7 Ideas On How To Make Money With Amazon!

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

In this post, I will share with you 7 ideas on how to make money with Amazon. Amazon is known as one of the best online stores around the globe, it’s fast shipping, the wide selection of products and phenomenon customer care makes it hard to compete with.

Amazon has helped millions through its marketplace since it was established. For some, Amazon was an ideal means of selling household items to get money back. Others were able to build a business worth millions of e-commerce by Amazon. But the size of Amazon means that small businesses or individuals have more to sell their products than just a simple marketplace.


Below is the list of 10 ways on how you can make money with Amazon.

1. Sell an item using Amazon’s FBA.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is an Amazon service that offers seller storage, packaging, and shipping aid. This takes away sellers’ burdens and provides sellers with greater flexibility. Basically, this FBA program will allow the seller to store their items to an Amazon Fulfillment Center where their items are going to be kept until it was sold. Once an order was placed on that item(s), the Amazon employees will be the ones to prepare and pack the item as well as the delivery or shipping of the item.

Being one of Amazon’s FBA there are some benefits that you can take advantage of and here are some of those.

  • Amazon’s name will be associated with your products

This will give an assurance to your buyer about the quality of your product which they will really appreciate. And this will help you build trust between you and your buyers because they are sure that the product that they bought was strictly inspected by Amazon to make sure of its quality.

  • Shipping charges subsidized

Since Amazon is partnered with some shipping company, being in their FBA program will give you the privilege to get discounted shipping fees compared to individual accounts that are not under this program. Aside from that, you can also offer free shipping to your buyers because the products that were sold through FBA are eligible to free super saving shipping.

  • You will have access to Prime Audience

If you will be included in qualified FBA listing you are Prime eligible and will be displayed with Prime logo. It enables the seller to reach new and old customers seeking free shipping for one or two days.

how to make money with amazon

2. Selling of used items.

The most popular way to get money through the internet in the sale of used goods on Amazon. As the largest online marketplace in the world, Amazon enables you to build your accounts and upload items to sell. As long as you are following Amazon’s policies when it comes to selling products and you are presenting your items in a good and accurate manner you don’t need to worry about any issues you might encounter.

Others think that you will not get rich by selling used items in Amazon but still a good and decent way to earn extra money out of the things that you are not using anymore. However, the downside of using used items is most buyers are looking for new or brand new items, and if you were not able to disclose that the item is used the buyer may end up refunding the payment and keeping the product. Worst is your account may be suspended because of that.

3. You can work as a Fulfillment Warehouse Associate.

If you are at a good location you can apply as a delivery warehouse associate. As a Delivery Warehouse Associate, it is your job to be in their fulfillment centers, sortation centers, delivery stations, Prime Now locations, and customer service centers to take care of the deliveries.

4. Became one of their third-party sellers.

Selling new products is a well-known way of earning money with Amazon. However, some of the items that on sale on Amazon come from a third-party seller. On the other hand, both domestic and international sellers flock to Amazon to grab a small share of one of the largest markets in the world.

Because of Amazon’s size, this is the only place to reach the general public, regardless of what product you have to sell. Anyone on Amazon can start selling, however, Amazon’s professional seller account is subscribed to by serious third-party sellers. It is a monthly subscription that costs $40 a month that includes a feature that you may use while selling like Amazon Marketplace Web Service.

how to make money with amazon

You’ll have to find new ways to stay competitive and still make a profit if you are going to enter the world of Amazon online selling. One of the techniques that other sellers are doing is reducing their expenses to stay flexible in times of change in the policy of Amazon.

5. Work as a Customer Service Associate.

Most people right now are looking for a job that will give them the chance to work from their home. And Amazon will give you that kind of opportunity, to be included in their virtual customer service team. This kind of opportunity is not available anywhere but if you live in a certain location that offers this kind of work from Amazon, you may try to apply as long as you have the needed qualities for this position.

how to make money with amazon

And what is most appealing in this position is the base pay. As a Virtual Customer Service Associate your base pay is $10 per hour and open for full-time and part-time positions based on your location.

6. Designing with Amazon Merch.

This is a good way to earn with Amazon especially if you are a designer or a graphic artist. You will be given a chance to create a design for a t-shirt and submit it for review and once approved merchants will have the chance to buy your design.

It will probably not make you rich, and you can even not sell your designs, but it will not cost you anything to start so if you are someone who is good at designing a shirt or creating good graphics this might be for you and you can give it a shot.

7. The easiest way on how to make money with Amazon is by joining the Amazon Associates Program.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money nowadays especially if you are someone who already has your own website or blog that is getting a good volume of traffic. And you can use your website to earn money from Amazon, by being Amazon Affiliate you can earn commissions by putting an affiliate link to some Amazon products that are published on your website.

The aim is to promote products that suit the purpose of your blog or website. For example, if your website is focusing on how to travel in a budget you can promote some items that are related to traveling like affordable travel luggage or something that can be used to travel. In that way, it will be more easy for you to promote it since your audience is most likely into traveling. It will increase the chance that they will click on that link and get a sale.

how to make money with amazon

For every click on the affiliate link on your website you are earning money from that, you can earn between 4% to 8% of the product sale which is not bad especially if that specific product is for sale in a big amount. That is why it is important that your website is getting a good amount of traffic. Because the more page views you have on your website, the more chances that the affiliate link will be clicked.

And aside from that, by the use of your website you can make it as an Amazon review site as well, Amazon will give you the chance to write a review about a specific product on your website. Basically, you get paid to write reviews about some products that can also give you extra earning. The total earning you can get will depend on the product, so if you are going to notice a lot of website owners are doing Amazon product reviews on their website.

There are a lot of ways that Amazon can give you in order for you to earn from them, it will just depend on where you are most comfortable doing and from this list, you can choose which to try first.

You can also check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review to give you an idea of how affiliate marketing works and might help you get the success in earning money online. I hope that this list was able to help you find the answer to your question on “how to make money with Amazon”. If you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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