriptions to the service.

These plans start at $150 per month and go up to $5,000 yearly. The program’s highlights are the high commission and transaction value. It’s one of the most effective real estate affiliate marketing programs for property management websites.

The Impact Affiliate network hosts it. This network establishes most of the tracking and payment policies that affiliate marketers who wish to join must follow.

Commission: 25% in commission for each monthly subscription

Cookie duration: 60 days

Product type: Property management software subscriptions

 Avail.co Affiliate Program

Avail.co Affiliate Program

Avail.co is landlord management software that assists landlords in finding tenants, viewing credit history, signing leases, and collecting real-time payments for their rental properties. The app is available on computers, tablets, and phones, and its ease of use has made it very popular.

You can help Avail drive new subscriptions as a real estate affiliate. You will be paid $20 for each person you refer to the program.

The tool’s widespread popularity is one of the program’s highlights. Many people in the online real estate industry are already aware of it. This means that affiliate marketers who want to close the sale will have to do less work.

The ShareASale affiliate marketing network hosts everything. The web is in charge of most of the tracking and payment policies.

Commission: $20 per new membership

Cookie duration: 60 days

Product type: Landlord management software

The Bottomline

Real estate is one of the world’s most profitable affiliate program niches. You can start earning money with the best real estate affiliate programs you’ve discovered.

You’ll be able to sell properties, search engines, real estate agent software, and various other products. Because the industry is so diverse, nearly any real estate website can find a complementary affiliate marketing program.


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