Is MyPoints a Scam? Truth Revealed!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is MyPoints a scam? I know some of us right now are spending a lot of time over the internet and I am one of those guilty who spends most of their time browsing or searching on the internet. This could lead you to look for better opportunities to earn money online and also the reason why you are on this review page. Speaking of opportunities online to earn money, maybe you have heard about MyPoints. MyPoints is an online platform that lets you do some tasks online and get paid.

But of the people are questioning if MyPoints is legit or are there real people who earn money by joining the website. I will make sure by the end of this eye-opening review, you will get the answers to your questions as well as having the knowledge on how you can make money online. Let’s not prolong the excitement, so let’s dig into details about MyPoints.

Product Name: MyPoints
Founders: Dan Kihanya and Noah Doyle
Logo: is mypoints a scam
Product Description: An online platform that lets people do various tasks and give points that they can redeem for cash or other exciting rewards.
Best For: People who are into doing different kinds of tasks in exchange for points.

MyPoints was founded in 1996 by Dan Kihanya and Noah Doyle. You're one of the longest-running online sites, 24 years to be precise from the date and year in which you read this. You run as a reward scheme, on which you can earn points through a number of tasks, such as surveying, shopping online, watching videos and much more. You can swap the points for cash or any prizes available for redeeming with the points you will get in every mission. For more information, please visit the MyPoints website.

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What is MyPoints?

MyPoints was an online panel that was founded by Dan Kihanya and Noah Doyle in 1996. They are one of the longest-running online websites where you can earn money, 24 years to be exact as of the time and year that you are reading this. They are running as a rewards program website wherein you can earn points by doing some tasks like taking surveys, shopping online, watch videos and a lot more. With the points that you will get in every task, you can exchange that for cash or any rewards that are available for redemption. You can visit the MyPoints website to know more about it.

is mypoints a scam

Every task that they will require you to do can be all dome over the internet. So this is a good option for those who are looking for ways to earn money online.

How Does MyPoints Work?

Like what I have mentioned earlier, MyPoints will give you points for every task that you did online, it can be online surveys, watching videos, ads or it can be a simple tast such as reading emails.

If with some companies you will get instant cash out after the task is “done”, with MyPoints you will get points for every fulfilled task that can be exchanged to cash or rewards like gift cards.

I know that one of your questions is what are the tasks that you can to do to earn points. There are a lot of tasks that you can and let’s discuss some of them.

One of them is answering surveys online, there are a lot of websites who let you answer the survey as well but MyPoints is somehow different since it is not just focusing on answering surveys. However, surveys are only offered to members that are qualified to answer, and if you are not qualified for any survey you are still entitled to get a specific number of points.

is mypoints a scam

Another way is by watching videos or ads, videos normally last for 1 to 3 minutes and after watching it that is the time that you will get the points. There are times that if you did not finish the video you will not get any points. So it would be best if you will always finish the video to earn points.

MyPoints does have what they called Easy Points, it works like a bonus round for getting extra points. The website will give you different offers that will pop up on your account and you will get the chance to decide if you are going to accept the offer or not. And just like watching the videos, you still get some points if you did not accept the offer but of course, the points are much higher if you will accept it.

There are a lot more ways to earn with MyPoints, you can check that on their website once you decide to join and try this one. However, I know that even if there are a lot of choices to earn, still it will be hard for some of us. There are still a lot of alternatives to use and try to earn money online.

How Much Can You Make With MyPoints?

Earning money is one of the reasons why we are checking on every possible way online on how you can do that. And with MyPoints, for every point that you have is honestly not a big amount of money. Like for example if you have 700 points you can only exchange that for a $5 gift card, wherein you spent a lot of time to earn that points. So basically, for every 5 points that is equivalent to $0.03. And sad to say, that is not worth it of your time.

is mypoints a scam

But they also have what they called the shop back rewards, wherein if you are going to shop a total of $20 you will able to get a cashback of $10. This is somehow worth rewarding, you are instantly getting a 50% discount on every purchase, but you can only purchase items on the store that are partnered with MyPoints.

What I Don’t Like About MyPoints.

Just like the other companies out there, MyPoints also have its downside. And here are the things that I don’t like about MyPoints that can also make you think if joining them is for you or not.

A lot of complaints about their customer support.

One of the ways of every company to resolve the issue of their clients or customers is to have customer support. And it is always important to answer the issue right away but it is not with MyPoints. There are a lot of complaints from the members of MyPoints that every time they are trying to reach out to the customer support it seems that they are just ignored by the agents or representatives.

is mypoints a scam

It cannot be your stable job.

If you are thinking of quitting your current job, better change your mind. As I have discussed earlier, MyPoints does not offer good and high compensation. It might lead you to trouble if you quit your current job and stick with MyPoints. If it is for your extra expenses, MyPoints can be your sideline job.

What I Like About MyPoints.

To be honest, the only thing that I like about MyPoints is that they offer a lot of ways to earn money and aside from that I think this could not be for everybody especially if you are looking for stable and full-time work. However, if you just looking for a part-time job that somehow can help you with getting something you want, you may take the risk of trying out MyPoints.

is mypoints a scam

Is MyPoints a Scam? Final Thoughts.

Nowadays, it is really hard to look for ways to earn money especially if it’s online. And if you are going to ask me if MyPoints is a scam, I can say that they are not. They have been in the business for a long time now, maybe the reason why people are accusing them to be a scam is because of the complaints that are continuously getting. As I have this review, not recommend this to everyone since it’s pretty obvious that this is not good for beginners.

 If you are someone that is looking for ways to earn money online in an easy way that you don’t need to collect points for exchange of a little amount, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to get more ideas and knowledge in earning money.

I hope liked my “Is MyPoints a Scam” review. Was I able to answer all your questions and give a good contribution? If you have any questions and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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