Is iPoll A Scam?

Last Updated on September 13, 2022

Welcome to my ‘Is iPoll A Scam‘ review! Let me start off by saying that… there’s no more rewarding than having a passive income these days; yes, it’s so lovely to wake up realizing that you’re making money in the comfort of your home.

One way of making extra money at home is by taking survey panels. This is the newest trend today, and you shouldn’t be left out.

Big companies have realized that customers are their most significant assets as they can get the best consultation feedback, and that will be their best basis to serve and improve their services. 

To receive this ‘feedback,’ companies engage in survey panels in which they involve their customers and have them respond to some questions; all answers will be of help and become part of the basis for the betterment of their services. The companies then offer incentives in the form of cash rewards or gift cards in return. 

The customers gladly participate in the survey hoping to attain such rewards. This is an acceptable way to make some extra money online, and you can join the crowd but just make sure to be qualified and meet all its conditions, iPoll is one survey site to do so, however, is iPoll a scam? Let’s find out!

Product Name:iPoll
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iPoll, formerly known as Survey Head, is a survey site that's been around for ten years. Its primary goal is to have extensive market research and data collection from customers and transform businesses lucrative. Moreover, it encourages you to download their mobile app to increase your earning potential.

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What Is iPoll?

iPoll Homepage

The iPoll is a survey platform that offers cash rewards, prizes, and gift cards in return for completing the surveys provided. iPoll was formerly known as Survey head until Survey Sampling Internation (now known as Dynata) LLC bought the entire survey business.

It’s one of the leading providers of extensive market research and data collection to make businesses more profitable and thriving than ever.

What makes iPoll unique from the typical survey panels out there is that it mainly encourages you to use their mobile app and complete surveys there instead of the traditional ‘browser’ method of completing surveys.

However, it does allow you to still complete surveys using the standard way by logging in to their site on your pc.

How Can I Make Money With iPoll?

There are several ways to make money with iPoll:

#1 – Doing and completing surveys

The heart of iPoll is doing and completing surveys. This is where most of your income will be coming from.

iPoll uses its surveys to gather all necessary information for its partner companies, and that is how survey sites typically function– companies need extensive market research and data collection. You can get paid by sharing your opinion on a specific service or product you’ve tried.

Once you’re in the dashboard, you’ll see all the available surveys. You’ll also see the worth as well as the estimated length of each survey.

Knowing the estimated length of each survey is definitely beneficial on your end, mainly because it maximizes your time and, ultimately, the money you’ll make. Remember that you need to set and complete your profile before iPoll allows you to proceed and do surveys.

That’s because iPoll needs those details to match you accurately with surveys from their partner companies. Please note that you wouldn’t get paid for setting up your profile as on some survey sites, but you need to do it before taking surveys on iPoll to get paid.

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#2 – Acquire badges

Badges are a form of reward you can get from iPoll. Think of these as your awards.

Whenever you reach a particular achievement as a member of iPoll, they will give you an incentive in the form of a badge. Each badge is worth a certain amount of cash, and you’ll only be receiving a type of badge one time.

As a newcomer on the platform, you’ll have a set of badges you can acquire in the long run. The more badges you’ll earn, the more new badges will be open for you to get. The money you will make from these badges is not so much.

However, it’s a form of passive reward that you can get by actively doing multiple tasks and surveys on the site.

How Can I Make Money With iPoll

#3 – Completing missions (most thrilling to do)

This is where the iPoll can become very exciting because, with these, you can make money by completing missions that iPoll wants you to undergo.

These missions depend on whether you’ll take pictures of the products, visit stores, and even try out the actual merchandise.

To complete these missions, you must go out of your comfort zone (literally away from home)– iPoll encourages you to leave your house to earn rewards. That’s why you need to download their app to increase your earning potential.

Remember to enable the GPS on your preferred mobile device to complete and be guided with all missions.

Because you will be asked to go to multiple stores, restaurants, big retailers, and shops– enabling the GPS on your mobile device makes iPoll ensures that you’re indeed in the exact location where the mission asked you to go and ultimately complete.

I haven’t actually done any missions (since it’s a pandemic outbreak), but most of the members claim that you can earn a lot more than just taking surveys at home.

#3 – Putting your luck on quarterly prize draws

If you’re a seasoned pro, this is a common thing for survey sites– they usually have something to offer its members to motivate them for their continuous hard work.

Usually, a prize draw proposes you a chance to win amazing prizes and rewards, but with iPoll’s, you’ll get a chance to win a strong four digits of $10,000 quarterly!

You can earn an entry as a reward by completing some special surveys.

But remember that this method is definitely not the most reliable income opportunity mainly because it relies on one’s luck. So putting your hopes on the quarterly prize draw is for sure a wrong move.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Yes, this is a tricky question, all because there aren’t any absolute rules. In fact, there’s so much uncertainty in determining the exact overall rate per survey or hour.

Most members suggest that they make $0.50 to $2 per survey, depending on its difficulty and estimated time. It takes hard work to get anyone big; however, gaining that money is not a bad catch.

Each mission appears to pay more– $15, at least. But they also take more time to complete, and their availability is not always available; it only happens once or twice a month. Most people don’t even care to mention them in the reviews; on the other hand, some claim to get as little as one mission every two to three months.

Let’s face it… low pay rates aren’t the most significant issue here. Even if you manage to attain the high payout threshold of $50, it doesn’t mean that it’ll go straight into your wallet. I have read reviews from understandably frustrated members claiming that their accounts got disallowed before even they could actually have their money. Others argue that they had been waiting for months-long, but no response arrived.

In case you haven’t experienced the same thing, here’s what to expect: you can either get paid via PayPal or redeem your rewards through various gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, and other big retailers. The gift card payment method is more efficient– you won’t have to wait for long periods before you can actually enjoy them.

What I Like About iPoll

  1. iPoll is a survey site that offers the most surveys.
  2. Worth paying for surveys, products, and groupsiPoll is available on mobile.
  3. It has mobile surveys and local missions to boost your earning potential.
  4. It provides multiple payment methods and reward options for you to enjoy it.
  5. Excellent member account interface.
  6. Authoritative survey-taking process and tracking.

What I Don’t Like About iPoll

  1. Its survey crediting process takes a little longer.
  2. Members need to reach a higher threshold of ($50) to payout through PayPal.
  3. Frequently get kicked out from surveys.
  4. Lousy user reviews outweigh the good.
  5. Poor customer support.


Are there requirements to join iPoll?

To become eligible for the platform, you must be at least 18 years old and above. Moreover, you must be in a country where iPoll is available– go to their homepage to check if your country is included among the 32 countries and then proceed.

How do I join iPoll?

As long as your country is listed where iPoll is available, and as long as you’re 18 years old and above, it’s a sure ball for you to join iPoll. It will take just a few minutes to get started.
If you’re using your pc, you need to visit iPoll’s official website at After that, provide your active email and come up with a password. 
Remember to use the same email that you input for your PayPal account. Next, you’ll get a form that you’re required to answer. Provide your name, address, sex, age, and other necessary details. Lastly, you’ll be asked a few more questions to ensure that you match the surveys they’ll provide you in the future. For example, they may ask about your hobbies, income, living status, etc.

List of countries where iPoll is available

Is iPoll available on mobile?

As mentioned earlier in this post, iPoll encourages you to use your mobile device when doing iPoll tasks through their app. This app is available in the Apple app store and Google Play. Download the app, get started, and you’re good to go.
Since one of their earning opportunities requires you to use your mobile device, you’ll have to download it to maximize your time and earning potential.
For me, iPoll is a platform that’s best suited if you’re always on the road. In that way, you can just download the app and take the surveys anywhere and anytime you want.
But remember to turn on your internet connection on your mobile phone and enable the GPS so that you’ll be ensured that you’re in-time and at the right place.

How do I get paid in iPoll?

As for its payment methods, you can redeem your rewards via PayPal deposit and gift cards in big retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and many more.
You can choose from a $20 gift card from Amazon or cash out via PayPal. Take note that there is a minimum threshold to reach for iPoll, and that is $50.
For me, having a $50 threshold is high– most newcomers in the system find this difficult to reach, and this is where iPoll takes a downturn.

Redeem your rewards through PayPal and gift cards from your favorite brands!

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Is iPoll A Scam, the Bottom Line

Is iPoll A Scam, the Bottom Line

You may not get a lot of bucks as payments by taking in iPoll surveys, and you may even get kicked out of some surveys at times; however, despite all this, iPoll is legitimate– members legitimately get paid on iPoll. 

Moreover, iPoll has been in the industry for more than ten years– while this longevity is not enough proof of legitimacy, the fact that it has thrived for that long means people trusted it and felt secure.

That ends my ‘Is iPoll A Scam’ review? Thanks for stopping by, and I sincerely hope that it served its purpose for you. If you have suggestions and you find I have missed something, feel free to drop a comment or two in the comment section below. I’ll reach back to you as soon as possible. Keep safe!


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