60+ Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Every Niche

Are you one of those individuals who want to start affiliate marketing? Can you boast about your ability to sell any goods or services to an audience? If so, have you decided on the tactics you will utilize to create money? Worry not because you've come to the right place if you're looking for answers to these questions. I'll show you how recurring commission affiliate programs generate generous income.

What makes Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs Special?

Ideally, when you help a company gain a customer, many affiliate programs offer you a one-time commission. Clickbank and Amazon Associates are two great examples. However, if the same consumer purchases an item through your affiliate link again, YOU WILL ONLY BE PAID ONCE!

This matter is undoubtedly unjust for some. That is why most affiliates subscribe to recurring commission affiliate programs. These programs allow you to earn a commission as long as your referrals complete the order and pay for it. These programs pay you on the first purchase made by your referral and on subsequent purchases.

Why Should You Choose Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs?

Earning a lesser regular amount is preferable to receiving a larger one-time payout, right? With the help of an example, you can grasp this better.

A recurring commission of 30%  ($12) on a $40 bill is preferable to a one-time commission of 65% ($26).

To elaborate, you can earn more on the recurring commission than the one-time commission in just three sales.

Another advantage of recurring programs is that you don't have to invest many resources, such as money, time, and effort, to turn orders into sales because your referrals handle everything.

As a result, it's a win-win situation for both affiliates and businesses. Affiliates may easily entice their customers with a low-cost offer and earn money on the side. On the other hand, companies value recurring commissions since they help them significantly boost their sales.

Pros and Cons of Recurring Affiliate Programs

If you have a stable platform of content that attracts consistent visitors, particularly recurring commission affiliate programs, your passive income opportunities may expand. Your recurring revenue will yield more earnings over time than one-time sales via networks.

The initial month's payment for many programs is more than average. Bear in mind that specific affiliate programs offer additional rewards for bringing on new affiliates.

However, earning the benefits of one-time payment arrangements may take longer. When a significant number of clients cancel orders, your commissions will drop.

A company's reputation and ability to maintain its performance over time determine a recurring commission affiliate program’s success.

60+ Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs For Every Niche

Recurring commission affiliate programs are the most straightforward option to fulfil your monthly expenses quickly. Furthermore, it gives a consistent monthly income, critical in today's expensive environment. There are 60+ leading recurring commission affiliate programs for every niche listed below that can help you earn a lot of money.

Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for E-commerce

Wholesale2b Dropshiping affiliate program

Many affiliate programs assist users with no programming knowledge in getting started in e-commerce by allowing them to build an e-commerce business.

While Amazon FBA is among the most well-known business models in the market, the e-commerce tools featured below can assist any entrepreneur in establishing their shop and selling products online.

  • Wholesale2b—30% recurring commission.
  • Dropified—30% recurring commission.
  • Samcart—40% recurring commission.
  • Shopify—20% recurring commissions, or up to $2,000 per sale
  • Spocket—30% recurring commission.
  • Market Hero—50% one-time commission.
  • EasyStore—100% first month, 20% recurring commission.
seopressor SEO Tool affiliate program

Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for SEO

SEO improves a website's technical setup, content relevancy, and link popularity. Its pages are more comprehensive, relevant, and popular in response to user search queries, and search engines rank them higher.

SEO is a powerful internal advertising medium that makes affiliate businesses hands-off if you have high organic traffic from search engines. Its tools boost organic traffic to your website or business by optimizing your content.

  • SEOPressor—50% recurring commissions.
  • Netpeak Software—30% recurring commissions.
  • SpyFu—40% recurring commissions.
  • FATJOE—10% recurring commissions.
  • SEOClerks—10% lifetime.
  • Mangools—$487 per lead.
  • Linkredible—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • SEMRush—40% recurring commissions.
Optingun online marketing affiliate programs

Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Marketing

Building a targeted network with content marketing is a great tool. By teaching your target audience about enhancing a business or personal abilities, you will increase the likelihood that they will use your services or purchase your products.

  • OptinGun—60% on signup plus 10% recurring commissions.
  • Pabbly—50% for the first month plus 15% recurring commissions.
  • URL Profiler—25% recurring commissions.
  • Trck.me—30% recurring commissions.
  • Deadline Funnel—33% recurring commissions.
  • Ninja Outreach—50% recurring commissions.
  • TubeBuddy—50% recurring commissions.
  • Answer Base—50% for the first month plus 15% recurring commissions.

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kinsta wordpress hosting affiliate program

Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

All organizations require a hosting provider to keep data on their servers.

As all organizations require a hosting provider to keep data on their servers, the web-hosting market is becoming increasingly competitive in cost, reliability, and customer support as more firms establish an online presence.

If someone already has a hosting service, they are likely to be hesitant to switch due to the amount of labor required to transfer their data to a new provider.

There are many hosting companies to pick from, which is good. Shared, private servers are less expensive than dedicated hosting and maybe an excellent option for smaller businesses seeking a more trustworthy opportunity than some top names.

  • Kinsta WordPress Hosting—up to $500 initial payout + 10% recurring commission.
  • RoseHosting—50% commission the first month and 10% recurring, plus bonuses.
  • Cloudways—up to $125 per sale or $30 + 7% commissions each month.
  • Nestify—$50 sign-up bonus, undisclosed recurring commission.
  • Liquid Web—-Earn up to $1,500 for sale.
  • VirMach—15% recurring commissions.
  • JixHost—20% recurring commission.
  • Beyond Hosting—40% recurring commission.

Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for E-mail Marketing

MailTag email tool affiliate program

Email marketing, on the other hand, remains one of the best digital marketing strategies for generating high-converting leads and income amongst all marketing outlets. Some business owners have even built their entire company on a mailing list.

These tools, also known as email autoresponders, assist you in handling your emails so that you may nurture leads or publish weekly newsletters. This segment is easier to sell because most software provides free trials, making signing up for them a low-risk offer for users.

Because businesses tend to stick to one email marketing tool once they subscribe to a provider, the asset turnover ratio is minimal. Other aspects to consider when choosing a means to market include if they offer pop-up notifications, assistance with webpages, and the kind of customer service they provide.

  • MailTag—50% recurring commission.
  • Automizy—40% recurring commissions.
  • Benchmark—25% recurring commission
  • Sendloop—10% monthly recurring commission.
  • GetResponse—33% monthly recurring commission.
  • ConvertKit—30% monthly recurring commission.
  • MailerLite—30% monthly recurring commission.
  • Aweber—Free 30-day trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.

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Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management

SocialOomph Social Media Management Affiliate Program

Because store owners are unfamiliar with using the correct accounts to bring traffic to their store or website, social media is frequently a bystander as a social channel.

Establishing a social media profile for your business could result in more visitors and income. There are three billion people on social media, which means there is a tremendous opportunity to reach a target audience.

Users can schedule posts with social media management systems, providing analytics to identify which types of posts convert the best.

  • SocialOomph—40% recurring commissions.
  • Crowdfire—35% recurring and up to $420 per customer.
  • Opesta—40% recurring commissions
  • AgoraPulse—20% recurring commissions.
  • Tailwind—15% recurring commissions.
  • Planable—20% recurring commissions.
  • SocialPilot—30% recurring commissions.
  • VidiQ—20% recurring commissions.
pixpa Graphics And Design Affiliate Program

Leading Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Graphics and Design

When it comes to designing anything, even if your mind is as empty as the white canvas in front of you, design tools will help you build distinctive and intriguing creative assets.

These are usually web-based software that comes with a collection of templates and styles and tutorials on developing social media-friendly content.

  • Pixpa—50% per lead.
  • Designrr—50% recurring commissions.
  • PicMonkey—50% for the initial purchase plus 25% recurring commissions.
  • Snappa—30% recurring commissions.
  • Design Pickle—15% recurring commissions.
  • Depositphotos—40% for the initial purchase plus 25% recurring commissions.
  • Stencil-—30% recurring commissions.
  • Pic Monkey—30% recurring commissions plus 15% for renewals/returns.

WordPress Themes Recurring Affiliate Programs 

Elegant Themes WordPress themes affiliate program

WordPress remains one of the most widely utilized content management systems (CMS) among affiliate marketers all over the internet. However, it is not a perfect system that can be operated alone. 

To automate processes, streamline the front and back end of a site, and optimize a place, many services streamline and enrich WordPress. Themes and plug-ins are examples of these technologies, and they're generally available as annual subscriptions.

  • Elegant Themes—50% recurring commission.
  • Premium Coding Themes—up to 50% commission.
  • Superb themes—60% for every sale.
  • Thrive Themes—25% recurring commission
  • Access WP—10% recurring lifetime.
  • MemberPress—25% recurring commission.
  • MemberMouse—20% recurring commission.
  • CSSIgniter Themes and Plugins—50% per sale + renewal commissions.

10 Tips on How to Promote Your Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

  1. Offering Bonus Offers to Audiencesay

Giving bonuses are one of the most successful strategies to entice your viewers to purchase. This technique works well when other top-tier affiliates are running similar incentive offers. As a result, you can engage in this industry by giving similar bargains. For example, one can share their pleasant experiences and promote products through affiliate networks, increasing revenue.

  1. Providing video tutorials on services

It's among the most effective strategies for promoting affiliate goods. Multiple demos and video lessons on the service or product you would like to market can help you gain more significant consumer interaction and illustrate how the service may benefit them.

  1. Creating Unique Product Reviews

Giving impartial, honest advice, screenshots, and describing how each feature works piece by piece is also an excellent way to promote recurring commission schemes. Many platforms, such as Funnel Scripts, ClickFunnels, Funnel Hacks, Funner Builder Hacks, and ConvertKit, provide customer reviews with honest evaluations and targeted keywords.

  1. Coaching through the internet

The operation of such complex software may be tricky for non-tech users. If you're promoting a complicated affiliate product, putting together a quick online lesson on how to use it might be beneficial. Your consumers will surely stay subscribed to your online courses.

  1. Offering Services

One of the ways to entertain your target audience is to suggest add-on services to your clients and use the tools on their behalf. Thorough marketing, SEO, and lead creation can help you reach this goal.

Final Verdict on Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

There are numerous venues where you can find a recurring commission program-related product or service. Once you join up for those platforms and pay the monthly membership, you will not be able to earn money from them again. Instead, they will allow you to acquire substantial returns by paying you every time your referral purchases something or spends money on a product that you have pushed.


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