Is Cutco a Pyramid Scheme?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Cutco a pyramid scheme? This would be the main reason why you landed checking out this review about Cutco products. It is nice to have good quality knives while cooking food for the family but how about getting earning extra cash from a company that is manufacturing and selling knives? Sounds interesting right?

Cutco is one of the well-known brands in the United States for selling different kinds of knives. Behind their popular brand, there are a lot of rumors about the company. Many questions are crossing each person’s mind. Most of the questions are is Cutco worth it? Is Cutco legit source of income?

With this eye-opening review, we will get into details about Cutco knives. I will help you decide and give you unbiased facts about the company. So let’s get this started.

Cutco Review

Product Name: Cutco
Founder: Jim Stitt Jr
Logo: is cutco a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Company who sells different kinds of knives.
Best For: For someone who has great skills when it comes to selling and advertising products. Who are also interested in checking out good quality

Cutco is a company that sells various types of knives and is based in the US. The company was founded by Alcoa and Case Cutlery to produce different types of knives in 1949. Cutco was previously called the Alcas company. Last 2009, they decided to rename Cutco as the main product they were offering. Cutco is well-known in the United States, as it has suppliers in other countries such as Germany, Korea, and Australia, for kitchen accessories and cutlery. You are selling your products through your sales representative, that is, you are an MLM company.

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What is Cutco?

Cutco is a company that sells different kinds of knives and were based in the United States. Cutco is formerly known as Alcas Corporation, which was founded by Alcoa and Case Cutlery in 1949 to manufacture different kinds of knives. They decided to change the name to Cutco last 2009 since that is the main product that they are selling.

Cutco is a well-known brand for cutlery and kitchen accessories in the United States and they have distributors in other countries like Germany, Korea, and Australia. They sell their products through their sales representative, in other words, they are an MLM company.

is cutco a pyramid scheme

Cutco Knife includes a variety of knives for numerous kitchen tasks, including compact cheese knives, cleavers, Santoku knives and spatula dispensers with traditional knives, paring knife and chef knife. Cutco knives are produced in Olean, New York but their other products are made from Mexico and China.

About Cutco Knives.

There are a lot of speculations about their products, especially the quality of their knives. Their knives are made from a high carbon 440A-stamped stain-resistant steel. And what I have found about the Cutco knives is the knife blades are exposed to 3 different processes. These are the 3 processes that they do on their knives.

Heat Treatment.

The heat treatment is designed to make steel hardened. The correct hardness depends on how steel is applied. The knives need to be difficult enough to maintain a steady mechanical abrasion and yet flexible to stand up without interruption for forceful use.

Deep Frozen.

In this process, after they have the heat treatment they deep they knife blade into oil or freezing water for approximately 15 seconds.

is cutco a pyramid scheme

Oven Tempered.

The knife was cook for one hour, then they allow the temperature to cool and return for another hour to the oven.

With these processes that Cutco are doing on their products, it makes it more world-class and very durable to use and very flexible. Which is a great point to get more sales right? And their sales representative could use this as their way of advertising the Cutco knives and earn from that. The question is, what are the ways to earn from Cutco?

How Much Can You Make With Cutco?

Based on what I have found out, the only way that you can do to earn extra cash with Cutco is like the usual MLM companies have, you need to sell their products in order for you to earn. I believe that you already received an email or flyers from Cutco or you have checked one of their online content related to their products. Which will make you interested in joining or reselling the Cutco products.

Actually, there is another company that handles the sales of Cutco and that is Vector Marketing. Their strategy includes direct sales, primarily advertising in magazines, posters, word-of-mouth and various online media. Cutco practically just tasks you to directly market its goods. They will first encourage you to visit family and friends and then show the items that can lead to a purchase. 

They said that the estimated earning is $15 to $17 and that is per hour. Cutco is focusing more on recruiting students to join and sign from them, which helps them a lot to produce more sales. Nowadays, looking for a part-time or even a full-time job is really complicated, and doing this kind of job and you think something you can enjoy doing is more likely a good start of an opportunity to disregard.

You will have the chance to get a commission as well from the sale that you will have, but a statement report must be sent every week to be paid for the sales and commission you will have. There is also an obligation to sign an agreement for the demonstration of knives and a $200 security deposit.

Many students were able to successfully sign up and became a sales representative and now earning at around $200 per week. This can serve as their extra allowance and they get to save and buy what they want.

What I Don’t Like About Cutco

And let’s discuss the interesting part of this review. Wherein I will give you some things I discovered that may make you think twice in joining Cutco, and here it is.

They faced a lot of lawsuits.

Based on research, Vector Marketing faced a lot of lawsuits the same as the famous MLM company Herbalife. A survey of the 940 Vector recruits was carried out by the US post in 1996.  Most of them reported not even earning money and said that they had lost more than they had earned. It prompted Vector Marketing to stop passing on false information to students in the state of Wisconsin.

is cutco a pyramid scheme

Doubts about their recruiting policy.

There are a lot of people who are having a doubt about their recruiting process. There is a chance that you will receive a phone call from someone, they use a script that a friend of yours has referred you to them. The weird thing about that is you don’t even know the name that they will tell you. It seems that they are recruiting people in a very aggressive way.

Cutco products are expensive.

I find their products expensive that the usual knife I can buy with the same quality, this can be a reason for a student to sell the product because not everyone can afford their pricing range. Many people want to be cautious and want to continue with the cheaper knives.

What I Like About Cutco.

Behind those dislike about Cutco, there are things that we can look forward to joining the company and selling their products. And here are the things I can say can give a plus point to Cutco.

They have amazing management.

However, some people shared their positive opinions on Cutco and Vector Marketing that the administration is incredible. They also provide staff with training, especially in the demonstration section.

is cutco a pyramid scheme

Great opportunity to earn extra money.

To be honest, I can’t deny the fact that you can really earn with selling and endorsing Cutco products. And let’s accept that along the way to success it will get more harder since you need to find more customers to sell the products especially if you already sold products to your family and friends.

Is Cutco a Pyramid Scheme?

After doing large research about Cutco, I can say that they are not a scam. However, I cannot recommend this to anyone especially they have some lawsuits about money and that some of their members are not getting what they supposed to have.

Their products are something to look forward to, as they get a lot of reviews about it. Maybe it is not the best and way too expensive for other knives, but still something you must try. People have different perspectives in life, maybe with some, it is not good but for you, it will be good.

is cutco a pyramid scheme

Another thing is they are much focused on students, and if you are someone who is not into selling directly like doing door-to-door advertisement then this is not for you. I know it is really hard doing that, but there are also some people who have enough determination to do that. And if you think you can have that, there is no wrong in trying. Sometimes you really need to take the risk in order to succeed.

Is Cutco A Pyramid Scheme, NO but like I don’t recoment it eiteher. You need to have patience and determination to find what is best for you!

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I hope this “Is Cutco a Pyramid Scheme” review was able to help you find your way and making a good decision and always remember to think twice.


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