Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme? Let’s Find Out!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Juice Plus a pyramid scheme? If you learned about Juice Plus before or when you first discovered it today, you are likely to know more about Juice Plus.

Is Juice Plus a pyramid scheme? Are they a legitimate MLM company? Can I construct with them a viable business? I believe these are the questions that are currently crossing your mind. I will give you well-investigated information in this eye-opening review which will allow you to make an accurate decision.

Juice Plus Review

Product Name: Juice Plus
Founder: Jay Martin
Logo: is juice plus a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: People looking for an alternative and natural ways for healthy living. Those who are good at sales and advertising a product.
Recommended: NO


What is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is a multilevel marketing company with its main product line being a kind of food items. These are labeled supplements or nutritional which are rich in extracts of fruit and vegetable juice enhanced by the supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

The Company started out as a small direct sales company but has grown into a massive brand over the years. The company is active in over 20 countries in the health and wellness market. The real success came in 1993 when NSA added to their existing products a new product line called Juice Plus. Juice Plus is therefore not a corporation alone, but rather a new product line of an organization that has been in business since 1970.

is juice plus a pyramid scheme

They claim that by using their products it can help cure a variety of health issues. Of course, the company has a lot of controversies, probably because it has been one of the world’s leading health supplement firms for more than 10 years.

Although the food supplement line is totally new, over the years it has grown massively. The good thing about the company is that it has been working in this competitive market since 1993 and has every base to sustain.

How Does Juice Plus Work?

Some people ask if Juice Plus is a scam because they cannot see the opportunity of earning extra cash from the company. And I cannot blame them. There are many flaws in the independent business model of distributor and it’s like the battle against uphill money.

You must sign up and order your first batch of orders if you want to start the promotion of these products as a separate distributor. It is fairly easy to create an account with Juice Plus, but it is a little bit more difficult if you are not in touch with the representative of Juice Plus.

is juice plus a pyramid scheme

You can learn how to support the company from the Juice Plus Representative. They will also help you to complete the submission of your application to become a member of the company and be a certified representative. And the membership fee will cost you $50.

The application fee includes free website design for advertising the company and services. The good thing about having your own website is when someone signs up on your website, the commissions will be added to your account. 

As a Juice Plus Representative, your aim is to increase sales and to recruit more people, since the more people in the team you will have, the more bonuses you will earn. Aside from that, you also need to pay $5 each month to keep your starter position as Juice Plus Representative. That also increases which will depend on your membership level.

How Much Can You Make With Juice Plus?

Juice Plus provides four means of making money. It can be through direct sales, commissions, rewards and team incentives. In a multi-level marketing company, direct sales and referrals are common. 

Members make money from direct sales by purchasing and selling the product for profit for a wholesale price. In particular, income is about 5 to 8 percent higher, not that much. Members should make certain purchases within a time period to qualify for incentives. You can either work to make more sales to qualify or pay for higher employment. Wherein if you have a higher position or employment you have the chance to get higher commission rates and higher bonuses.

is juice plus a pyramid scheme

To cut the story short, it is best to sell the goods as much as possible to make money with this initiative. Many people choose to promote the product themselves, with friends and families or even to strangers. That is how determined they are to earn money by selling the Juice Plus products.

What I Don’t Like About Juice Plus.

Juice Plus has a range of inconveniences worth mentioning. Just like the other MLM companies, they also have their downsides when it comes to business. And here are some I think you must know. You might agree with this as well.

is juice plus a pyramid scheme

They have a low commission rate.

Taking a batch into account is a four months supply, and a four months supply costs approximately $465, which is approximately $28 looking at a 6% commission rate. Of course, depending upon the product and fee, the price increases or slightly decreases, though it is still quite low in either way. Therefore, the Commission rate isn’t very appealing.

Their products are expensive.

Let’s be honest about this, Juice Plus products are expensive compared to the other companies who offer the same supplements. That is one of the reasons why others think that Juice Plus is a scam. One month’s supply will cost you about $116 and that is way too much for a supplement right?

is juice plus a pyramid scheme

Therefore you must buy the supply for yourselves, sell it and charge the membership fees and earn a net profit for it. I hope that Juice Plus can find a way to somehow lower the prices of their products so it will be easier for you to market it and earn from it.

What I Like About Juice Plus.

Behind those downsides, there are also a lot of things to look forward to Juice Plus which I discovered while doing this review. I personally like this factor because as a food supplement user for years now, I am really into products that are made all-natural, which makes it effective and can be a source of your daily supplement.

is juice plus a pyramid scheme

Their products are organic.

The goods of Juice Plus are made of natural berries, vegetables, and rice, gluten-free. If you are someone who is more on products that are all-natural, Juice Plus is good for you.

Their products are proven to be all-natural and do not contain anything that can harm your health. I believe this quality is one thing you can consider and which makes them a strong company since they were established.

Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme?

While some people say Juice Plus is a scam, the company is primarily involved in promoting the goods because of its multi-level advertising. This business model means that those who are best and better at hiring new employees get the most money while over 90 percent of distributors struggle.

In short, Juice Plus is one of the rising nutritional supplement companies in the world. And to answer if Juice Plus is a pyramid scheme or a scam, they are not. But there are things that you need to consider in order for you to earn money by selling their products or simply recruiting someone to join the company.

Making money with Juice Plus will depend on your knowledge about marketing strategy. Even if you have excellent marketing skills, there are quite a few commissions and I think it is better to promote a different product. This is just in my opinion, the final decision will always be with you.

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I know the majority of the positive and negative aspects of the multi-level marketing process. MLM business is not a simple business, in reality. You must be prepared to work long and hard hours. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn new marketing skills and to learn how to attract purchasers.

Is Juice Plus Legit? The final decision if you will join Juice Plus, is on you. But I hope I was able to help you make that decision by providing you some information and background about Juice Plus. It always takes courage and determination for you to succeed in Multi-level Marketing business, practice your skill to advertise a product and convincing people to join the company.


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