Is Bizrate Rewards a Scam? Stay Away From This Website!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Bizrate Rewards a scam? You may have had some experience with a lot of online paid survey sites before. Your case might be the same as others, some being legitimate while some being an outright and useless scam.  Now, there’s another online paid survey website within your radar, Bizrate Rewards.

You may have found your way here at My Own Admin to know whether Bizrate Rewards is your cup of tea or if it’s something you should totally avoid

Let me just say I’m glad you’re here because I will be giving you all the insider information you need on this online paid survey website that you won’t find elsewhere.

Bizrate Rewards seems to be promising on the outside. However, as I delved myself into this online paid survey website, all my first impressions on this website just withered and died. 

In this Bizrate Rewards review, I am going to show you all the reasons why you should not trust this website and why you should stay away from it once and for all.

Bizrate Rewards Review

Product Name: Bizrate Rewards
Founder: Connexity Inc.
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Product Description: Online paid surveys website

Bizrate Rewards is an online paid survey website in which it provides you paid surveys to answer so you can earn points in exchange for gift cards on Amazon and other business establishments.  This is a marketing research company which conducts these paid surveys for the businesses and companies within different industries to gather information about the opinions of the general public on their products and services in order to further improve these.

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What is Bizrate Rewards?

bizrate rewards homepage

Bizrate Rewards is an online paid survey website in which it provides you paid surveys to answer so you can earn points in exchange for gift cards on Amazon and other business establishments. 

This is a marketing research company which conducts these paid surveys for the businesses and companies within different industries to gather information about the opinions of the general public on their products and services in order to further improve these.

Take note, Bizrate Rewards is not to be confused with Bizrate. They are related in a sense that they are both owned by a company located in Santa Monica, California ever since 1996 named Connexity Inc

Bizrate Rewards is a market survey panel while Bizrate, on the other hand, is an online shopping portal and mediator between shoppers and online business retailers. 

Bizrate Rewards claims itself to be a leading market research survey panel, as they have conducted more than 27 million paid surveys all in 2017 alone.

But the real question remains – is Bizrate Rewards a scam? With all these primary information, it doesn’t seem to be the case. However, as somebody who has been doing online paid surveys for a while now, I know better and that’s why we’re going to learn first how Bizrate Rewards really works from the inside.

How Does Bizrate Rewards Work?

how does bizrate rewards work

Well, Bizrate Rewards works the same as every other survey panel ever. They provide you with paid surveys which gives you the chance to receive gift cards in exchange for your opinions on products and services of businesses and companies ranging within different industries.

To gain access to Bizrate Rewards, you have to be a US resident or else the doors are just completely closed for you. If you happen to reside within the US, then Bizrate Rewards is free for you to use. All you have to do is sign up with your email, name, and your own customized password.

Once inside the platform, you will be urged to complete your profile which contains your demographic information. This part of the process may seem invasive to you since it’ll be asking your personal information such as your birthdate, number of people within the household, your employment details and many more. 

While it may come off as a bother and somewhat kind of invasive, this is a must to be completed. You see, market researchers have their own criteria and standard in selecting people who they want to survey. 

Filling out your demographic profile helps these market researchers decide whether you should be sent a survey invite or not. After all, why should you answer a survey about automobiles when you obviously don’t own one?

You could receive survey invites 2 times a week through email. Once you receive it, you can now start with the survey. If you qualify and get to finish the survey, you can earn points in exchange for gift cards.


How Much Can You Make With Bizrate Rewards?

Well, sorry to bring it up to you but if you are in need of money then Bizrate Rewards may not be for you. This survey panel will only be compensating you for your time and effort in answering these surveys with points. 

These points can not be converted to cash, rather, just for gift cards on Amazon and other online stores such as Starbucks, iTunes, Old Navy, and Target among others.

bizrate rewards for gift cards

Now, how many points would it take for you to claim a gift card? Bizrate Rewards has stated that 1000 points equate to 1 dollar. In order for you to receive the gift card which is worth $5, you have to reach a minimum of 5000 points.

A survey you complete will give you at least 50 points to 100 in return, so it’s going to be a very long way home. The amount of points you can earn also highly depends on the length of the survey itself. Bizrate Rewards compensates you very lowly compared to other survey panels.

You can only know how much points you gain after completing a survey through their next survey invite via email. If you are trying to track how much points you have accumulated at your dashboard, then it’s a dead end. Also, you have to wait a maximum of 72 hours for the points to get deposited to your account.

Is Bizrate Rewards a scam? To call something a scam isn’t a light task at all. There needs to be some sort of solid and cold evidence first before jumping to conclusions. Fortunately, I have dug some dirt on Bizrate Rewards myself.

Reasons to Watch Out For Bizrate Rewards

Gift Card is Only For Amazon

Bizrate Rewards make it look like you can claim gift cards for a wide range of establishments like Starbucks, Old Navy, Target and others. However, most of the gift card codes you’re going to receive is only eligible for Amazon.

Of course this is a big deal if you’re going out of your way to spend a huge ass amount of time and effort to answer paid surveys. You can work like crazy for an item you don’t even want, and that’s just not the way to go.


Account Termination

If you have left your account untouched for 1 exact calendar year, you can bid goodbye to your Bizrate Rewards account and all of the points you have accumulated since the company will be terminating your account for good. There might be some valid reasons to this, but of course it’s a shame to have all your effort go down the drain.

bizrate rewards is a waste of your time


Not so Friendly

The usual considerate survey panel will have their own sort of referral program in which for every person you refer, you get compensated with a fairly large amount of points and cash. This makes reaching the payout threshold much more easier. 

However with Bizrate Rewards, you can only accumulate points by completing surveys alone. Bizrate Rewards does not run their own referral program unlike other online paid survey websites out there, making the minimum 5000 points a real pain to achieve.


Useless Customer Support

Customer service exists to bring you remedies and answers to your concerns but the support team of Bizrate Rewards are unresponsive and unhelpful almost as if they don’t exist. 

Wasted Time and Effort

bizrate rewards sitejabber complaint

Some of the paid surveys on Bizrate Rewards will have you spend at least half an hour on a survey only to tell you in the end that the offer has already expired or the quota has already been reached

Plus, some of the users of Bizrate Rewards complain how they’re supposed to be claiming their gift cards only to be told that it has already been redeemed by someone else or there’s some kind of unsolvable error.

On top of all these, Bizrate Rewards will encourage you to reach the minimum 5000 points by giving away a large ass amount of points in the beginning. However, as you nearly approach this minimum amount, the points for each survey you complete drastically decreases. Thus, you get stuck before you get to claim a single gift card.

To be honest here, is all of this pain and hassle worth it for a measly $5 gift card? I think not.

bizrate rewards complaints

No Money Here

No matter how many times you look over it, you’re only receiving points in exchange for some gift cards which you don’t even have the guarantee of receiving in the first place. If you are in search of a survey panel that compensates you with legit and actual cash, well, you’re kind of in the wrong place.

You’ll Lose Even More Money

What’s worse than not earning any cash is the fact that you get to lose more, in fact. Bizrate Rewards will make you believe you’re receiving magazine subscriptions for free as some sort of reward. 

However, it’s not so free since your credit card is being charged a hundred dollars without your consent. That’s just a plain sick and cheap move.

bizrate rewards complaint

Even if you’re not receiving any shitty subscriptions, just by signing up to Bizrate Rewards, your credit card will be charged out of the blue. I don’t know what they’re up to, but for sure, it’s not something pleasant. 

If you’re planning on signing up with Bizrate Rewards, which I don’t recommend at all, you have to refrain from giving out your credit card information or else you’ve just put yourself in a terrible situation.

What I Like About Bizrate Rewards

Free to Use

I like how you can gain access to the paid surveys for free without having to pay for anything, but if I’m being totally honest, this is how survey panels should be in the first place since companies are willing to pay you for your opinions. This is nothing special. 


Points Approved Within 72 Hours

Although receiving your points with Bizrate Rewards is not lightning fast, compared to other survey panels, this is relatively fast and completely goes within your favor. 


My Final Thoughts! Is Bizrate Rewards a Scam?

I could say with full confidence that Bizrate Rewards is definitely a scam. I mean, for starters, if an online paid survey website deceives you into believing you’re receiving something for free while charging your credit card a hundred dollars without your consent, then it’s most likely up to something fishy and unpleasant. This fact alone makes me want to stop on my tracks and so should you.

In fact, even if Bizrate Rewards wasn’t a scam, it’s still not something I would recommend you to sign up for. Come on, though. You can spend all your time and effort on completing a survey only to have your efforts go down the drain due to pathetic excuses like a code already redeemed, unsolvable errors, reached quotas, and expired offers. It’s just not my cup of tea. I have other things to do.

Plus, Bizrate Rewards do not even compensate you with actual cash, just some gift cards you don’t even have the guarantee of receiving in the first place. Ask yourself, is a $5 gift card worth all the pain and effort? Only you have the answers to that.

If you’re willing to go through all the hassle, then help yourself with Bizrate Rewards. If not, then don’t worry, I have a better recommendation for you.

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