Share a Sale Affiliate Program Review

My Share A Sale Affiliate Program Review
Affiliate marketing is one of the finest yet cheaper ways to build a decent business online. The great thing about this type of online business is that you don’t need to invest any of your hard-earned money on products to kickstart this sort of venture.

What you only need is to search for a legit affiliate marketplace, sign-up as their affiliate, and decide the products you want to promote online to begin earning a commission once a sale has been made—that simple.

However, there are three essential qualities that an affiliate marketplace you need to know, (1st) the marketplace or the platform, (2nd) the merchant or the product owner, and (3rd) the publisher or the affiliate.

These merchants register their products on the marketplace so the publishers or affiliates can select which products they want to promote to earn a commission in the long run, which will be rewarded by the merchants themselves.

The marketplace also earns by charging a registration fee on the merchant as it offers an automated platform responsible for handling the overall business actions, whatsoever.

Affiliate marketing greatly influences businesses around the globe as it functions to the best benefit of all concerned. The more entrepreneurs collaborate, the more money they can generate together.

One of the most popular affiliate marketplaces is ShareASale, an affiliate marketing company acquired by AWIN.

In this post, not only will you recognize all the components available to affiliates (like you and me), but you’ll also see some of the red flags of ShareASale, which only an active user will know.

Now, here’s a glance at what really ShareASale has to offer to you and everyone online.

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What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale was founded back in 2007 by Brian Littleton. It is one of the pioneering affiliate networks in the affiliate marketing space.

ShareASale has shown considerable growth and earned popularity as the most widespread network within a short period. It’s an affiliate marketing place that provides useful strategies to its users.

ShareASale Homepage

Moreover, it continuously on edge to improve its programs, so all parties concerned are getting what they deserve. Therefore, ShareASale provides superb customer service, upgraded tools, and real-time reports towards its users from any part of the world.

How Does ShareASale Work?

Like other affiliate marketplaces such as CJ AffiliateClickBankRakuten Linkshare, and Impact RadiusShareASale offers an automated platform for all affiliate marketers to efficiently employ all the necessary tools and resources to promote the merchant’s products and services.

The products you can promote under ShareASale typically go back and forth from various categories such as music, clothing, automotive, blogging, fashion, gardening, tips, etc.

Several tools and resources are generously provided to affiliates include real-time reports, store connection, custom-made link creation, knowledge-base training, and many more.

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Get Started With ShareASale

To begin making money with ShareASale, you must first sign-up as their affiliate.

One excellent quality I know of ShareASale is an easy entry. ShareASale is not strict about the traffic you currently generate because even a complete beginner has the equal opportunity to get started and make money as an affiliate.

Anyone can sign-up for free; thus, you’ll be inboxed of your application within three working days. As for me, my application was accepted in less than a day. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Once you get accepted as their affiliate, the first thing you’ll need to make is to build your account, especially of how you want to get paid.

There are several methods to get paid, including a direct deposit, a check via email, wire deposit, and the most commonly used is Payoneer. Unlike JVZoo and Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no chance to receive payments via PayPal as of this moment.

Thus, if you want to monetize with ShareASale, settle a Payoneer account first. ShareASale instantly pays its affiliates on the 20th day every month once the payment threshold is reached $50.

After completing your account and deciding the payment method, it’s time to choose what products you want to promote.

ShareASale does not instantly approve what products you want to market. When doing so, you need to apply personally with the individual merchants through the Merchant Dashboard inside ShareASale so you’ll be eligible to earn a commission in them. 

If you have questions about each product statuses, you can reach out to the said merchant for further queries.

Promotional Actions & Your Affiliate Links

There are various ways to promote affiliate products on your site, social media, or anywhere on the web.

ShareASale provides text links, banner ads, gift cards, and clips so anyone could earn a commission easily when someone follows your promotional actions and buys.

Suppose you think your text links are not useful enough. In that case, you have all the choice to make your custom affiliate links from your selected merchant web and still get authorized to the same affiliate commission when an individual buys.

Furthermore, you can build an affiliate tracking that allows you to test the efficiency of diverse ads and marketing locations; after that, know which formulas perform better so you could scale up your affiliate campaigns.

And lastly, here’s the good news for affiliates promoting with numerous websites; you won’t have to apply for the same merchant products for each site that you have.

All you have to do is apply once, and all your sites will be up and eligible for that program. In other words, you don’t need to sign up a lot of times for every merchant you’d apply for.

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Real-Time Tracking System & Reports

If you’re a virgin to affiliate marketing, then it’s understandable that you might get confused about the moment when you face the ShareASale affiliate dashboard. Its dashboard has uncommon terms that might overwhelm for a complete beginner.

However, the good news is that ShareASale’s marketplace provides some sort of training and knowledge-based learning to help anyone become familiar with the dashboard, including giving some insightful content about affiliate marketing and market trends.

All the learning and knowledge-based resources can be access through ShareASale’s blog or their youtube channel.

Plus, ShareASale provides support through email that typically responds within three working days. Mobile support is only accessible from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and on Fridays from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.

How To Make Money With ShareASale?

This would be a great time to share some of my affiliate marketing strategies, especially if you’re a beginner in this kind of venture. So here are the three pro tips that I’ve learned as their affiliate that I wish I realized when I first got started.

Pro Tip #1: Focus To An Individual Affiliate Program

Don’t get easily hooked and sign up for every other affiliate program you come face to face. ShareAsale has a massive marketplace that can generate a lot of affiliate income, like thousands of dollars a week or even more.

Pro Tip #2: Promote Products You Use Or Passionate About

Massive commissions understandably entice most fresh affiliate marketers; however, these affiliates don’t understand the amount of responsibility involved in marketing specific products.

Instead, promote products you use or are passionate about because the marketing for it will be that much impactful. Keep in mind, the consumers of 2020 are mostly skeptical and can quickly know the bullshit marketing one has.

Pro Tip #3: Be Patient, And You’ll Get What You Want

As stated, affiliate marketing is a profitable venture, yet it takes several days to build and start. Bottom line? You have to spend some an extended time, so you better be patient to keep up the hustle, then you’ll get what you want.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join ShareASale?

Again, ShareASale’s affiliate marketplace is entirely free to join as affiliates.

However, if you’d want to be their merchant, you need to know the following fees below:

1. A one-time marketplace access fee of $550

2. Have a deposit at least $100 in your merchant account, which will be allotted to reward affiliate commissions and other transaction fees.

So, all in all, the minimum fee to become a merchant with ShareASale is $650 only.

Who Is ShareASale Best For?

  • ShareASale is a famous affiliate network for businesses looking to establish an affiliate program for their product or services. ShareASale is mainly focusing on small and average size brands.
  • On the flip side, ShareASale is an excellent platform for affiliate marketers, searching for means to monetize their website and social media platforms. As of now, it has 700,000 affiliates around the globe.
  • If you own a niche website with quality content, then ShareASale can support you and start making money from it. This affiliate marketplace is also the right choice for more experienced affiliate marketers who own multiple websites that need monetization.

ShareASale Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Here, you are sure or in no doubt, as they have a long-time and respected reputation. Also, they have been prosperous and successful in working on that each year
  • ShareASale is operated by Awin, which has boosted them to gain even more spotlight online
  • With ShareASale, you can freely customize your unique affiliate links. Plus, you can build shortened URLs to make the links appear not long on your website
  • As an affiliate, you can receive payments on the 20th day every month. These are deposited straight away to their bank account if this is the payment method you chose. Moreover, money can be forwarded to banks in many countries
  • Whether you can pay attention to your business with a clean report of how your affiliate links are working or not, you can tailor these reports to show you the exact details you want

The Bad

  • ShareASale doesn’t make payouts through PayPal, which is commonly present to other affiliate networks.
  • There is a payment threshold of $50 before you can receive a payout. This is much higher than the majority of affiliate networks
  • There will be a $25 charge if you can’t reach $50. And if you can’t even get $25, then your account may be deleted
  • ShareASale deletes merchant account without even noticing their affiliates, which is sometimes very risky. It will cause you to have an error link placed on your site and not even realizing it

Is ShareASale A Scam, The Bottom Line

ShareASale stands atop among the biggest affiliate networks, and it’s legitimate and reliable. Since AWIN has obtained the company, their conversions have been increased. Therefore your leads get to enjoy their services from all over the world.

ShareASale operated just a few years back, and it has always been on edge to offer the best affiliate program to the brands and merchants. This is why most of the merchants you’ll know would choose ShareASale as their affiliate program through and through.

ShareASale Is Not A Scam

Affiliate marketing is quite the best and simple way to earn a commission by just marketing various products. And it is the easiest method to get lucrative for both merchants and affiliates.

That concludes my ‘Is ShareASale A Scam’ post. If you have anything to share about the said affiliate marketplace, make sure to drop a comment in the comment section below.


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Last Updated on May 4, 2022