Walmart Affiliate Program Review

Hello friends, welcome to my Walmart Affiliate Program Review. In this time of crisis, more people are affected by unemployment, and others also think that their current jobs are monotonous and unproductive. With that, they are on the lookout for the best way possible to regain that financial independence they once have.

Now the question is, have you heard of making money online, as in making money in the comforts of your home?

As one of the most well-known marketing performance-based tools and the world’s no.1 retail business, Walmart’s Affiliate Program is a good substitute for the Amazon associates for some.

In this guide, you’ll understand how the Walmart affiliate program works, see if you can make real money, tools to help you promote, and of course, this would not be complete without exposing some of its downturns that one should probably know.

Enough chitchat, here’s a quick overview of the program.

What is Walmart Affiliate Program?

This recap is for my homies who just shifted their business online and is not familiar with 'what an affiliate program business' is; it’s a program whereby you can become their affiliate to promote products under them and earn commissions.

The Walmart affiliate program is the affiliate program by the world’s most giant retail company, Walmart.

Walmart Affiliate Program Homepage

So obviously, inside, there are endless products to help you choose which to promote to your target audience on your website or social media platforms. 

Above all, an affiliate program must possess products as massive as Walmart’s to satisfy the never-ending satisfaction of the people and ultimately be successful as a business.

How does Walmart Affiliate Program works?

Just like Target’s affiliate program, Walmart’s affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. If you haven’t explored what it is about, you can visit MOAsWhat is Target Affiliate Program’ post. Back to the concern, Walmart and Target’s affiliate program have the same designs, banner ads, and tools for building affiliate links in your content.

For you to get accepted into the program, what you only need are:

1. Your website must not display vulgar kind of stuff like sexually implicit materials, unpleasant or illegal transactions, etc.

2. The majority of your target audience must come from North America

3. And lastly, your website must be active or already running before the application 

Does Walmart offers free promotional tools?

Affiliates under Walmart’s affiliate program can take advantage of free promotional tools to make things easier in finding conversions, creating links, and banner ads straight from Walmart’s official web or simply putting a “buy now” button within your content, website, or any social media accounts.

Walmart’s SDK

Walmart SDK permits affiliates to place a “buy now” button exactly next to banner ads or any part within your content to drive sales on your website/s.

What’s great about this button is that it can be tweaked to immediately add the chosen product/s to Walmart’s cart. This alone can increase conversion opportunities as it reduces the buying activity of the customer.

Walmart’s WordPress Plugin

Walmart has established its own WordPress plugin wherein affiliates can create banner ads and links to Walmart products. In other words, the plugin allows you to create links to search authoritative pages when you only want to promote unique products, not the ordinary one.

These links and banner ads can also be built while building your content on WordPress, which is really convenient if you promote multiple products in one go.

Unfortunately, it appears that Walmart has ceased upgrading the plugin as it hasn’t been upgraded in the past three years. 

Plugins that are not consistently upgraded can lead to a security breach. Although the plugin is deadass useful, please be careful as this only shows a higher risk compared to up-to-date plugins.

Walmart’s Ad Generator Chrome Extension

The official Walmart Ad Generator Chrome extension is utterly helpful as it can build links and banner ads while browsing Walmart. And with that, this extension can save a great deal of time and make your browsing easier.

At this moment, the extension does not connect to any Impact Radius account. However, it can get connected to accounts related to Rakuten Linkshare.

The good thing is that since Impact Radius has been Walmart’s service provider for a year now, I don’t see if they will fail to make this upgrade soon, so affiliates who have accounts with Impact Radius can enjoy the latter.

Walmart’s Deals Chrome Extension

This promotional tool allows affiliates to easily access Walmart’s special deals, the bestsellers, entries, and exclusive discounted offers. 

Unlike the Walmart Ad Generator Chrome Extension mentioned above, this extension is not linked to your affiliate account, so you’re not eligible to build any links or banner ads in your content. So, this extension is only suitable for some sort of sneak-peek of Walmart’s products.

find the best affiliate programs to promote

What products can you sell with Walmart?

By now, you already know that Walmart’s affiliate program provides a great variety of products for an affiliate to promote and then earn a commission for each traffic or sales driven.

There is an extensive array of products and multiple niches and categories you can discover inside the program, so please don’t be overwhelmed. Instead, focus on products related to your niche.

Worry not. Because no matter which niche you belong to, there are still massive products to promote and eventually earn a commission. Pro tip? Instead of wondering what you can market, the exact concern must be what you cannot.

Apologies if we cannot talk about all the products Walmart offers its affiliate to market. We’d be here the entire week if we do that. But here’s some of it for you to get an idea.

Home Decors (a pervasive category)

Crafts & Hobbies

Movies & Films

Books & Novels


Materials for babies & toddlers

Sports & Fitness Essentials

So if you promote electronic products like sound systems, computers, or your niche is all about books and novels, believe me when I say that there are boundless products you can market to make money from it.

Nevertheless, there are also some categories that you will never receive or earn a commission from marketing them, and these include:

Sam's Club



Financial Services

Walmart's Internet Services

Any kind of tires, e.g., cars, bikes, motorcycles

How to make money with Walmart Affiliate Program?

Walmart’s affiliate program is similar to any other affiliate program there is: one will get paid by promoting its products. Very simple.

Choosing from an extensive selection of products must not be hard. The trick is, you will tailor your products to your niche so everything will be smooth-sailing and straightforward. Of course, you need to sign up as their affiliate to do this officially.

Once you have successfully accepted into the program, you will gain access to the platform, explore products, enjoy its promotional tools, and place links in your content. Also, you can share these links with your family and friends or your everyday audience. 

To make your promotional actions more effective to generate traffic and drive sales to Walmart, here are the best choices for you to do:


Banner Ads

Content & Articles

Email Marketing

Blogs (recommended since day one)

And other tools responsible for sharing your links

For more info, you can check Walmart’s terms and services to determine what you only need for marketing. The more precise your marketing is, the more chances you will be successful in this kind of business.

How much money can you make with Walmart Affiliate Program?

Most categories have a 1% commission, so the decision-making on this part is crucial, especially the niche you have. It will be nonsense if you promote products that don’t relate to a single audience you have. So even if your product drives a poor sale, trust your niche. It’s the best thing to do.

How do you get paid?

There are two payment methods you can choose in this affiliate program: PayPal and bank transfer only. Plus, the withdrawal process is not delated. There are no delays, so your sure to get your payouts immediately.

How to promote Walmart Affiliate Program?

One proven way to promote an affiliate program that is beneficial for you and to your audience is by building a blog that has the power to inform and, at the same time, generate traffic and drive sales.

This is evident because, in most cases, if you come face to face with niche-based affiliate programs, you’ll learn that they reward much higher commissions than those that are not.

To promote and generate income like $500 a month, you would need to deal with sales at least 120-500 successfully, and this will never happen if you have a limited social media account. And let’s say, even if you have many followers from your social media accounts, marketing other products through blogging would possibly complete the recipe.

I don’t see any better way of promoting this program due to the low payouts. If you’d love to start a proper blog and monetize it, make sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, which covers the free tools for you to scale up and get successful in everything you do.

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the Walmart Affiliate Program pros & Cons

The Good

  • It has great brand recognition since Walmart is the world’s largest retail company.
  • The products you will choose are endless, today it counts up to 4 million +, making it the best choice if you’re finding items suitable for your target audience or niche.
  • They provide promotional creatives for you to add to your website, including banner ads and links.
  • Its affiliate SDK tool is a great way to reduce the customer’s buying process if your future leads want to add the product to Walmart’s cart
  • There are regular affiliate updates, so you have the perks to stay updated with the latest news on products, trending contests, discounted deals or offers, and many more
  • Have access to the data feeds for the first-rate and top-selling products

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The Bad

  • The Walmart affiliate commission structure is inferior compared to similar programs
  • Here, you can find and promote products that have never been tried or not readily available in the actual Walmart stores, which is not a good indication
  • Some affiliate tools are sadly outdated or even expired
  • Walmart’s conversion rates are turtle-ish, which is far behind many of its competition
  • Their affiliate program feels like more of a just-put-up-a-show than an essential part of their online business operation

Walmart Affiliate Program, the Bottom Line

Eyes here. All these useful and promotional tools that the Walmart affiliate program provides to its affiliates do not make up for their relatively low commissions.

Although it is tagged as the world’s largest retail company that caters to endless products to promote to your target audience, I don’t think this would be the best move to market than other affiliate programs that reward more, like Amazon.

Become a member with Walmart's affiliate program

All in all, the Walmart affiliate program is something that I would not recommend to you unless if you’re collaborating with them for some reason other than its income potential.

So that ends my ‘Walmart Affiliate Program Review.’ If you agree or disagree with the post above, leave a comment down below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, be safe and hustle hard.

See you in the next post!

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