Is Brand Institute a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to my review on Brand Institute! Let me give you a virtual pat on the back for first doing your research on this website before completely diving into it.

You’re probably looking into opportunities to make money online and for sure you’re not a stranger to online surveys, am I right? This brings us to Brand Institute. It’s another one of those survey companies, or is it really?

In this Brand Institute review, we’re going to dip our feet into the inner workings of this survey company and together we’re going to answer the question “Is Brand Institute a Scam?”

Product Name: Brand Institute
Founder: James L. Dettore
Logo: brand institute logo
Product Description: Online surveys
Best For: Medical and healthcare professionals
Recommended: YES


What is Brand Institute?

brand institute homepage

Brand Institute is a brand identity consultancy. Their portfolio of services, according to their homepage includes brand strategy/architecture, name development, market research, regulatory, and visual identity solutions.

They are originally based in Miami, Florida, USA but they have offices all across the world. Brand Institute basically has 18 offices mostly distributed in the U.S., but they have reached some cities in Asia such as Tokyo and Seoul.

James L. Dettore serves as the Chairman & C.E.O. of Brand Institute and claims to be the world’s #1 naming company and the global leader in brand name and identity development.

Brand Institute provides naming services in different industries, but they are most widely known for naming pharmaceutical products. These medicines are used in different specialties – such as Neurology, Immunology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, and Cardiovascular – in the practice of allopathic medicine. Here are some of the medicinal products they have worked with.

brand institute medicine names

Drug Safety Institute (DSI) serves as the regulatory subsidiary of the company with experts of key naming, packaging, and labeling regulatory officials.

They have been in the pharmaceutical and healthcare naming industry for 14 years now and over 75% of drugs approved worldwide have been branded and named by Brand Institute.

Now that we had a glimpse of the company, we can get an idea that this company is not joking around. They have been in the game for more than a decade now and their expertise in branding and naming are highly sought in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. But what does this make of their online surveys?

The next part of this Brand Institute review will tackle more of how their online surveys work.

How Does Brand Institute Work?

how does brand institute work

Of course, their success in branding and naming wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the participation of the public in their online surveys. Their online surveys mostly involve questions regarding your opinion in the names presented to you and which would be the best suitable one for a particular medicine.

Having said that, this implies that the target of their surveys is mostly medical and healthcare professionals. They also have some consumer surveys from time to time for those not included in this group of professionals.

However, if you don’t happen to be a doctor or a medical practitioner, then it’s best for you to look elsewhere. Members have reported that they receive very occasional survey invites, and considering how these are meant to be answered by medical and healthcare professionals, this website won’t be of much use to you.

You might be thinking that maybe you can find your way around the website and pretend to be a medical professional. I mean, let’s admit it. Haven’t we tried fabricating answers in online surveys at least once just to qualify? It’s fine. I won’t tell on ‘ya!

However, in the case of Brand Institute, you can’t pull any tricks. This is because they ask for a medical license number, unfortunately.

You could really tell how exclusive Brand Institute is towards medical professionals and for good reason. They wouldn’t have reached their level of success if it weren’t for the opinions of medical professionals on the brands and names of pharmaceutical products.

If you’re a medical and health practitioner, you can easily sign up to the website. Fill out your personal information, provide your medical license number, and proceed to your dashboard. You can find your survey invites there.

Also, you need patience. It will take months on end before Brand Institute sends you a survey invite. Some users state that it could even take 7 months.

Fortunately, there’s an option for you if you just don’t want to wait around for a survey to come for 7 months. Brand Institute has its own VIP Program, designed for those who want to stick around the website for long term survey invitations.

It’s just ironic how you would wait for 6 months before applying to become a VIP member. I mean one of the primary reasons you applied for that is so you could cut down the waiting time for survey invitations, but then you have to wait for more. But this is fine if you do intend to become a long term member of their panel.

The company just has to review your application. Take note, not everyone is accepted to be a VIP member so don’t expect too much.

If you’re lucky enough to be accepted, you wouldn’t have to wait around for surveys to come to you. You now have access to the part of the website that has all the available surveys.

Imagine yourself answering all these surveys to yourself while everyone else is still waiting for a survey invite. Nice, don’t mind if I do!

Is Brand Institute a scam? Let’s find out how to make money with Brand Institute first before jumping to conclusions.

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Making Money With Brand Institute

making money with brand institute

How much you make with Brand Institute has something to do with the nature of the survey itself. General consumer surveys pay a lot less because the audience of those kinds of surveys tends to belong in a large demographic.

When I say large demographic, it means that the age bracket of participants is wide and could span over a large area, like teenagers aged 18 to elderlies aged 80 or maybe it could cover entire Southeast Asia.

But then again, the surveys of Brand Institute are highly specific and targets a small group of medical and health professionals across their country satellites. Thus, you can expect their surveys to pay hefty.

General consumer surveys could only pay from cents to a maximum of $5. Something over $5 is already a big deal. For highly specific surveys, they pay anywhere from $5 to $30 upon completion! But of course, these surveys are more time-consuming since the questions concern pharmaceutical products and require careful understanding of the formulas involved in the medicine.

Brand Institute also offers a referral program wherein you can earn cash for referring your colleagues, but they have recently removed this program. Thus, currently, the only way you can earn cash is through their online surveys.

How to Cash Out From Brand Institute

cashing out with brand institute

There are no cashout thresholds that you need to reach before cashing out your money. There are also no points and reward system that’s only a waste of time to read and understand it.

Cashing out your money from Brand Institute is easy since the money is sent to you directly after the completion of the survey. By completion of the survey, it means that the survey itself must be finished.

Once the target participant number has been reached and the survey is closed, only then can the money be directly wired to your PayPal. The survey could take at least a month to be completed.

You could also opt for receiving your money in the form of a check, though of course, it would take a lot more time to be delivered to you.

Cons of Signing Up With Brand Institute

There isn’t much to be disliked about Brand Institute. It’s only pretty much useless to you if you’re not a medical or healthcare professional, but you can always find other options like ySense, Harris Poll Online, Survey Savvy, or FusionCash.

Plus, the number of surveys tends to be very low and it could take you months on end before receiving another survey invite. Of course, you can always try to apply for their VIP Program and that would do you greatly since you now have access to a site of all the available surveys. But if you’re not lucky enough to get accepted, you’re pretty much left with no choice!

Lastly, the money can’t be wired to you unless the survey period is closed. Researches concerning medicine tend to take longer than regular consumer surveys, so you can only expect the money once the research panel has reached their target participant number.

Things I Like About Brand Institute

Perky for Medical Professionals

brand institute is perky for medical professionals

It’s nice that physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can make some side money outside the clinical setting. Considering how hard and tiring of a job they have, they only have minimal time for themselves. They can set aside some time once they receive a survey invite and continue on with their lives. These people wouldn’t even realize how fast time flies and the next thing they know, they already have an extra $200 in their pockets!

Surveys Pay a Lot

It’s a highly specific market research panel, thus you can only expect their surveys to be hefty. Though, of course, surveys would need you to think carefully about the branding of the pharmaceutical products so it could be more time consuming and longer than the consumer surveys you would usually encounter.

Straightforward Cashout System

No cashout threshold, no points, and reward system. Just straight-up cash. After the survey is completed and closed, the money will be directly wired to your Paypal or sent to you via mail if you prefer checks.

Is Brand Institute a Scam? My Take on This Market Research Panel

Brand Institute is not a scam. This company has been thriving for 14 years in the branding and naming industry for pharmaceutical products. They know the game and will keep on playing the game for as long as they can.

I could also recommend you sign up for their online surveys if you belong in the group of medical and healthcare professionals. The surveys pay really well and you could contribute to the proper naming of medical brands.

However, not everyone is fit to sign up for Brand Institute. In fact, I don’t recommend signing up for online survey websites if you are a regular consumer because they pay you dirt cheap and will take up a lot of your time for nothing.

It’s great if you have a regular source of income and just want to earn some cash on the side, but if you’re thinking of handing in that resignation letter – don’t. Just don’t.

On second thought, maybe you can quit that 9 to 5 job and create your own online business now! No more waiting around for survey invites to come and you wouldn’t have to see your boss’s face every day.

If you have any questions, comment, or if you want to add something to my “Is Brand Institute a Scam” review please leave me a comment down below!


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