Is Fiverr Legit or Scam?

Last Updated on September 21, 2022

Is Fiverr Legit or a Scam? I completely understand where it’s coming from. If you’re sick of reading inconsistent Fiverr reviews, all you want to know is: Is Fiverr trustworthy? Is Fiverr not a waste of time, and ultimately is Fiverr a legit program? I would say all are raised questions from someone who is about to hand over their hard-earned money to a stranger online.

If it’s any reassurance, you’re not the only one. I am the type of person who’s willing to spend hours sitting and googling everything there is to examine before I actually bid goodbye to every centavo I have. Fiverr is no exception.

So to answer your question, ‘Is Fiver Legit or a Scam? The cold answer is legitimate, but more on that in the following sections. Before we delve into what Fiverr is and is not, learn some insightful information about the platform, like how to make money with and join the platform. Let’s first know what website Fiverr is about in the first place. Ready? Let’s begin with a brief overview.

Product Name:FIVERR
About:Freelance service marketplace
Price:$5 for any kind of products or services available
Pros:Fiverr has enough tools to launch and reinforce your affiliate marketing journey.
Cons:Fiverr’s affiliate program has a lot of restrictions on earning commissions with

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance service marketplace that assists employers in finding highly-skilled talent suited for their projects online.

The platform received the Great User Experience Award, proving that they value every bit of user experience.

This particular service promotes meetings between employers and freelancers who can help them in brand building for their unique marketing strategies.

This provides them with the availability of an enormous pool of highly-skilled freelancers across the globe.

The platform lets entrepreneurs explore freelancers by inviting them over to connect with service sellers on three levels.

In this way, they meet freelancers with the preferred skill sets and rates that will soon satisfy their needs.

These seller levels permit businesses to maximize or narrow their searches in line with freelancer levels.

Fiverr Homepage

The nice thing about this crowdsourcing service is its arrangement of total transparency.

Freelancers’ profiles can be reached, together with their reviews, making buyers decide whether they wish to hire them or not solely.

With the system, businesspeople are offered advanced knowledge on the characteristics of service sellers to know what to expect from a freelancer.

Fiverr won’t disappoint if you’re an employer on the hunt for a freelancer’s unique demands.

Here, you can find any type of product or service you need– all available for as low as $5.

Buyers must find the top one that would suit their needs.

Typical services include hiring a virtual assistant, content creators or writers, and even some logo designing for their brands.

Fiverr Affiliate Program: How Does It Work?

Fiverr Affiliate Program allows Fiverr customers to remotely refer other qualified individuals to Fiverr and get a reward for merely completing that.

You present a link that connects them to Fiverr, which they monitor if your referrals make traffic for some Fiverr-related actions. The idea consequently acknowledges the order as your referral, and you receive a payment of cash for promoting the administrations available on Fiverr.

Fiverr’s affiliate program is available worldwide, generating traffic from all regions and using the excellent HasOffers for their after-stage. Fiverr is one of the few affiliate programs that has excited me this year, as this is both thrilling to benefit and worthwhile to become your side hustle online.

Their affiliate program is already accessible, and affiliates are starting to get overhyped. For those who have the faintest idea, Fiverr is a commercial outlet that allows them to purchase “gigs,” as they call them, for as low as $5.Propelled in 2010, Fiverr became immensely successful and one of the most famous classified job-hiring boards globally.

For what it’s worth, people appear to value Fiverr, and many members have been taking advantage of its new affiliate program, and I’m sure their team will get tripled in the next few years.

The members of Fiverr’s affiliates are understandably huge, and some of the people benefitting are reportedly generating $5,000 a day. Fiverr’s affiliate program works this way entirely:

Refer to another customer, and then you get paid at once– that’s it!

The payouts can go from $7 to $17, depending on the quality of your traffic. At any rate, you can get paid more than $5 when somebody purchases just $5.

One thing I love about Fiverr is that the opportunities to promote Fiverr are infinite. Since all the services inside Fiverr cost $5 only, you can create some genuinely persuading promotions and break down some laser targeting, no-fuss, no-muss.

How To Join Fivver Affiliate Program

To become eligible to join the Fiverr affiliate team, you must have an account linked with Fiverr.

Once you secure that step, proceed and go to your profile details and click the tab marked “personal information.”

In this portion, you will need to change the details you already have, entering your personal or company information.

After that, you can save your work.

In the “sources” section, indicate what source you will be employing to do your affiliate marketing campaigns.

This source can be a social media page like Facebook or Instagram, or simply, it can be your site.

If you are employing a company account, provide your company’s website or LinkedIn page.

Once you are completed, save and submit your details.

After delivering your sources and personal details, you will need to decide a method for you to get paid under the “payment details” section.

These details will include your billing address, preferred payment method, PayPal account, existing bank account, what currency should be paid, and ultimately category of account.

The account category can be a “company” if you choose to use a company account or a “private” if you are joining for yourself.

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Can I Join the Fivver Affiliate Program?

When writing this blog post, there are no limitations (yet) as to who can join Fiverr’s affiliate program.

But it’s essential to know that you need to be an adult-age and have access to a bank account or PayPal account.

If you think you have those things above, you, too, can become a Fivver affiliate and start earning a commission with them.

Commission Structure For Fiverr Affiliates

“So, what can I make?” is the exact question that I’m pretty sure you want to ask from the beginning.

The Fiverr affiliate program actually offers you a choice of how you would like to get paid, and it’s essential to understand how each commission structure works.

In this way, you can maximize your earning potential, and here’s how they are split:

This plan applies to the main Fiverr homepage.

The Basic CPA Plan

The basic CPA Plan gives you a one-time commission based on the particular service you dealt with.

For example,

If you’re promoting writing services, Fiverr will pay you a clean $25 for each client you refer to.

On the flip side, if you’re referring people who are on the lookout for a mobile app designer, the commission is a clean $40 per client.

This plan is really worth it if you’re referring clients to the Fiverr Pro platform.

This is because the commission is $150 for every pro client you refer to them.

The Hybrid CPA Plan

The Hybrid CPA plan gives you a clean $10 per client referred, moreover 10% of whatever that individual spends after the first deal.

For example,

Suppose you referred someone who needs a blog post, and they turned out to love what they get, and then they ended up demanding 20 more blog posts from Fiverr.

You would get $10 for the first post and another $10 for the value of the rest 19 posts.

Now, commissions can add up pretty rapidly if the person you referred was spending $50 per post.

How Much Money Can You Make?

When you successfully get started on Fiverr, you will immediately acquire your unique affiliate link to insert to your social media pages or website in your blog content.

It is only the equivalent of some other affiliate programs.

Your links will then be monitored, and Fiverr will be notified when a customer comes to their site through your affiliate link.

The overall reward mainly depends upon the rate decided by Fiverr according to diverse administrations.

Tell you what, Fiverr can be very generous, paying commission for referrals ranging from $15 to $150.

This significant rate can be accomplished when someone purchases a Fiverr pro plan from them.

On a side note, there are many opportunities to consider in making money online.

One of which is affiliate marketing, yes.

 And also owning a real property online and generating quality traffic towards it.

You can passively make money online by writing your favorite topics or futuristic articles.

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How Do You Get Paid As A Fiverr Affiliate?

After you complete your payment information in your account settings, Fiverr will be able to reward you from thereon.

Every time a buyer purchases through your affiliate link, you earn a commission which will appear in your account’s balance on Fiverr.

If a buyer gets more than 30 days to deal purchase, you will not earn a commission because affiliate links with Fiverr are only useful for 30 days.

Once you meet the minimum threshold of $100, you will be able to ask for a payment.

To ask for a payment, simply go to your account and find “request a payment” at the top part of the page.

The page will require you to submit an invoice, depending on personal and company accounts.

For private ones, Fiverr automatically produces an invoice for them.

Otherwise, Fiverr offers you the option to upload your invoice form.

Once you finish this step, you can proceed and click “request payment” to complete.

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Fiverr Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Here, you’ll get a high commission for any acquisitions that are a part of Fiverr services and Fiverr Pro.
  • If you need directions with any portion of the Fiverr Affiliate Program, you can ask for it from professionals to help you through tutorials. Plus, a specialized affiliate overseer will help and guide you all throughout
  • You can refer to as many individuals as you want and earn a commission for every purchase that a person deals with
  • Fiverr will provide you a dashboard where you can track your marketing strategies and analyze how much traffic you are making from your websites to Fiverr.
  • All cookies connected to your affiliate marketing links can monitor a buyer for up to 30 days.
  • You can increase your earning potential by promoting Fiverr’s services on your preferred social media accounts.
  • Fiverr has many tools that can support you in launching your affiliate marketing tactics on your website.

The Bad

  • You can only earn commission by referring clients to Fiverr. Dealers or freelancers are not able to help you make money.
  • You are only rewarded the first time a buyer deals with a purchase from your affiliate link. If a customer makes a second or any consecutive purchase after the beginning, you do not earn money or commission. 
  • Plus, if a client already has an open account with Fiverr, you will not receive a commission if the customer makes a purchase.
  • Fiverr Pro limits the commission you can earn when a client makes a purchase. The limits are $150, no matter how much the customer pays for a particular service.
  •  Few services are worth more than others; in other words, you may not earn as much commission for several services as you would for others. The service quality may depend on your commission.

Is Fiverr Legit or Scam, the Bottom Line

In conclusion, Fiverr is legit and does offer an opportunity to boost your earning potential over a month by affiliate marketing.

It enables you to promote any Fiverr service you wish, including “Learning Fiverr” and “And Co.

Every service comes with its own unique commission rate and the affiliate link that you can insert on your website or any social media pages of your choice.

Because there is an array of services on Fiverr, you can promote what makes the most meaningful for you and earn a commission by merely offering some assistance to your readers.

Join the affiliate program in Fiverr today

I hope you find your affiliate program and consider Fiverr as your affiliate program to finally start making money online; I’ll see you on the other side!

Thanks for reading.

If you have something in mind related to the post above, don’t forget to drop it in the comment section below.


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