Is Freelancer a Scam? The Unbelievable Truth!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Freelancer a scam? Various websites can provide one-off work for freelancers. The number of such websites is increasing, powered by increased levels of digital staff and comprehensive expertise. What was once a long and tiring bank line, and excessive wire transfer fees have now been cost-effectively and easily integrated with Upwork, Fiverr, etc, through these platforms.

Another website that came into being in 2009 is a freelancer. At the time, only US dollars were allowed, which hindered independent workers outside the United States. There have, at that time, been restrictions on receivable and convertible foreign currency to local currency for many countries. This limited Elance’s ability to submit proposals for projects. Freelancer solved the problem by allowing local currency payments.

Through this jaw-dropping review. We will find more about the company Freelancer. Is it really worth it to join and find your luck in the freelancing industry? Let’s find out.

Product Name:
Founder: Matt Barrie
Logo: is freelancer a scam
Product Description: Crowd-sourcing freelance website
Best For: People who are looking for work that they can do online and at home. Someone who is looking for a flexible time to work with a very competitive salary range.
Recommended: Yes


What is Freelancer?

Freelancer functions like other recruitment websites formerly Employers can post their job descriptions, accept offers from various entrepreneurs and recruit anyone.  Also, you can browse freelancers’ profiles to find someone with the skills you want.

With Freelancer one interesting difference is that a worker is able to offer free membership in the number of jobs. The contractor must acquire premium membership in order to receive more offers. I assume it would usually increase the overall value of the tenders you receive for each work. I imagine that contractors only would follow the jobs they feel so well qualified because they know that they have a cap.

is freelancer a scam

Of course, you can outsource anything in Freelancer with many users. Several qualified experts are bound to be present for any task, and probably also with many prices.

Freelancer offers a pretty robust feedback system just like other freelancing sites so that you can feel how active each contractor is in the community and what other employers thought about their work.

How Does Freelancer Work?

Customers post free of charge on Freelancer tasks and jobs. They have 2 options from here, either to invite freelancers to bid for the project or look for their own freelancer profiles and offer the people who meet their demands.

The bidders are free to select the best economic bid, meaning that they do not have to choose the freelancer at the lowest rate but one who has the highest rate. This may mean going with a freelancer that is much more suited for a particular project, with higher rates and skills.

is freelancer a scam

Consumers of the website react in real-time and bidder projects are typically obtained within minutes. Once the customer awards a freelancer the project, 2 will continuously interact via the website to discuss the project’s specifics and to settle expectations for each other. Freelancer enables users to chat and share files while they’re on the go.

Customers do not have to pay the freelancer in advance, they only have to pay when the task has been finished and fulfilled. When the task is complicated and if the freelance agency doesn’t want to lose hours promising to be paid in the end, it can be said that it will be split into smaller projects.

The customer can choose to pay the freelancers on the basis of their accomplishments and goals. All payments are made via a state-of-the-art, highly safe and encrypted system. In case of problems, any client can contact the Freelancer help 24 hours a day.

How Much Can You Make With Freelancer?

Freelancer has various categories, including translation and graphic design, for remote workers. The pay for each is different, so freelancers can charge different rates according to their expertise.

When you work in an environment that has many freelancers, the cost of the service you provide will be decreased. This does not mean that you must not pay a reasonable price for your services, but you must select customers who are suited for you.

is freelancer a scam

When jobs fit your profile, the site regularly sends emails. This aspect of the website is really encouraging and can lead you to explore your options continuously. However, I personally tried to use Freelancer before and though they are consistently sending an email to inform you about jobs that you are qualified, once you check the email and place your bid for that role the chances are no response at all from the employer or you have a lot of competitors, this could be one of the reason why others think that Freelancer is a scam.

So, the amount you will earn would really depend on how hardworking you are and how many skills you acquire before joining and searching your luck at Freelancer.

What I Don’t Like About Freelancer

There are things that I noticed about doing this review that might affect the person’s perspective about Freelancer. And I think you deserved to know these things that I find out.

There are a lot of competitors.

There are a lot of people who are using Freelancer as one of their sources to find an online job. As I tried this platform before, at your first application you may find it very hard and the competition is tough. However, the key to that is having patience and being motivated to find the best job for you.

is freelancer a scam

Employment scammers.

Since this is not that secured platform for you to search for an online job. There are some who take advantage of this to scam people. So better be safe and careful in dealing with the employers in Freelancer.

Currency exchanging fee.

Now that Freelancer is a platform that pays you in different types of currency. Every time you will convert your payment from one currency to another, the site will charge you converting fees. Which is somehow can affect the total amount you’ve earned for that specific period. But some find ways that their bank is not charging them any fees to convert or exchange the money on the primary currency that they have.

is freelancer a scam

What I Like About Freelancer

Of course, aside from the downside of Freelancer. There a lot of things that we can also consider in joining and finding jobs with this site.

Time flexibility.

I also discover with Freelancer that you can set up your own working hours. Meaning you have the freedom to choose what time you will work and how many hours a day you want to work. To some, this is one of the perks that they are looking forward to working at home. 

Especially, if you are a housewife. You can still have the time to take care of your kids and work simultaneously, good to hear right?

Easy to use.

Checking on their website, what I observed is it is very easy to use. You can easily choose the project that might interest you and  It is age-friendly, I find it easy to use by everyone. And you will not get bored finding a job.

They have a mobile app.

We know how upgraded our generation today, especially smartphones are all over the globe, even my grandma does have a smartphone. Good thing that Freelancer does have a mobile app wherein you can access your account anytime and anywhere.

You can still monitor your work and even getting some updates from your client through the use of your phone. Aside from it is updated, it is also very convenient.

Is Freelancer A Scam? My Honest Opinion!

Some of the customers who have tried to use Freelancer say they must first part of their money before moving on freelancer activities. Others say that when it comes to technical problems this website has much to improve, which I also experienced when I tried it before.

Freelancer allows you to strike a better balance between work and life than you would in other environments. You can spend time with your friends, obtain skills in new areas and carry out other work due to their versatility.

is freelancer a scam

So, is freelancer a scam? For me, based on my reviews and experience with Freelancer, this is not a scam. This is a legit website that can totally help you find the job that you looking for, as long as you have the patience and skills, you will find your luck.

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Always have the courage and motivation, there is no instant work that can give you a good salary. You need time and skills especially if you want to enter the world of online work.

Maybe there is some bad feedback about Freelancer, but you will never know yourself unless you try it by yourself. The decision will always be with you. But, I believe that this review will somehow help you in deciding and give you at least a background about Freelancer.

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