Is Click2Sell a Scam? Major Red Flags Exposed

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Click2Sell a scam? Advertisements have gone a long way from newspapers to billboards, and now online advertising has taken over the wheel. As you may have guessed, online advertising is considered as one way to earn money online.

One advertising platform, Click2Sell is going out of their way and claiming to be one of the best advertising technology companies there is. Apparently, they claim that their proprietary technology enables you to manage all your marketing campaigns in a single interface whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field.

Click2Sell envisions to fill this world with successful online marketers and enable them to contribute to the success of their platform.

With such bold and overwhelming claims, this marketing platform had me looking into it more than twice. As I did intensive research on this, I dug for reasons why this platform is not worth it and why you should stay away from it in the first place!

Now that I have your attention, let us delve further into Click2Sell.

Click2Sell Review

Product Name: Click2Sell
Founder: Undisclosed
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Product Description: Online marketing platform
Best For: Beginners

Click2Sell is an online marketing platform with the technology to enable agencies, companies, brands, affiliate networks, and even individuals regardless of experience to run, track, and manage their advertising campaigns with ease that is accessible in just one interface.

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What is Click2Sell? homepage

Click2Sell is an online marketing platform with the technology to enable agencies, companies, brands, affiliate networks, and even individuals regardless of experience to run, track, and manage their advertising campaigns with ease that is accessible in just one interface.

The company states you don’t need experience, nor technical knowledge to get started. All it takes is a computer or mobile device, an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

Click2Sell also provide and develop tools which would help likely marketers to communicate and collaborate with each other.

They are located in the technology hub of London, United Kingdom. Click2Sell Ltd.’s registered office is specifically located at 5 Secretary’s Lane Gibraltar, and they have been actively operating since 2018 from 1 Northumberland Avenue Trafalgar Square London Greater London WC2N 5BW United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, I do not have any information in relation to the founders of the website. And this is not just me, though. Apparently, nobody knows who the people are behind this platform. This gives me a bad feeling.

Is Click2Sell a scam? It might not be, but the identity of the owners not being disclosed might be enough of a reason for you to stay away from this platform. However, we won’t delve into that just yet. Before we get to that part, let us first know how Click2Sell works from the inside.


How Does Click2Sell Work?

Click2Sell starts off first by letting you complete a form that shall include your full name, your address, phone number, a valid email address, and a password. But of course, it’s not easy as just that.

To be able to benefit from Click2Sell’s services, you would have to choose from the packages they offer. You guessed it right, there’s a price to pay. Listed below are the packages offered by Click2Sell, and what benefits await you.


  • Costs $200
  • 20% Welcome Bonus
  • Weekly Market Reviews
  • Platform Walkthrough
  • Online Marketing Ebook
  • 1 Live Marketing Session


  • Costs $1,000
  • 25% Welcome Bonus
  • Weekly Market Reviews
  • Platform Walkthrough
  • Online Marketing Ebook
  • 1 Live Marketing Session


  • Costs $5,000
  • 50% Welcome Bonus
  • Marketing Review – Weekly
  • Platform Walkthrough
  • Online Marketing Ebook
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Beginner Academy Session


  • Costs $10,000
  • 75% Welcome Bonus
  • Marketing Review – Daily
  • Platform Walkthrough
  • Online Marketing Ebook
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Advance Academy Session
  • Limited Access to VIP Banners


  • Costs a whopping $25,000
  • 100% Welcome Bonus
  • Marketing Review – Daily
  • Platform Walkthrough
  • Online Marketing Ebook
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Pro Academy Sessions
  • Unlimited Access to VIP Banners
  • Weekly Webinar
  • Expedited Withdrawals

From the video of Click2Sell I have put for you above, it stated that the more you spend, the more profits you can seemingly earn. I didn’t want to be the first to believe in that statement since it seemed more of like a sales pitch. There is some truth to this knowing how online advertising works, but once you know how expensive the packages can get, the picture becomes clear.

click2sell how does it work

Once you have chosen your a package, you will be logged in to the platform. There, you can start your own marketing campaigns.

Here’s one thing to take note of. Click2Sell boasts of having a very powerful system, implying that even beginners can make use of their services. It so turns out that Click2Sell is very simple to use.

Start by browsing through the Click2Sell marketplace where you could find ad templates ranging from fashion, architecture, to sports. Once an ad template has been chosen, the platform lets you set the campaign budget.

click2sell marketplace

The campaigns can get really pricey depending on the budget you have set, so make sure you don’t get go out of your way and go the extra mile. Only spend how much you can.

Choose an image of your choice that best describes the ad. Then, simply choose where you want to place the ad on the website.

Of course, it is fairly important to select your target audience, as well. All there’s left to do is select a pre-made headline for the ad, and launch the campaign. You can track and manage the performance of your ad campaigns from the platform itself.

How Much Can You Make With Click2Sell?

Now the question is, how can you earn with this online advertising platform? Click2Sell provides many ways on how to earn money.

Pay Per Click

Just like what the name implies, you will get paid for every click your ad receives. You are able to earn an 85% commission of the revenue your ad campaign generates.

click2sell pay per click

Pay Per Action

You can also earn money with Click2Sell for directing your target audience to a brand’s website through your ads. Once someone from your audience buys from the website with the help of your ad, you will earn 85% commission of the total revenue generated.

Resell Your Ads

An ad performing poorly is not money wasted. If your ads do not perform well as you had expected, you can apparently sell it again for a higher price.

Referral Program

In Click2Sell’s referral program, it’s as simple as convincing your friends to purchase a package that Click2Sell offers. You get paid $100 for each of your referral who buys a package.

There’s a limit to this, though. You can only receive commissions for up to 10 referrals. The tap is limited and doing the math, Click2Sell will only let you earn up to $1,000 with their referral program.

click2sell referral program

Is Click2Sell a scam? I have found clues that may piece out the answer to this question in the section below!

Click2Sell Red Flags Revealed!

Undisclosed Identity of Owner

One of the reasons why it is so important to know the brains behind a platform like this is to get an idea whether it is legit or a scam based on his previous established businesses and former work experience. It’s a big deal, that’s why I am pointing this out first.

Who would want to invest in a platform when you don’t know who’s behind it? You can’t trust your money to someone you don’t know. Companies need the trust of people, and how should they achieve that? With transparency, of course.

Disclosing the owner of the platform is only one of the few things in achieving a fraction of this so-called transparency, but they can’t even do just that.

Filthy Expensive Packages

click2sell expensive packages

The packages can range from $200 to $25,000. That’s freaking crazy! I mean, I get that as you go higher with the packages, you get more benefits and goodies. But $25,000? It is not justifiable at all.

You can spend more as Click2Sell encourages you to. However, at the end of the day, it is still you doing all the work.

Actually, you can still fully utilize Click2Sell and earn the numbers you desire even if you just purchased the Starter package. As long as you know how to do your campaigns, you’ll be doing just fine.


Ad Templates Can Get Pricey

Campaigns need a budget to operate. You can set your budget when searching for campaigns so that’s really great. But of course, the more appealing campaigns would require more golden nuggets.

No Guarantee of Income

click2sell no guarantee of income

Click2Sell even disclaims it themselves, “Click2Sell website carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all users. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial order and therefore you should not order with amount of money that you cannot afford to lose.”

Click2Sell is not a platform wherein you could deposit all your eggs in one basket and expect money to just automatically come to your bank account. Spending more does not mean earning more unlike what Click2Sell claims. Just like what I have said before, at the end of the day, it is still all you.

What I Like About Click2Sell

Very Simple to Use

The platform is so powerful that all you would need to do is create a campaign, choose your target audience, and publish your marketing campaign. Even though they stated that it is available for everyone to benefit from regardless of level of experience, from what I have observed, their target market tends to lean more towards those who have little to no experience when it comes to online advertising.


Referral Program

This one does not really deserve that much applause since most make money online opportunities have this feature. It’s just nice since they provide more options for people to make money and utilize their membership to the fullest.

My Final Verdict! Is Click2Sell a Scam?

Unfortunately, the red flags I have stated above are not enough and strong evidence for which I can call it a scam. I don’t want to start speculations that I am unsure of. However, you may still want to take extreme caution with this online advertising platform. It is still hard to trust the company due to some undisclosed information.

Regardless if it’s a scam or not, I won’t totally recommend it for everyone to use.  Click2Sell’s tends to lean more towards the beginners in this field. It is simple to use, and most of the time everything is pre-made for you. All you have to do is choose. So if you do not have much experience with online advertising just yet and have some money in your pockets to spend, this one might just suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you want to tweak and customize ad campaigns yourself, and feel that a more advanced interface suit your needs, then you are better off somewhere else.

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