Is Lucky Day App a Scam? No Luck Here!

Last Updated on February 22, 2020

Is Lucky Day App a scam? We all know that earning money is based on time, effort, and patience. However, with Lucky Day, you earn money by chance and luck. This would naturally be the case since this app is all about raffles, lotto, and scratchers.

You’ve probably made your way here knowing about that already and you are currently researching whether you should sign up to this app. This app could be worth it, but there’s also a big chance it could be a total waste of time.

Just like you, I was interested in Lucky Day to see if I could really earn money with my luck.  I did my research, and boy, it was enough to make me back down from what seemed to be an outright scam! Of course, I don’t want to be involved in a scam too!

I wanted to share to you what I have learned about Lucky Day. But be warned, you’re not going to like it!


Lucky Day App Review

Product Name: Lucky Day
Founder: Joshua Javaheri
Logo: lucky day logo
Product Description: Casino simulator app
Best For: NO ONE

Lucky Day is a casino simulator app available on Play Store and App Store enabling users to earn cash and tokens in exchange for gift cards by playing raffles, lotto and scratchers. You could earn up to $100,000 with their raffles. Plus, they have more offers such as watching advertisements, taking surveys, and inviting friends.

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What is Lucky Day?


lucky day app homepage


Lucky Day is a casino simulator app available on Play Store and App Store enabling users to earn cash and tokens in exchange for gift cards by playing raffles, lottos and scratchers. You could earn up to $100,000 with their raffles. Plus, they have more offers such as watching advertisements, taking surveys, and inviting friends.

Seeing their platform on the Play Store, they already have more than 10 million downloads. They have been rated 4.6 stars with over 554,000 reviews. These statistics are kind of impressive if you’d ask me.

According to Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc., Lucky Day has awarded over $8 million in cash and prizes. They also claim to reward 30,000 winners each week from all over the world. You can find Lucky Day on their website, their social media pages with the ID @luckydayapp, and through email with the address

These are a lot of bold claims, and I’m here to debunk all of them. Most importantly, I’ll answer the question “Is Lucky Day App a scam?” for you. But we’ll go over that later on.

For now, let us know how Lucky Day REALLY works on the inside.


How Does Lucky Day Work?

With Lucky Day, you can earn actual cash, tokens and gift cards by playing raffles, scratchers, and lottos and many more. I’ll be going over those methods one by one.


lucky day app


Of course, it all starts with downloading the app first on the Play Store or App Store. Registration is fairly easy, simple, and straight-forward. The app will just ask you for your name, valid email address, and a password. Lucky Day is free to download and there are definitely no upsells as you go along the way.

Once you have logged into your account, you will be presented with various ways to earn money.




There are daily raffles that reward lucky users with $500. Lucky Day also holds monthly raffles, which on the other hand, rewards $5000. The daily raffle only provides one free entry, the same goes for the monthly raffle.


lucky day app raffles


Now, the question is, how do you get more raffle entries? Of course, when it comes to raffles, it’s always best and ideal to put in more entries to increase your chances of winning!

Lucky Day indicates that you would have to buy entries with the use of tokens.  One entry will cost you 10,000 tokens. The app also provides ways to earn those tokens.



Now, with scratchers, you are not only eligible to win cash, but also tokens! This is one of the many ways of earning tokens which are used for buying more raffle entries.

There are lots of scratchers you can choose from which all differ in the amount of money you can win. To win a scratcher, you would have to match three symbols relating to what the app indicates. Once you have done that, you will be rewarded with the amount the scratcher offers. You’ll also be rewarded with additional tokens.

Of course, not everyone has the luck to match three symbols all at once. Does this mean all your time has gone to waste? Of course not!

Even if you do not manage to win the scratcher prize, you will still be compensated with tokens. Remember, every token count!



lucky day app lotto


Lotto involves guessing numbers in the pursue to win the jackpot prize. Of course, this is all just based on pure instinct.

With Lucky Day, there are certain numbers for you to match that will enable you to earn a particular amount of tokens or cash. Yes, you can earn both of them with Lotto. What makes this better is that it is held daily. You can literally just log in on your phone and start guessing numbers if you’re bored!

Matching 1 number will earn you 50,000 tokens. If you have managed to match 2 numbers, you will earn 250,000 tokens. Match 3 numbers and you will be rewarded with a whopping 500,000 tokens.

On the other hand,  you will win $5 if you match 4 numbers. Win $50 if you have managed to match 5 numbers.

Of course, a Lotto wouldn’t feel complete and exciting without a jackpot! If you match 6 numbers, Lucky Day will reward you with a jackpot of $100,000!

Other Ways to Earn

If you are a fan of Black Jack or at least know how to play, you can also earn tokens. Lucky Day provides you offer to earn tokens such as taking surveys which could possibly earn you over 1 million tokens. Also, for each advertisement video you watch, you could get 1,000 tokens! Sweet!

Of course, Lucky Day has a referral program, too. In this referral program, you will be given a referral code that you can use to invite your friends and family through text, email, or social media. Each referral signing up with your referral code will earn you 100,000 tokens.

If you want a video tutorial on how to make money with Lucky Day, refer to the video below!



How Much Can You Make With Lucky Day?

The cash prizes of scratchers typically range from $1000 to at least $2500, although it could also go lower or higher than that. Daily raffles could earn you $500, and monthly raffles will reward you $5000. The most highly anticipating cash prize is the jackpot which is $100,000.


lucky day app jackpot


But of course, the chances of winning all depends on your luck and if fate wants to help you out.

As you might have noticed, most of the rewards you can earn with Lucky Day App is tokens. It’s too much of a shame, though, since these tokens can not be converted into actual cash. Tokens and cash are two different currencies, unfortunately.

However, you have to take note that these tokens are used in earning your raffle entries. Plus, you could exchange tokens for gift cards, although it would take you forever to do that. A $2 gift card will cost 3,000,000 tokens. Yikes.

Regardless, there is still some monetary value in these tokens.

Lucky Day indicates you can receive your cash as long as you have reached the minimum cash out threshold of $10. This payment comes to you through PayPal. Both cash payments and gift cards can take up to a week before you can receive it.

Now, you might be wondering where does Lucky Money gets all the funds for hosting raffles, scratchers, and lottos? I mean, they can’t just be doing some charity work for fun, right?

Well, it’s simple. Advertisements. While using the app, you will have to come across advertisements. You can’t blame them, though. Most apps today resort to advertisements to earn money, too.

Is Lucky Day App a scam? I have found a clue to that question which I will discuss further in the next section below.


Why Lucky Day is Not Worth Your Time

Only For The Lucky Ones

You have to applaud the fact that you can earn money with this app. But just like how every gamble works, it all depends if you are lucky or not. Everything just depends on whether fate wants to help you out or wants to throw you under the bus.


Can’t Convert Tokens into Cash

If you don’t want to fully rely on luck and fate, you can choose to continuously play and earn tokens. It’s just unfortunate that you can’t convert it directly into cash.

Sure, the tokens have some monetary value to it since you could use it to purchase raffle entries, but then again, it leads to a road where you can only survive with natural luck.


I’m Stuck

Lots of users on the Play Store are complaining that you could easily accumulate funds to your account in the first 2 weeks. And when you are on the verge of reaching the minimum cash out threshold, that’s when all the money stops coming into your account.

It would take at least 6 months to a whole year before you can earn another handful of cents again. It seems to be a deliberate move by Lucky Day to restrict users from cashing out.

Let the reviews below speak.


lucky day app complaint


lucky day app complaints


lucky day app play store complaint


Lots of Ads, Like Really

Users are also complaining about how crazy the ads are. It’s understandable if you get to see advertisements for at least every 30 minutes. However, the ads on Lucky Day are so insane to the point that even the app itself is glitching. This makes the ads play longer than the standard 15-30 seconds.

Before playing and after playing, you will be greeted with ads. You may even spend more time on the ads than the games itself.


lucky day complaint


lucky day app play store complaints


Not a Sustainable Source of Income

Lucky Day is just not a sustainable source of income. Of course, gambling isn’t even considered a job or a side hustle to begin with. You can’t totally depend on luck and fate if you have a family to provide for and if you have bills to pay on time. This is the reality.



What I Like About Lucky Day

Lots of Options

I like how you are given a variety of options whether you want to earn money or tokens. They even have a referral program, which I just have to applaud.



lucky day app mobility

Since it comes in app, you can use the app wherever you are even if you are just waiting for your train to arrive.

Free to Use

The app is free, there are no sign up fees, and definitely no recurring monthly fees. You can be assured that your bank accounts are safe.


Wrapping Up: Is Lucky Day App a Scam?

I believe that Lucky Day is not a scam. It’s a legit app that goes with your favor as long as you are lucky! As for what seems to be a deliberate action by Lucky Day to stop the cash flow to your account when you are near the minimum cash threshold, I can’t base my conclusions on that because I have no hard solid evidence whether it is deliberate or not.

Of course, due to this and along with all the cons, I would not recommend you to download and use Lucky Day. You can’t just risk all your time earning money when there’s the possibility this money will not even be given to you in the first place. It’s a waste of time.

Plus, if you are the type who needs a sustainable source of income, has a family to feed, and have bills to pay, you can’t risk all of this and trust your luck all the way. What you need, my friend is an opportunity, and I am giving it to you right now.

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I hope this “Is Lucky Day App a Scam” review as served its purpose! If you want to give your opinion or add something to this review feel free to drop me a comment down below.



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