What Is Target Affiliate Program? Ultimate Guide and Review

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Whether you’re a blogger or an influencer, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to earn passive income from your website or social media platform.

While you may already be an Amazon affiliate, the Target affiliate program is worth looking into.

Target’s affiliate program provides competitive commissions on some of the brand’s most popular product categories, with commissions increasing as your sales volume increases.

Is the program, however, appropriate for you?

It’s a financially savvy move for some affiliates, with the potential to generate a healthy passive income. Others may see it as a lot of work and investment with little return.

In this guide, we’ll drill down about what this program has to offer, what type of products you’ll come face to face with, and ultimately if this can help you attain that financial independence you’ve wanted ever since the day began.

Continue reading to learn more about the Target affiliate program and decide if it’s right for you.

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What Is Target?

Target is a company long existed, opening its doors way back in 1902. Its website went online in 1999, following its affiliate program. You won’t have to make the extra mile of effort to explain to your audience who Target is and why they should consider shopping with them.

That said, it’s a great advantage because you don’t have to pre-sell almost as much. And it generally leads to higher conversion rates since your audience won’t second guess about tapping on your affiliate links inserted on your site.

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What Is Target Affiliate Program?

The Target Affiliate Program is operated via Impact Radius. You can make an Impact Radius account and enroll in the program from the Target affiliate landing page. To get accepted to the program, you should have a website that generates little traffic from the US.

Target approves affiliates worldwide, but your content must be directed to the US marketplace. In contrast with Amazon, Target doesn’t ship around the world, so if you don’t have US traffic, then promoting Target won’t make sense for you to begin with.

The Target affiliate program has a 7-day referral duration, so you get credit for any order dealt with within seven days of the first click made by your customer.

After you get approved for the program, you will acquire over 150 banners in several sizes. Moreover, you’ll be provided with banners for your promotional efforts, which is a great deal, isn’t it?

How Does Target Affiliate Works?

Since their program is operated under Impact Radius, you would still need to sign up through the Target Affiliate portal to join the program. In other words, there’s no need for you to create another affiliate network account.

The Target affiliate program is entirely free to join; it may sound odd to say that, but it’s essential to know since some affiliate programs ask for a refundable deposit before you actually get approved.

Back to the concern, in terms of what you must have to join this affiliate program, the only legit requirements for a Target affiliate are:

  • Must own a family-friendly domain
  • Already generates a little traffic
  • The traffic must come mostly from the US

Moreover, you can add multiple websites to your affiliate account during the signup process, which is a nice thing to do. Now that you already know how this affiliate program works, next, let’s explore how to make money with the Target affiliate program.

How To Make Money With Target Affiliate Program?

Target restricts you quite a bit in what you can promote, so if you want to promote solely Target Products (which I’m not a fan of), it will make sense to build a niche affiliate website rather than just a general affiliate website.

What I’m trying to say for this affiliate program is that it will be best to make money from affiliate websites centered on just one category. 

For example, you could build an affiliate website focused on women’s apparel and accessories. This topic has many subtopics like tops, handbags, jewelry, skin-care products, shoes, etc. You would decide on just one at first. 

Once you began seeing results in your chosen topic and considered no room for development, you would extend to promoting products from other subtopics.

If you choose to follow this route, please remember to register for a general portal. If your portal includes skin-care products, your website will not be seen as an authority site when you start promoting shoes or clothes.

What Type Of Products Can You Promote?

Target has a huge variety of products since it’s a worldwide popular department store with store sites in almost all major cities in the US, shipping to your threshold and now at a same-date grocery delivery. You can visit Target’s online store and see its divided categories. Let’s check them one by one.

Seasonal Apparels

Every holiday is a brand new season, and Target has numerous lovely items exclusively available during every season for you.

Clothing & Shoes

Whether you’re on the lookout for yourself or your family members, they have it, both men and women, for all ages and sizes, including a vast selection of baby clothing.

Home Essentials

Whatever you’re looking for to add to your home, whether it’s kitchen essentials, appliances, furniture, decorations or accents, and anything inside or outside your home, they have it for you


Whether your kiddos’ natal days are upcoming or Christmas is just around the corner, Target has various toys for all ages available online ready to be a present.


Target offers numerous electronics, including computers, gadgets, games, smart TVs, and all of your electronic accessories, including earphones, chargers, cords, etc.

Vanity & Accessories

There is an endless list of beauty supplies for every person’s vanity from soaps to shampoos, from deodorants to perfume, colognes to makeup, and all other little alike products.


While all around the US, you can acquire definite non-perishable goods shipped to your threshold, Target has a same-date grocery delivery plan, which includes even perishable stuff. But you have first to check if your place is accessible for it and proceed to order, Target does the job for you and it is delivered straight to your doorstep on the very same date.

How Much Money Can You Make With Target?

At an 8% commission rate, it’s safe to say that you can make some pretty lovely commission by directing people to Target and availing of products through your affiliate link.

If you think you’re site has a bit of traffic and direct referrals to Target, I can say that you’ll make a significant income stream online per month.

How To Join Target’s Affiliate Program?

Aside from it being free to join Target’s affiliate program, enrolling in them is also easy. All you need to do is dive into the Target affiliate sign-up portal and register to become an affiliate. You will have a working site before joining in, to make sure you get approved without any problems.

Now, if you don’t have a website just yet, maybe this opportunity is not for you to make money online.

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Target Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Here, you can earn a commission from 1% up to 8% depending on the type of product you are promoting and how often you generate sales in a single month.

If you divide the commission rate down into different classifications like accessories, home, and outdoor living, the highest commission rates range from 5% to 8% once your sales hit $10,0001. 

The baby gear and furniture rates can go up to 5% only, And lastly, the beauty and health will earn you a commission rate of only 1%. 

Below is the overview of the overall commission rate you’ll earn inside the Target Affiliate Program.

  • Apparel: commission rate from 5% to 8%
  • Baby & Furniture: commission rate of 5% only
  • Home & Outdoor: commission rate from 5% to 8%
  • Beauty & Health: commission rate of 1% only

Do Target Affiliates Get Materials For Boosting Promotional Efforts?

Unlike some affiliate programs out there, I’m happy to inform you that Target does provide some materials to boost your promotional efforts. They provide tools like banners, widgets, etc., which you can add to your marketing measures for an extra impact.

There are a bunch of these tools, and they are consistently up-to-date to keep up with any promotions, sales, or latest items to lure even more sales and reinforce your income stream.

The banners available come in different sizes so you can decide the appropriate size you want to make and ultimately acquire the detailed presentation in mind.

Who Should Join the Target Affiliate Program?

Almost any type of creator with an audience is a good fit for the Target affiliate program.

The following are some of the most common types of creators who would be good candidates for the program.


People seek advice, tips, and recommendations from bloggers. You’re uniquely positioned to recommend and review products if you’ve used your blog to build yourself as an expert in your niche.

Your readers will trust your opinions because they regard you as an expert.

Just make sure to recommend only products you like; otherwise, your recommendation may turn people off if it falls short.

Websites Owners

If you own a website, it stands to reason that you would use affiliate marketing to generate commissions and make money from it.

You can provide a product review or a recommendation.

You can easily direct your visitors to the Target site and begin earning money.


Social media influencers with a sizable following are in an advantageous position for affiliate marketing. As an influencer, you already have an audience that believes in you and your recommendations.

You can promote Target products by using reviews or product suggestions. Make sure that you only promote products that you would use yourself.

Target Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons


  • Standard commission rates. While Target’s commission rates are certainly not that high, they are at least a standard for the industry
  • Reliable affiliate management group. If you have queries, you can take them straight to Target’s staff, and you’ll get a response in real-time
  • An array of products to promote. Most niches can choose a place to trust in the Target affiliate program
  • Trusted brand. Target is a famous brand in the US. This will boost your conversion rates as you reassure people to shop from a brand they already know and trust
  • The simple signup process for multiple websites. If you’re an affiliate who owns numerous websites, it’s simple to get started on Target’s affiliate program. When you join the program, just include all the websites you want to register, and they will all be accepted for affiliate marketing
  • Many-purchase commissions. When your client clicks on your affiliate link, you will earn commissions for all purchases dealt within seven days
  • Materials for promotional efforts. With over 150 updated banners, not mention other creative tools, affiliates have a bunch to insert on your website for an added impact


  • Selected products have horrible commissions. For example, beauty and health have only 1% commission, while many different categories won’t earn any commission one bit
  • Low conversion rate than Amazon. Amazon stands atop the online commerce industry. Since Target is more recognized as an offline store, your conversion rates will probably be smaller than them
  • The affiliate program is managed under Impact Radius. This could be an advantage or not, depending on whether you’re already signed up for Impact Radius or otherwise
  • The audience must be directed to the US market. While affiliates outside the US are welcomed in the program, their content must be addressed to a US audience since Target is a US marketplace

The Bottomline

Target has a good affiliate program worthy of giving your time and energy if you already generate a little quality traffic from the US and are interested in promoting products from categories that the program provides.

Even though the Target program appears aloof compared to Amazon Associates, it doesn’t mean that you should only consider Amazon Associates and ignore the others.

Instead, you should join all these ‘alike’ programs and see if this will work for you– fine-tuning, I must say. You may have a lower commission but more excellent conversion rates on the selected programs, so in the long run, you would earn more because you’ll generate more sales.


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