Softorino Universal License Review

It wasn't long ago that downloading everything from music, pictures, and videos to a personal computer, iPhone, or Android phone was as simple as clicking a mouse. Today, because of Google's repeated efforts to limit downloads in favor of the advertising revenue provided by streaming, this downloading method isn't quite as simple as before.

Thankfully, it's never been easier to gain more with the Softorino Universal License. For less money, you will have the ability to activate all the 16 Softorino software. 

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Softorino Universal License

The Softorino Universal License is an all‑in‑one subscription that bundles ten Softorino apps in just one universal activation key. It's convenient to get your favorite Softorino software at one affordable price. Universal License gives access to all Softorino apps, including SYC 2, Volume Concierge 2, WALTR PRO, Folder Colorizer for Mac, Folder Colorizer 2, rising, Task ForceQuit 2, Memory Optimizer 2, and as well their future apps: PicFindr, Streamr, altTunes, and SYC PRO.

This is a collective of passionate designers, developers, and marketers. It has a lot of clouts when it comes to selecting the top iTunes options. Softorino is an excellent solution if you have trouble loading apps onto your iPhone or iPad. Each Softorino product will provide you with the most basic user experience and an awesome UI.

Softorino Universal License Review: Top Applications

Among the 16 applications available on the Softorino Universal License, we will review their top 4 most used applications.

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  1. Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube converter Universal License

This is most likely the safest YouTube downloader available. You may download and convert YouTube recordings to MP3, M4R, or MP4 for offline playback on your iPhone, Mac/PC, or iPad. Only a click away, the entire world of music, ringtones, and videos await you. The program supports over 60 well-known sources, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. The Softorino team described the goal of SYC 2 as "filling your iPhone with enjoyment."

This app offers the following:

  • Universal Connection Bridge. Instantly watch any YouTube video! SYC 2 supports all iOS devices, and any iPod ever created, in addition to PCs.

  • World's Fastest Ringtone Maker. That is correct. SYC 2 is the fastest way to create and send ringtones to your iPhone. Any YouTube video can be legitimately downloaded as a ringtone (without iTunes).

  • Automatic Wi-Fi. This means that you can be free of cords. Wi-Fi allows you to download and send music and recordings to your iPhone or iPad.

  • Automatic Content Recognition. ACR recognizes meta-data for audio tracks, embeds genuine album covers, and fills in gaps in portrayal. Create an iTunes library for yourself.

  • One-Click Push to iOS Devices. Migrating into any Apple device is a crucial feature of all Softorino applications. YouTube music is downloaded directly to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a single click on an online video.

  1. iRingg

iRingg Softorino Universal License

iRingg is a fun and interactive iPhone ringtone creator. Without iTunes, iRingg will transfer your ringtones to your iPhone with only one click. It's the greatest and easiest iPhone Ringtone Maker—even a five-year-old could figure out how to use iRingg to make a ringtone on an iPhone. It's also completely free!

This app offers the following:

  • SndMoji™+ Voice. You may personalize the ringtone with amazing audio effects and adjust the attitude and feel using SndMojiTM. Make a ringtone with 'You.' Record a clever or natural voice introduction. Use effects. You're also a ringtone creator.

  • 100.000.000 Sounds. Any SoundCloud, YouTube video or music track can now be made into a ringtone.  Just search, then click the panel.

  • 6-Sense. An innovative brand that is eager for a new adventure. 6-Sense analyzes your iTunes music library on a nearby PC and iPhone using machine learning to gather listening data and propensities. The information learning formula deconstructs all components and suggests which tracks you could enjoy as ringtones.

  • Push to iPhone. The ability to effectively deliver newly created ringtones to an iPhone makes iRingg appealing. Connect your iPhone through Wi-Fi (or cable) and seamlessly transfer your new ringtone to the iPhone's default ringtones area, thanks to the integrated UCB and WiFi improvements.

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  1. WALTR 2

Softorino WALTR 2 Universal License

It's built on ground-breaking impression and strategy concepts. WALTR 2 is a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your Apple device. Every new product represents a substantial step forward in strategy, innovation, and expertise. WALTR 2 is one of the most impressive achievements to date.

This app offers the following:

  • Wireless. WALTR 2 adds another layer to possibilities with the addition of High-Speed Wi-Fi. WALTR 2 searches for and interacts with any Wi-Fi-enabled iOS devices nearby as soon as you launch it. Finding the WALTR 2 extension for your iPhone takes a little time. Even extensive data, such as movies, can be dropped over a fast network.

  • Defining Certified Insight. WALTR 2 features intelligent Automatic Content Recognition for movies, music, and television shows. This unnoticed enhancement improves the way you see movies in your Videos app. Apart from artwork, WALTR 2 recognizes and fills in the name, genre, scene depiction, character information, etc.

  • Get a Good Read. The Apple iBooks app for iOS is excellent for studying books and managing your files. WALTR 2 includes comprehensive support for EPUB and PDF layouts. When you drive into WALTR 2, your books and archives appear in the iBook program, which you may access via the tab. You also don't need to install any third-party iOS apps for this.

  • Resurrecting The Legacy. When you connect an iPod to your PC, WALTR 2 recognizes it and displays it on your dispatch screen. All music formats are supported, including FLAC and APE. It allows you to clean the residue from your favorite music players.

  1. Folder Colorizer 2

Softorino Folder Colorizer 2 Universal License

The Folder Colorizer's second focus is now available. Folder Colorizer's breakthrough was its direct client experience — the ability to alter folder color with a single click as if it were already built into the framework. Folder Colorizer 2's first goal and the plan are to raise the bar for the entire categorization of little Windows utility software.

This app offers the following:

  • Make Folders Stand Out. In general, you must continuously and critically recognize a specific folder. Folder Colorizer 2 helps you realize your time-consuming folders.

  • From Boring To Color in 0.67 Seconds. On Windows PCs, changing the color of folders by category, need, or various labels is tough. Folder Colorizer 2 has a color-changing option in the Context Menu that allows you to modify the tone of an organizer by just right tapping on it. It doesn't get any easier than this to add colors to Windows organizers.

  • All the Colors of the World. With an implicit color manager, Envelope Colorizer 2 exceeds all expectations. It now has support for HEX color codes. Furthermore, with 16 million distinct tones to choose from, customizing your color tone is a breeze. As a result, it's so much better when your organizer comes in that precise shade that you adore.

How much does the Softorino Universal License cost?

You can get all sixteen applications with just one subscription.

You may get all existing and future Softorino apps for macOS and Windows with one simple subscription. Activate on any operating system. Significant improvements are free, and support is available around the clock.

Softorino Universal License Pricing

Here are the subscription level options:

Plan for 1 month: $9.95/month

You can activate 16 apps (a total value of $300) with a single license.

Plan for 1 year: $2.92/month

You can activate 16 apps (a total value of $300) with a single license.

One-time payment: $300

You can activate 16 apps (a total value of $300) with a single license with major upgrades included.

Payment options available:

Softorino Universal license payment options are flexible. You can pay via debit/credit card, PayPal, or AmazonPay.

Frequently Asked Questions on Softorino Universal License

  • Which operating systems does Universal License support?

All Softorino programs, including OS-specific apps, are accessible with the Universal License. On both macOS and Windows, you can activate all Softorino programs. Depending on the app, there may be additional software needs.

  • Are there discounts available for Universal License?

Yes! Students and military personnel receive a 30% discount. Simply use their contact form on their website to send them an email from email address or your military ID to get the promo code.

Anyone who is an active subscriber for WALTR PRO or SYC 2 with a valid 1-Year Subscription can be upgraded to Universal License for free and will not be charged until their next billing period, as mentioned in their Softorino Next Keynote.

  • How different is Universal License from my existing license purchased in the past?

The apps you can activate with the license key are the fundamental distinction between old "app-specific" licenses and universal licenses. Only Universal Licenses are now sold and supported by Softorino. Unlike the previous license type, Universal License allows you to activate any software with just one license key. This makes it much easier for you. A Universal License subscription includes free significant upgrades, premium support, and long-term cost savings.

The Bottomline

Softorino is all about minimalism. Furthermore, as independent developers, the Softorino team seeks never to lose sight of what makes it unique. Everything is done in an original but straightforward manner. This is the secret to a devoted consumer base that awaits your subscription.


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Last Updated on May 12, 2022