10 Subtle Reasons Why Should You Create A Podcast

Are you managing a blog? A business? Or perhaps a marketing manager? If this is the case, you may have identified podcasting as a great way to build authority or community. Here, you can provide valuable and entertaining content to your customers and target audience. You can foster trust and the fanatical superfans that every company or your website desires.

When looking for reasons to start a podcast, you may come across a mixed bag of ideas. This is because it is simple to conflate marketing benefits and reasons with personal ones.

Would I be interested in directing my audience to my services if I wanted to start a podcast? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. It is dependent on your intentions for launching the podcast.

Why Are You Starting A Podcast

Podcasting is not solely a content marketing strategy for businesses. You might be approaching it from a "creative outlet" standpoint. This could entail producing the show in your spare time and on a topic that you are passionate about. However, you will still have a why, which could be as serious as a company looking to attract new customers.

So, what's the takeaway from all of this? You won't be in the best position to design content that matches your ambitions and objectives unless you answer the question "why?" This is your metaphorical house's foundation, so it's worth a little extra thought (and work) to get it right!

Reasons Why Should You Create A Podcast

Audio content is more convenient.

So much information is available to all of us. So many distractions that focus all of our attention on one specific piece of content (say, an article or a video) are becoming increasingly complex. It's challenging to ignore everything else competing for your attention to devote your full attention to reading content or watching a video in its entirety.

The benefit of a podcast is that your content is audio and can be consumed while the listener is doing other things. They are capable of multitasking. Someone could listen to your podcast while cleaning their house, jogging, driving, or working out at the gym. This does not detract from their current activity but enhances it. Audio content is portable and practical.

Hearing your voice adds a personal touch.

Hearing Your Voice Adds A Personal Touch.

It is highly personal when someone hears your voice. They can sense your excitement and emotion. It can be challenging to express those feelings in writing. 

When someone hears your voice while exercising at the gym or driving their car, it is the closest thing to having you right next to them and conversing. As your audience listens to more of your episodes, they form a bond with you. People will start to like you not only for the content you share but also for your unique communication style.

Podcasting is a simple platform for creating content.

Preparing and planning a video, recording from multiple angles, worrying about lighting, sound, and visuals, and then editing and piecing them together sounds like a lot of work. Right?

While video content is an excellent medium for some, it is not for all. What is the most suitable alternative? Podcasting.

You're not only maintaining a personal connection with your audience, but you're also reducing the amount of equipment needed to get started and the overall skill set/task list required to produce the content.

Podcasts must be recorded, edited, and released. A script may be appropriate for your style. However, the completion time is still significantly less than that of video.

It could build your audience

A podcast, like a blog, is a way for you to build an audience. As your podcast grows in popularity, so does the size of your audience. Not everyone who listens to your show will return for more, but those who like your style and content will become fans. They will spread the word about your show, and you will gradually build a fan base eager to hear the next episode.

Hosting your show on platforms like iTunes or Spotify exposes it to new listeners who find it by searching for specific topics. For example, if you host a cooking show, someone searching for a cooking podcast will find your website if it appears in the search results for that keyword.

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Establish yourself as a niche expert

Establish as a niche expert

Sharing helpful advice on a specific topic helps you establish yourself as an authority in your industry/niche. Hosting a podcast has the same effect as running a blog or writing a book in that it helps you promote yourself as an expert. 

As your authority in your market grows, you attract new opportunities (for instance, being invited to be a speaker at events or conferences in your industry). As people ask you for specific advice in your area of expertise, you may want to consider offering to coach or consulting services.

It can market your products or services

A podcast can help you attract your ideal customers or clients. You can use your show to promote your products and services, such as books, courses, or consulting. These things can be mentioned in your episodes, or you can direct your listeners to your website to learn more about what you offer.

Your show can earn you money.

There are several ways to monetize your podcast. If your download numbers are high enough, you can charge sponsors to be part or mentioned on your show. Your show can also promote your products or services (books, courses, or consulting, for example). Another option is to include a recommended resources section on your show's main website, with affiliate links in each one. When someone clicks on one of your recommended resources and decides to buy, you will earn a commission on the sale.

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Increase your Search Potential

Making a podcast allows you to use content from another platform. This then enables you to use the search capabilities that come with it. Various podcasting services will be able to display different social profiles in search engines for relevant keywords, similar to how other social profiles appear in search engines for relevant keywords.

For example, a search for your podcast/business keyword may return SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts results and other directories where you have listed your podcast.

If you have a dedicated page on your website for your podcast (perhaps through embedded audio files), it may appear alongside those above. As a result, you can not only use these results for direct marketing but also dominate the search results with multiple pages.

Expand the scope and value of your network.

One of the most apparent benefits of hosting a podcast in which you interview various guests for your show is that you get to expand your network. A podcast is an excellent platform for reaching out to people you might not have been able to reach otherwise. As your audience grows, so does your ability to reach out to high-profile experts in your niche.

Every person you invite to be a guest speaker on your show has the potential to become a lifelong contact. You could have become very close friends, collaborating on projects or sharing ideas to help each other succeed.

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It is easy to maintain.

A few podcasts release episodes daily, which can be a lot of work. However, most shows release an episode once a week, sometimes less, which is the current norm. The good news is that once a podcast is up and running, it isn't as time-consuming as most people believe.

A few steps are involved in publishing an episode. The first step is to plan the episode, record it, edit it, create a page for the episode on your website, publish it, and promote it. 

Most of your time as a podcast host should be spent planning your episodes, preparing your content, finding guests and questions for them, and recording. Delegate the remaining steps to another person.

Final Thoughts

The final reason you should start your podcast is that it is a lot of fun! Sure, the benefits listed above are compelling, but why do something if you don't enjoy it? Recording a podcast episode is one of my favorites among the many activities that fill my schedule during the week.

If you have a strong interest in and knowledge of a particular subject, you should seriously consider hosting a podcast. If you're interested in a topic but don't know much about it, consider starting an interview-based podcast and inviting other experts to share their knowledge on your show! Either option will be a blast.


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Last Updated on August 1, 2022