Amazon FBA Affiliate Programs

Whether you run an eCommerce or an affiliate website, It's nearly impossible to succeed without a steady flow of targeted traffic. That's why I wrote this article on the best Amazon FBA Affiliate Programs so that you can earn commissions as you help your audience skyrocket their sales on Amazon!

What Is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that helps businesses grow by providing access to Amazon's logistics network. Companies can ship their products to an Amazon fulfillment center, and when a customer makes a purchase, the company will handle receiving, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns for orders placed on the business' website. This practical eCommerce fulfillment approach delights customers.

My personal pick on the 7 Best Amazon FBA Affiliate Programs 

More than 95% of newbies fail to do affiliate marketing. One of the main reasons is not choosing proper affiliate programs, subsequently promoting the wrong affiliate products.

Enough of the fluff, and let us get into the real deal!

Helium10 affiliate program

Helium 10 Affiliate Program

Helium 10 has everything Amazon beginners or advanced users need to earn product rankings and, most importantly, profit margins.

With its exceptional affiliate program, equipped with a dedicated affiliate manager to help you get started, answer questions, and make your program a success.

It claims to be one of the most comprehensive programs in the e-commerce ecosystem.

If you're interested in joining the online sales community and building your network, the Helium 10 Affiliate Program is for you!

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Helium 10 affiliates receive the customized support below, allowing you to add zero (or two) to your revenue.

  • Full Support-Partner with a dedicated Helium 10 affiliate manager to drive success
  • Monthly Partner Calls – Tailored for Helium 10 partners. 

During the call, they provide in-depth training on Helium 10 tools and provide Q & A to guests such as Bradley Sutton, Vince Montero, and Karyn Thomas of the Helium 10 Success Team.

Their most prominent affiliate partners are YouTubers, bloggers, Facebook group managers, course creators, and consultants.


Commissions and fees: The Helium 10 Affiliate Program can pay you on the primary of the month once you attain a month-to-month threshold of $150.00

Payments: Payments are paid through Paypal.

jungle scout affiliate program

Jungle Scout Affiliate Program

Jungle Scout offers solutions to first-time sellers, existing Amazon sellers, and Brands or Agencies who want to launch a product, get reviews and streamline their business.

It is a fantastic program and claims to be simple to promote. Promoting Jungle Scout is highly profitable because their incredible crew does most of your work.

You can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars by promoting Jungle Scout. Trusted and recommended by many because of its highly reliable products and credible staff and leadership.

Plus, they offer growth opportunities, zero earnings caps, partner perks, 90-day cookie duration, and payment every month.


Commissions and fees: From the first month of any monthly plan, you'll earn 100% commissions. For each sign-up, you can earn up to $150, plus you'll get a 100% profit on monthly subscriptions.

Payments:  Each month, payments are made on time by PayPal or Stripe, with a 60-day conversion period.

zonguru affiliate program

ZonGuru Affiliate Program

ZonGuru, with a team of seasoned Amazon sellers, wants to help you live life on your terms with an industry-leading suite of sophisticated Amazon FBA sellers. Tools created from the ground up to have one goal: get you the most money possible while working outside the constraints of a traditional job.

All of this is backed up by the most up-to-date, reliable data to assist you in making the best decisions possible. With ZonGuru, you have the power to pursue your passion with data-driven results.

At ZonGuru, you'll have access to a specialized support team and endless earning possibilities to ensure your success.

All of the major marketplaces in North America, Europe, India, and Australia are currently supported by ZonGuru.

Get extra benefits, such as a bonus of up to $2,000 every month, to help you reach your limitless earning potential. Ensuring your influence to more customers, get exclusive marketing materials and a dedicated support team; keep track of your conversions, get real-time analytics and insights. Plus, scaling your business as more clients sell, and you will earn more money.


Commissions and fees: Commissions and fees: Get a 45-day cookie to track each customer long after clicking your link. Earn a lifetime commission plus a monthly bonus of up to $2,000. On a Net 30 payment model, you'll get paid monthly.

Payments:  Each month, payments are made on time by PayPal.

Sellics Affiliate Program

Sellics Affiliate Program

Sellics is a prominent Amazon All-In-One software solution that helps Amazon merchants and brands develop their business through Amazon PPC and other channels.

Known for its benchmarker, the first and only report on Amazon PPC will show your audience how to master it.

You will be paid a commission for each report generated as an affiliate. What's the strangest thing? The report is not only beneficial, but it's also completely free! It's as simple as putting an affiliate link or banner on your website, blog, video review, or email newsletter.

They provide top-of-the-line Amazon software that includes various features such as Amazon SEO and PPC optimization, three types of advertising automation, etc. With Sellics, tens of thousands of businesses and agencies worldwide grow their Amazon business.

Incredibly, Sellics Affiliate Program offers a commission for every free report!


Commissions and fees: Get unique codes and discounts for your target audience. Every week, $2000? There are no restrictions!

Payments:  Payout will be handled as soon as approved – in US dollars to your PayPal account.

SellerApp Affiliate Program

SellerApp Affiliate Program

SellerApp is known for its simplicity. When you sign up for their affiliate program, you'll be given a variety of banners and textual links to use on your website. When one of your links is clicked by someone, they will be taken to their website, where their affiliate software will track their behavior. You'll be paid a commission based on the commission type you choose.

They provide informational and valuable content, such as our blogs, webinars, and videos, available through your affiliate account. Good banners, sidebars, social media images, and videos are high-quality promotional assets. So you have all you need to refer your guests and increase revenue!

You may check your sales, traffic, account balance, and banner performance at any moment of the day. You'll also be alerted as soon as you successfully refer a deal!


Commissions and fees: Every referral earns you a 20% commission, which is the greatest in the market. Choose to be paid TWICE a month! (assuming a minimum balance of $200 is maintained)

Payments:  Payouts twice every month through Paypal.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates is one, if not the most, of the world's most well-known affiliate programs. The Amazon Associates is a program that allows content creators, publishers, and bloggers to monetize their traffic.

With millions of products and programs accessible on Amazon, associates use simple link-building tools to guide their audience to their suggestions while earning money from qualifying purchases and programs.

You earn money from eligible purchases and programs through the traffic you drive to Amazon. The commission earned for eligible purchases and programs varies by product category.

They have been a critical driver of different commercial operations, allowing prominent brands such as BuzzFeed and Domino to establish a business focused on serving their audience first and foremost.

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Commissions and fees: Associate commissions of up to 10% can be earned on qualifying purchases and programs.

Payments: Payments for overseas revenue have been streamlined through the Amazon Associates Program. These earnings could only be paid by cheque or Amazon Gift Card; however, they can now be delivered to most local bank accounts via bank transfer.

ZonBase Affiliate Program

ZonBase Affiliate Program

An all-in-one software solution that leads the industry—ZonBase, which was established in 2019, is quickly becoming the go-to solution for Amazon merchants worldwide. Our staff is enthralled by the prospect of assisting Amazon entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Compared to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, which offer 25% and 10% monthly commissions, Zonbase provides 50% of every dollar raised in ZonBase by people you refer. The number of conversions determines how much money you get! There are no stipulations in the tiny print. No exceptions will be made.

Their affiliate network pays out generous commissions and offers fantastic incentives to their associate partners, and assists and supports Amazon merchants.


Commissions and fees: Every dollar generated within ZonBase from people you refer earns you 50%.

Payments: After completing the 60-day conversion window, you will be paid on time every month via Paypal.

Key Takeaways on this 7 Amazon FBA Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate marketing is a terrific way if you want to make money online. Although numerous programs are available, finding one ideal for your needs might be difficult.

This blog post offers you a comprehensive breakdown of some of the most well-known and well-respected Amazon FBA Affiliate Programs. It is now on you to choose what works for you and kickstart earning money.

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