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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to my review! If you have found your way here all on your own, good for you! It’s always best to research about a product first before you fully dive into it and realize that it was a black hole all along.

There are loads of online job listings site nowadays. Searching and applying for jobs has never been this easier. One of these sites providing job listings is People Per Hour.

However, as online job listings became more relevant, a lot of these turned out as too good to be true scams.

I stumbled upon this site as I was searching for jobs and had me wondering if this one is any different – specifically, if it’s a legit site providing real and safe job listings.

In this review, we are going to know how this website works and later on, I’ll tell you whether I would recommend you to use this or not.


People Per Hour Review

Product Name: People Per Hour
Founder: Simon Kitris & Xenios Thrasyvoulou
Logo: people per hour logo
Product Description: Freelance Online Job Listings Site
Best For: Employers and Freelancers
Recommended: YES and NO (I’ll explain)

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What is People Per Hour?


people per hour homepage


People Per Hour is an online job listings site for employers, called as buyers in People Per Hour’s context, to gain access to thousands of freelancers searching for one time jobs. Freelancers or so called sellers are on the other side of the fence, waiting for the perfect employer to give him the job.

This online job listings site is founded by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simon Kitris and stood its ground within the United Kingdom back in 2007. Fortunately, even if it is not based elsewhere, it is available for everyone to use regardless of country of residence.


How Does People Per Hour Work?


First, you can join People Per Hour by signing up on their website. Good news! Signing up is free, however I am now informing you beforehand, there are upsells along the way.

Now, People Per Hour works on three simple services.

If you are looking for people to finish the job for you, you can be a buyer or an employer. You can advertise a job post on the website.


peopleperhour employer


As a buyer, you can search through profiles and portfolios of freelancers posted on the website. Once you have found the perfect person to do the job, you can invite this fellow to bid on your job post.

After responding to a bid on your job post, People Per Hour sends an email alert to the freelancer.

On the other hand, if you are the one looking for a one time job and wants to get paid immediately once the job is done, you can opt to be a freelancer or seller in their context.

As a seller, you can search for a one time job belonging in the following categories.


  • Marketing & SEO
  • Development & IT
  • Social Media
  • Writing
  • Translation & Tutorials
  • Video, Photo & Audio
  • Admin
  • Design


If you don’t want to waste time looking for a job across such a wide range of categories, you can choose to post an ‘hourlie’.


peopleperhour hourlie


By posting an hourlie, you are the one to create your own rules. What I mean by this is you are the one to define a fixed fee for a certain service of your choice. Instead of knocking on individual doors of buyers, you will let them come to you. Pretty neat if you would ask me!

If you want buyers to come begging for you and approve you for the job, you may want to fill out and complete your profile on People Per Hour. Here, you would have to include your valid ID picture and what job category you would want to be hired for.

You are also given the chance to showcase who you are in the ‘About Me’ section. It’s not just that, though! You can make yourself stand out more from other freelancers by adding skills to your profile that will further explain how fantastic you are at the job.

People Per Hour lets you add examples of your work experience whether it be experience outside or with People Per Hour to your portfolio.

People Per Hour has this so called ranking in which you can see the number of views your profile is receiving. If you are wondering how you can boost your ranking, you can by adding hourlies and sharing your profile on social media.

One of the best things about People Per Hour is you can invite buyers which are not users of the site itself. You can also request endorsements from external clients. I find it a very nice feature since not only does it increases your profile ranking, but this will also increase your chances of being hired.

As a seller, the site only provides you 15 job bids per month. You can receive this for free. If you want to go the extra mile and bid more, you can avail additional bids.

Once you are hired, you can do the job as desired by the client, and get paid! #NoStringsAttached

So, how will you get paid? People Per Hour could pay you on Paypal or a UK bank account. Take note, even if People Per Hour is for everyone regardless of country of residency, currencies are only available in GBP, USD, EUR.


peopleperhour safety


You won’t have to worry that your payment won’t reach you in any case your client runs away from you. People Per Hour require buyers to deposit your payment into an Escrow account. You can be confident that your money is safe!


Other Ways to Earn With People Per Hour


Not searching for a freelance job? That’s okay! You can also earn money by being their affiliate. Affiliate marketing works as simple as earning commissions when you promote the products and services of the company you are affiliated with.


peopleperhour affiliate program


In the case of People Per Hour, you will get paid when someone signs up to the platform with your help. As an affiliate, you can easily promote the website by dumping your activation link on your blog, website or social media accounts.

Once a referral of yours has signed up to the website, you will get paid £30 (or €32 or USD $35). You can redeem your effort’s worth once you have reached the cash out threshold of £50 (or €70 or $75). People Per Hour limits your earnings with a monthly maximum of £150 (or €16 or $175).

Take note, you can only use this amount as a form of credit for purchases on People Per Hour.


To be able to receive this amount, People Per Hour has stated the following conditions:


  • you must have an active User account on PPH;
  • you may not refer yourself for the Referral Program;
  • the Referred User should not already have a User account (active or inactive) on PPH;
  • the Referred User should sign up for a User account using the activation link of the Referral Invitation


What I Hate About People Per Hour


Gigs? No Thanks


peopleperhour side job


Just like 1+1, freelancing is not an ideal source of income. You can land loads of freelance jobs, but still, what you’re earning can not equate to what you can earn with a full time job. But of course, you should know that by now if you are planning to pursue People Per Hour.


Account Deactivation by Surprise


One employee from People Per Hour came out to the public announcing the injustice that goes beyond what we see from the outside. This employee claims that his supervisors instructed them to deactivate accounts which seem to not be purchasing anything from the website itself.

Even if you have collected a lot of funds in your account, your account will be deactivated without notifying you beforehand resulting to anger and disappointment from freelancers.


Deductions from Payment


peopleperhour fund transfer


This is a common issue here in People Per Hour. Since it is based on an international market of freelancers but only three currencies are used in this system, there could be deductions from your payment. Take for instance, if you have been paid in USD while being a UK freelancer, naturally there will be charges to transfer the funds to your UK bank account.


Hidden Upsells


Since the free bids are only limited to 15 per month, the course of action to take would be to avail of additional bids if you want to actually land a one time job. This is not indicated by the website since it only claims that everything is free, which is obviously crap.


peopleperhour join for free


Of course, due to the differences in currencies, there are bound to be exchange charges when transferring funds.

On top of all these, you would have to pay for a handling fee when dealing with buyers. What do I mean by this handling fee? This means People Per Hour will deduct a percentage of amount of money from what you have earned.

Aside from the upsells I have mentioned before, this is one of the many sources of People Per Hour’s cashflow.

If you have earned up to £500, 20% will be deducted from this. Payments ranging from £501 to £4500 will have 7.5% be taken away. Lastly, there is a 3.5% handling fee if you receive over £4500.


What I Like About People Per Hour


Free to Sign Up


I appreciate how they do not require payment from you when you are just starting. It gives you the chance to still use the website even though you would have to expect upsells along the way.


A Variety of Options


From design to development and IT, you really just won’t run out of options with the freelance job listings posted on People Per Hour.


Final Thoughts on Review


I do not believe People Per Hour is a scam. If you are searching for freelance jobs, you may want to consider using this online jobs listing site for freelancers. You can find one time jobs from different categories, while you can also post an hourlie stating your rules and let the clients come to you.

If you are not interested in freelance jobs, you can also choose to be an affiliate. They pay you pretty well with £30 per lead you generate to their website. However, the downside I see here is you have nothing else to do with the commission you are earning since you can only use this amount for purchasing items on the website itself.

I know you, you are not playing around. You want real cash. Who wants to earn money for some lousy on-website purchases? I don’t! I know you don’t too!

If you are looking for a real make money online opportunity, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!





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