11 Weight Loss Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2022

You've been looking for an affiliate program that sparks your interest. You find other niches boring, and here you are contemplating whether weight loss affiliate programs are a good deal!

According to MarketResearch.com, this market's value was $72 billion in 2018, and data assumes it will balloon at 2.6 percent through 2023.

Whether you want to focus on diet, fitness, or healthy food, various programs to select from, it goes without saying that every affiliate marketer would benefit from it.

This article will cover some of the weight loss industry's benefits and drawbacks, the most exemplary weight loss affiliate programs, and how much money you can make.

What Are the Advantages of Being a Weight Loss Affiliate?

Do you want to go into weight loss affiliate marketing? This niche offers many advantages to affiliate marketers and a lot of potential for passive income.

Let's go through some of the best aspects of affiliate marketing.

  • Decent commissions for affiliates: The sad truth is some affiliate niches are profitable while others are not. Affiliate commissions account for a portion of the sales profit. Fret not; these weight loss affiliate programs pay generous commissions to their affiliates.
  • Tons of options: You don't have to be concerned about affiliate restrictions. This sector offers a broad range of programs to choose from to develop an effective affiliate network.
  • Specialization is simple: Weight loss is an excellent niche to break into, but sooner or later, you might probably want to consider narrowing your target market down. You could concentrate on fitness affiliate programs, lose belly fat affiliate programs, diet plans affiliate programs, and more! Lucky you, there are several sub-niches to choose from.

Do the Weight Loss Affiliate Programs Have Any Drawbacks?

Just like any other program, weight loss affiliate programs have pitfalls too! Take a peek at this list for you to watch out for.

  • Potential Health Risks: When you choose a health-related industry, you must be highly cautious about what you market and to whom you promote it. Regarding weight loss, poor eating habits and disorders are always possible. As you generate content for your target audience, always keep this in mind!
  • Identifying the effectiveness of a product: It takes a long time to lose weight healthily. As a result, determining if a product is useful can take some time. Selecting excellent products necessitates some product investigation on your part.

Here are the Top 11 Weight Loss Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2022

Weight Watchers affiliate program

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is one of the most well-known weight-loss programs founded in 1963. It has survived the storm of change in a society where fad diets are the norm.

You're given several points for each meal to shed 1–2 pounds of fat per week. All is good for as long as you don't exceed your point restriction; you can eat whatever you want!

Plus, it has a social component. You can attend meetings to be weighed and receive advice and recommendations on losing weight and keeping it off from your meeting leader and other members.

For example, seasonality can be an issue with New Year's resolutions. Still, the EPC for this program indicates that year-round funding is achievable. In terms of affiliate revenue, you'll get $10 for each person that signs up for WW using your affiliate links.

Furthermore, they have a strong brand, making this one of the more straightforward programs to advertise.

URL: www.weightwatchers.com/us/affiliate

Commission: $10 per sale

EPC: $71.06

Cookie duration: 14 days

Mayo Clinic Diet Affiliate Program

Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic is a world-renowned non-profit organization that provides healthcare and health education. Since 1864, they've been delivering this service from their various websites.

As a result, to help people lose weight safely and consistently, the Mayo Diet program is designed on what has been medically proven. 

There are no "magic pills" on sale here; just a means for your visitors to learn how to eat a better-balanced diet, cut out the junk, and get some exercise. And obviously, it works: they have a long list of satisfied customers who have lost 30, 40, or even 80 pounds.

However, you'll need to sign up for a Rakuten Linkshare account to advertise this affiliate program.

Each referral that stays subscribed for at least 30 days earns $40 for the affiliate. If you suggest more than 20 new clients to them in a given month, the base commission amount jumps to $50 per subscription.

URL: diet.mayoclinic.org/us/

Commission: Up to $50


Cookie duration: 30 days

noom affiliate program


Noom has been making grand rounds on the internet in recent months. If you haven't noticed, I have – and it's not because of interest-based targeting.

They're everywhere, with each ad promising weight loss and a healthier lifestyle while remaining vague enough to avoid giving too much away.

Essentially, Noom assists your audience in developing better habits to break free from the yo-yo dieting cycle. Around half of the people who lose weight just through severe dieting gain all their prior weight back plus a few pounds.

Noom delves into the psychology of your lifestyle patterns and uses their app to assist you in overcoming them. It's like always having a miniature weight loss and nutrition expert in your pocket.

These people have their web marketing down pat, making them one of the few weight reduction affiliate programs that take their marketing as seriously as their product.

Any of your referrals who join up for a free trial of Noom will earn you $15 as an affiliate.

URL: partners.accelerationpartners.com/affiliate-programs/noom/

Commission: $15


Cookie duration: 30 days

ace fitness affiliate program

ACE Fitness

This affiliate program for weight loss is a little different!

ACE Fitness, or the American Council on Fitness, gives credentials to aspiring exercise experts and health coaches rather than focusing on those looking to lose weight.

It has amassed a network of more than 90,000 weight reduction consultants over the last three decades. It has become a trusted source of weight loss guidance for millions of people worldwide.

Within a 90-day cookie window, the ACE Fitness weight reduction affiliate network provides a 7% commission on course sign-ups. ACE offers its weight loss affiliates various text links and appealing banners to make your life a little easier.

Your sales will be locked for two months and two days and will provide tracking after the end of the month. Then, after being closed, it will be invoiced on the fourth of the month.

URL: www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/professional/affiliate-marketing/

Commission: 7%


Cookie duration: 90 days

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bistro MD affiliate program

Bistro MD

When you hear the term "diet food," you probably think of a bland, tasteless meal that belongs in the trash. But, due to Bistro MD, it doesn't have to be that way!

A doctor created each of the meals that make up the core of this weight loss regimen. As a result, your audience will receive well-balanced meals in protein, carbs, and other nutrients.

Your visitors can pick between a "set menu" from Bistro MD or a unique program created specifically for them.

Affiliates that promote this weight reduction program will receive a one-time payment of $45 for each transaction they make.

URL: www.bistromd.com/affiliate

Commission: $45 per sale

EPC: $86.91

Cookie duration: 45 days

diet direct affiliate program

Diet Direct

This affiliate program is the home of the WonderDiet line of high-protein snacks, shakes, bars, and weight-loss supplements.

They have everything you'll need to stick to a calorie-restricted diet. This firm is arguably most known for its meal plans, which allow your guests to sign up for nutritious meals or snacks to be delivered right to their door.

This helps people avoid the emotional shopping and eating that occurs when they go to the supermarket. Customers can choose between a four-, eight-, or twelve-week food plan based on their weight loss goals.

Affiliates earn a 10% commission on everything they sell to a new consumer.

You'll earn $48 if someone signs up for a 12-week 'Basic' plan.

On the other hand, returning customers earn a 5% commission on their purchases; this is one of the few recurring weight loss affiliate programs.

URL: https://www.dietdirect.com/affiliate

Commission: 10%

EPC: $65.57

Cookie duration: 30 days

Designer Protein affiliate program

Designer Protein

This brand is all about protein powder, as you could have guessed from the name. They sell a variety of protein powders for various purposes, including weight loss.

Suppose you're searching for a cost-effective weight-loss alternative to give your target audience. In that case, Designer Protein is a terrific choice. Their weight reduction protein powders' price ranges from $9.99 to $29.99.

You may expect an average order value of roughly $50 as an affiliate for this weight loss affiliate program. This company has the most prolonged cookie duration of any on this list, with 90-day cookies.

URL: https://designerwellness.com/

Commission: 22.77%

EPC: $65.57

Cookie duration: 90 days

National Academy of Sports Medicine affiliate program

National Academy of Sports Medicine

This option differs from the other weight loss affiliate programs on this list in a few ways.

This affiliate program is for people who want to market to personal trainers, weight-loss coaches, and nutritionists. The National Academy of Sports Medicine provides health and fitness professionals with thorough training and education.

For every sale made, the affiliate program pays a fair compensation rate of $25. Making a few hundred dollars is easy every month with just a few successful recommendations.

30-day cookies will be given to the affiliates, the industry standard. This affiliate program should be added to your list.

URL: https://www.nasm.org/

Commission: 25$ per sale


Cookie duration:  30 days

Vitaauthority affiliate program


Vitauthority is a multi-vitamin company that offers several high-quality weight-loss products.

One of the company's most popular products is the fat-burning Melt Weight Loss solution. This supplement aids in the regulation of appetite and the reduction of cravings. This product costs roughly $45 for a pack of 120 capsules.

With a conversion rate of 13.08 percent, the Vitauthority weight loss affiliate program is a winner. Because the average order value is roughly $63, each referral can earn you $12. To put it another way, selling these items is not difficult.

You should check out this affiliate scheme in general wellness and weight loss niches.

URL: https://vitauthority.com/

Commission: 20%

EPC: $76.04

Cookie duration:  30 days

Medifast affiliate program


The majority of individuals are completely unaware of how unhealthy their dietary habits are.

Their meals are either too huge, too small, or not.

Or the meals they do prepare are laden with fat and lack nutritious value, such as freezer dinners.

Medifast eliminates this issue by delivering your meals to you.

Even better, each serving is calorie and amount regulated, and you can enjoy up to 5 meals every day.

They even provide nutritious snacks, and gluten-free dining options are available, which stood out from the rest of the weight loss affiliate programs we looked at.

Yes, the product and logo are excellent, but orders from existing clients are subject to a 3% commission.

This refers to the possibility of recurrent income or the ability to work once and be paid multiple times.

Note: In order to promote Medifast you need to join Shareasale affiliate network

URL: https://www.shareasale.com/

Commission: up to 20%

EPC: $128.59

Cookie duration:  7 days

Custom Keto Diet affiliate program

Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet has produced an excellent food plan tailored to each individual. They conduct a thorough analysis to decide which keto meal plans are best for the user.

Gender, exercise level, protein preference, veggie preference, and supplementary fat sources are all determined by questions. Customers then enter their height and weight and their desired weight loss goal. This is beneficial to creating the ideal keto diet for each customer.

This is not just one of the most successful weight-loss methods but also one of the best weight-loss affiliate schemes accessible. You can't go wrong with this because it pays a staggering 68 percent commission.

URL: https://www.customketodiet.com/affiliates/

Commission: 68%


Cookie duration:  60 days

The Bottomline

We finally have to the end of this weight loss affiliate programs list.

Although we'd want to put a lot of brands with excellent weight loss plans, unfortunately, they don't have affiliate programs.

However, we compiled an extensive enough list of high-performing weight loss affiliate programs from which you can begin earning money almost immediately.


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Last Updated on September 13, 2022