Is Market America a Pyramid Scheme? Surprising Truth!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First, let me welcome you to my is Market America a pyramid scheme review. Many of you probably heard from your friends or relatives about Market America. You may have ask them how much money they have gained from joining this program. And they might try to encourage you to join the company. 

Before I continue, I have to say you did the right thing to take your time to study yourself before you purchased any MLM  product or even joining them to earn extra cash. Too many scam items are available on the market.

We all know that finding a program that teaches and lets you make money online is not easy. I’m not affiliated with Market America. Let me be completely transparent to you. And I won’t sell anything to you or pitch anything. But I’m here to give you brief information about Market America through this jaw-dropping review.

Product Name: Market America
Founder: JR Ridinger
Logo: is market america a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: Someone who is interested in joining an MLM company and earns extra cash. If you are good at recruiting people and selling products, this could be for you.

Market America is a legal multi-level marketing agency or MLM, with a variety of product lines being offered. This says it is the secret to your financial achievement. The start-up fee, however, is expensive, many goods are high prices and, above all, many sales representatives of Market America struggle to achieve respectable earnings. Why does this happen? Okay, that's what we are going to talk about in this study.

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What is Market America?

Market America is a multi-level marketing company or network marketing company, also known as JR and Loren Ridinger founded this business in 1992. JR formally was one of Amway’s largest dealers, a network service.

Market America is a regional marketing and product company. The organization is specialized in single advertising with offices in numerous countries. The organization fabricates no single product or specializes in one single service, according to Market America. Our products are manufactured solely by market America and other firms.

is market america a pyramid scheme

So we partner so sell the products of the businesses on the retail site. You may wonder why people wouldn’t purchase from the companies that produce directly? That is because you can get cashback if you buy from No cashback is possible if you buy directly from companies.

Market America sold its goods on, its primary website. But by the end of 2010, they were purchased by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, from, a shopping comparison site. now has all its details on its product, business model and how it can be used as its distributors on our official website. You will offer a large range of products from companies such as Adidas, Target, Apple, and many more through

How Does Market America Work?

The business has a wide range of products, including complements, skincare, nutrition, finance and internet marketing services, that cover almost every category. As the world’s most advanced nutraceuticals, one of its own brands called Isotonix is marketed.

is market america a pyramid scheme

Such love MLM offers sensational claims supplements because it is difficult to prove or deny whether they function or not. In fact, such types of goods have wide margins to be produced.

The selling of Market America branded products are also strongly emphasized due to the high margins. This gives you an opportunity to sell at a higher price when you have a private label because a buyer can not compare prices.

How Much Can You Make With Market America?

Market America considers its suppliers as independent businessmen. The dealers earn money from the sales commission and recruit new people to their teams. Like other multi-level markets, start-up fees and monthly fees are available.

Often retailers need to spend between $130 and $300 on items from Market America. Prices for products from Market America are far lower than those of other similar products. As a distributor for Market America, some training and seminars ranging from $20 to $200 are available.

is market america a pyramid scheme

As you can see, you must have some money to invest before you can earn money from Market America.

Members benefit in two different ways with the Market America compensation plan. Firstly, two distributors will be funded by their so-called business development centers. When members manage their approved distributors, they receive $3600 and how many of them can be handled by each member can not be permitted to be restricted.

The more centers of development handled, the more revenue they produce and receive. The second way to earn money is by cashback from those who purchase goods or services from members, plus hired members.

What I Don’t Like About Market America

It is a well-known company in the MLM world and I will bring to light some of the good and bad in order to get a real idea if the business and its services work for you.

They have an expensive membership fee.

The start-up kit fee is $399, the website fee is $129, and other resources are available. And sometimes, you will need to buy products and attend workshops.

At some, this is normal but for someone who is just starting this is something that you need to think of. Not everyone does have that amount of money. And looking from the perspective of a new member planning to join the company, try to think of this first.

Earning is much on recruiting than selling their products.

Market America thinks it’s like Walmart, but it’s just like Amazon. Your entire business model is based on fresh people pumped into the process. If new recruits stop coming into the process, it crashes.

They received a lot of complaints.

Business America sounds like an average dealer takes in cash if you meet them. Yeah, you get the feeling that you’re new to the money-making industry online. Unfortunately, many people have fallen on account of this. Today, most of them lament that their initial investment was not even recoverable.

What I Like About Market America

Aside from the downside of Market America, they also have good factors which we can consider if you want to join them and earn extra cash.

They have a large variety of products.

As an MLM company, it is important to have a large variety of products to offer. So it will be more easy for the members to promote and advertise the company. And the more people will be interested in joining Market America. That’s why I like this about Market America.

is market america a pyramid scheme

They are a well-established company.

Market America was established in 1992, so they already proved themselves in more than a decade now. They sold and recruit more during those years. And this is the main reason that you can consider joining them.

Is Market America A Pyramid Scheme? You’ll Be Surprised!

When it comes to MLM companies like Market America, the same story occurs time and again. To be able to pay the commissions, they must overprice their products. The selling of Market America goods to a retailer is an uphill battle if your consumers can go to the shop and buy similar products for much less.

Some people have spent up to $35000 to try and get the company to work, to demonstrate only a little.

Nobody can accuse anyone who says Market America as a fraud. This is mainly due to a large amount of investment paid in advance to become a member and to very little or no return on investment as most people expect.

I personally like to monitor what I can sell without hundreds of times a month paying for an enterprise. Autoships which only benefit a company and mainly force a consultant to sell to recover the funds required to make a set amount of monthly purchases.

is market america a pyramid scheme

For network marketing in general, the biggest problem is the hiring aspect and the reason why people struggle is that they are not able to recruit for their lives. However, with Market America, earning big money is through recruiting. It just takes a little bit of time to learn this skill set.

I’m not really sure it’s worth just me being honest. The way to start making money is rather costly. Be mindful that you need to spend money to earn money, but I think that there are much simpler ways of making money and having full control of the amount of money that you make. If you are looking for a legit way to make money online, make sure to check my wealthy affiliate review.

I also remember that many people who participate in network marketing have an employee mentality that can be harmful. I’d like to focus on personal development if you’re serious about business to make sure you’re prepared.

I hope you learn something from this “is Market America a Pyramid Scheme” review. The intent of this post is to help you decide if this product the right option for a side hustle. If you want to add something, feel free to comment down below.


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