Is Survey Savvy Legit? Another Scam Exposed?!

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

Is Survey Savvy legit? Have you ever been boggled by the thought that you can earn money by simply answering some surveys?  Well, I have! Isn’t it really cool that in this world where we all survive to gain money, with just a few clicks of a button, money finds its way to you?

Survey Savvy offers you the opportunity to do just that!

Or do they really?

Buckle up! In this product review, I am going to introduce you to Survey Savvy, how it works, and if it is recommended for someone like you!

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What is Survey Savvy?

Survey Savvy is a market research company headquartered in San Diego, California and has been growing with the internet ever since the year 1999. Founded by the President of Luth Research LLC, Ms. Roseanne Luth built Survey Savvy from nothing with the idea to pay people for answering surveys.


How Does Survey Savvy Work?

Since we have raised the concern “is Survey Savvy legit”, it is important for us to know how Survey Savvy works.

First of all, and most importantly, joining Survey Savvy is a breeze! Why do you ask? Because it is free! Yeah! Who doesn’t love free invitations?

Just sign up with one of your available emails and there you go! You are eligible to take surveys online and earn some cash for yourself.

Just like how other online paid survey websites work, you first fill out information regarding your demographics and some fragments of your personal information. But don’t worry! You won’t have to spill anything about your billing information. Most of the information they ask you is your age, location, ethnicity, how much you are earning and how many are you in the household.

The purpose of giving out your personal information is so that they can offer you the best surveys for you to qualify.  

Before you can earn money, you have to complete a survey. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much.

In order for you to complete a survey, you need to be qualified first. For you to qualify, you are ought to answer pre-qualifying questions to see if you are the best candidate to answer the survey.

Market research clients are in need of information for them to study their target market, so the standards could be quite strict and vary depending on their needs.

Once you qualify, lucky you! You are now earning money!


survey savvy review

Ways to Earn Money Through Survey Savvy


One of the many ways you can earn money at Survey Savvy is, of course, through surveys!

At Survey Savvy, you will see that there is a list of survey invitations for you. They will also notify you if there is an available survey for you through email. Included in what you will see on the list is how much you can make after you finish the survey and how many minutes, even hours in some cases, will it take to complete the survey.  

If you are baking some cookies, don’t be fooled and have your cookies burnt when it indicates that you can finish a survey in 20 minutes. Believe me, it takes more than that.

Why? It’s because it doesn’t include the estimated time you will spend on the pre-qualifying questions. But if you have been eliminated in the early stages of the pre-qualifying questions, go and enjoy some warm cookies.

After you complete a survey, the money will find its way to you. Your reward comes in cash, rewards, or goodies! It’s totally up to you!


Referral Program

Another way for you to earn money is through their referral program. Most of the online paid survey websites with referral programs have the same system: gaining money once your referral signs up, when they complete a survey, and for some when your referral first cashes out. Cool!

Sorry to disappoint you but Survey Savvy has a very simple and straight to the point referral program, they claim that you can only earn every time a referral completes a survey.

If you are the extroverted type of person, gather up everyone you know and encourage them to complete surveys! If you are the type who is on the other side of the fence, you can muster up your courage a bit!

Come on! You can do it!

Monthly Draws

If it is always Friday the 13th for you, it’s okay! Survey Savvy also holds monthly draws and you can get the chance to win prizes.

How do you get to participate in this draw? Well, you automatically have the participation in these draws once you are not qualified to complete a survey. It’s a party for everyone to enjoy!

Through a market research tool called Savvy Connect, you are also able to earn some more cash! I’ll introduce you to this in the next section.


Savvy Connect? What’s That?

Savvy Connect is a browser extension that you could download to your computers, smartphones, and tablets. Well, what does it do?

Basically, once you download this browser extension, you are giving them the permission to take a peek at your internet activities. Survey Savvy will gather information on how long and what time you use the internet. Your information on social media, streaming, shopping will be monitored. They will be studying what you normally do on the web.

is survey savvy a scam

I know, seems like a red flag, doesn’t it?

However, Savvy Connect claims that this information will not be used against you. They will not have any piece of information regarding who you are and the people around you. This gathered information will just be for the sole purpose of automatically qualifying you for surveys.

Say goodbye to answering questions and just get disqualified midway! When you’re invited to answer a survey, expect cash to stream into your account!


How Much Can You Make Through Survey Savvy?

It is a solid fact that if you want to make a fortune, answering surveys is really not the way to go. It is not really fulfilling, financially and emotionally. With that being said, completing a survey will give you a cash reward ranging from $1 to $3 max. Good news is you can cash out money as long as you have a balance of $1.

Once you join the Savvy Connect program, you will also be given a reward of $5. Plus, if you are techy, you will receive $5 for each gadget in which you installed the Savvy Connect program. Hell yeah!

The rewards that you will win in the monthly draw would cost at least $10 each. Seems fun, if you are lucky.

Of course, for every survey that your referral completes, that will give you $2! Not so bad at all.


How Survey Savvy Pays You

Don’t be too comfortable with Paypal yet. Survey Savvy’s middle name isn’t really fast nor convenient.

For you to get your money, you first have to request a cashout. Once your request had been processed, you will receive your money through a check, and CHECK only.

What’s more disappointing is before your check gets to your front door, it will take FOREVER.

survey savvy another scam

This brings us to the most interesting section in this post, yet.


Survey Savvy Caught in A Web of Complaints

truth behind survey savvy

Stuck in A Time Warp

In this fast-paced world, opening an account with Paypal is almost like a must. I mean, you can’t help but use Paypal because it is a really fast way to transact and handle money. Survey Savvy does not give you this option, at all. You’re only stuck waiting by your mailbox.


It’s Been 80 Years

Well, I mean, not literally. You are going to have your own rendition of Titanic as you play Rose waiting for Jack The Check for a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks. It’s good that they really pay, but before you get to enjoy spending your money, you have already earned your paycheck from your full-time job. If you don’t mind waiting a bit, it won’t be a problem for you at all.


It’s Impossible to Qualify!

While I sympathize with this thought, that’s just how survey websites are. Their clients are gathering information so that they can know more about their target market. It’s all business, so their standards in selecting the best candidate has to be strict.


Savvy Connect Ain’t No Sh*t

Some users claim that Savvy Connect does not really work as it is supposed to. Plus, it also messes up their internet connection. One user indicated that he only received money from it once.

savvy connect

Take a scroll here to see more complaints.

What I Like About Survey Savvy

survey not so savvy

Good Pricing

When you complete surveys, you can gain up to $3 remuneration for this. I know it might not seem like it is much, but comparing it to other online paid survey websites that can only offer up to $0.40, this is the best deal you can get.

Low Cash Out Threshold

Survey Savvy has a cash-out threshold unlike any other. With a balance of a dollar, you can already cash out what you have earned. Other online paid survey websites require a threshold of at least $25. This might not seem like a lot but before you could reach that amount, it would probably take months. No kidding.

The Referral Program

It is insane that you could passively make money through their referral program. Your income just not comes from the surveys you answer, but also from those that your referrals answer. Cool! Sip on a glass of wine as you watch the numbers in your account increase.


Verdict! Is Survey Savvy Legit?

Yes. Survey Savvy is legit. They really do pay you the money that you earn.

However, it is not something I can recommend to anyone. You can only get your money through check and nothing else. This also takes like an eternity to be delivered at your front door. How slow and inconvenient.

Sure, it is bearable. But really? Why should you settle for less when there are better online paid survey websites out there?

There are other and better ways for you to earn money.

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