Is Survey Time a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Survey Time A Scam? Let’s face it… trying out online paid surveys is one of the most carefree ways of making some extra bucks. Unless if you’re frequently getting kicked out from the panel that you’ve waited for minutes long and if your hard-earned money will take days, weeks, or months before it actually gets into your pocket.

Yes, it really does take time to find a decent way of making money online, so is finding the best survey site for you, and that is why I was really thrilled when I came face to face with Survey Time just recently.

Upon my extensive research about the platform, I found out that despite being a ‘newcomer’ in the industry, Survey Time appears to have collaborated and backed up with some market research giants like Nielsen Holdings, Toluna, SSI, and many more– that led me to become more convinced that the survey panel is legitimate.

Enough with shallow conclusions like that, and let’s dive directly into the survey panel and see everything from the inside. Come with me as we will determine if it’s an outright scam or not. It’s showtime!

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Best For: Side hustlers who are willing to make some extra bucks!
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Survey Time is a survey panel that rewards its users $1 for each completed survey towards brands and stores of their choice. The surveys are distinctly anchored on your preferences, demographics, and anyone from around the globe can access the platform and get paid.

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What Is Survey Time?

Survey Time Homepage

Survey Time is a paid online survey platform wherein you can make money by giving out your opinion and, ultimately, succeed in surveys.

The platform is operated by, a US-based ad-tech company that’s backed up with the market research giants, and was launched in June 2018.

These market research giants seek opinions from many people across the globe, mainly because to use it as their basis for the improvement and betterment of the entire company. Let’s learn how we can make money with Survey Time!

How Does Survey Time Works?

How Does Survey Time Works

Just like other survey panels, there is a simple process you must complete before making money through them, and here’s what to do in Survey Time, let’s go!

1. Getting Started With SurveyTime

Just like how you signed up for your favorite active social media, the first thing to do is to sign up using your active email at, then minutes later they will send you a confirmation link to get started. Simply, from your preferred email account, open the confirmation link to proceed. With that process, the platform can confirm that you are the person who signed up for a specific account.

2. Answer Some Questions & Set Your Profile Up

After signing up, you’ll be directed inside and will be asked some profile questions. In that way, it will help them determine and anchor the surveys you’ll answer in the future based on your preferences and goals. This part of the sign-up process goes only around 2-3 minutes.

Take note to have them answered with full comprehension and honesty as this will be their basis to match you with your most-fitted surveys-to-be, and ultimately make things simple on your end. It’s also beneficial because it boosts the completion of surveys you’ll be making.

3. Complete Surveys Distinctly For You

After setting up your profile, you’re ready to start answering your specified surveys and get paid from it. In the members’ area, you’ll see the multiple surveys available to answer. You may click one of these and get started right away.

Usually, you have to answer several prescreening questions to ensure that you’re the right candidate in that particular survey, but don’t be troubled, they’re only 2-3 simple questions. After that, you’re on your way to complete the survey smoothly.

4. Get Rewarded for Completing Surveys

Upon completing the surveys, you’ll be asked how you would like to get rewarded, and you can choose to get a Paypal deposit, a Target, Decathlon, Walmart, or an Amazon gift card.

Every survey is worth $1, so no matter how short or long it is, you’ll be rewarded with the same amount.

After choosing a payment method, you will receive $1 instantly. Most of the survey platforms can take up to 30-days to pay you, and typically, you have to reach a minimum threshold first before it can actually get into your pocket, while with SurveyTime, it’s instant!

Welcome To Survey Time

Who Can Join Survey Time?

Everyone can join Survey Time because it can be accessed worldwide, which exactly doesn’t happen with most survey panels. Moreover, Survey Time also comes with different languages making it handier to use, no-fuss, no-muss.

Other than that, you must be 13 years old or above to be eligible. Again you won’t be stressing out in answering the surveys because they are all tailored to your preferences and demographics.

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How Much Money Will I Make?

The available surveys you can complete and eventually get paid depends on the country you are situated. However, in most cases, there’s a decent amount of surveys in every country, so you can make money as long as there are available surveys to complete.

Now, it’s safe to say that Survey Time is not a wrong choice to make some extra cash on the corner. But it will (together with other paid survey sites) definitely not be an excellent platform to make money online full-time and obviously not something that will change your life and go big.

Even so, Survey Time may be a fine way to monetize your opinions and earn some fine extra cash through it.

Alternatives of Survey Time– Survey Panel

In addition to Survey Time, you might also be interested in taking some similar survey panels that can support you to make extra bucks every month. But first, read my extensive review of it to know what to expect once inside, you’re welcome!Survey Time Alternatives

Let’s Hear It From The Actual Users,

Survey Time is A Very Good Site & Pays Yes    Survey Time– Never Disappointed

Survey Time Is Big Waste of Time

Survey Time Is Awesome

Survey Time Is Not Bad

Do you agree with them? Are you like me who experienced the survey panel and took advantage of it? What’s your take about Survey Time? Let me know in the comment section below and feel free to drop a comment or two, I will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss more of it!

However, while thinking about your unique take on the website, allow me to present to you several points that I like and don’t like with Survey Time.

What I Like About Survey Time

1. PayPal is their preferred payment method. And I highly recommend it should be yours too. It’s the best and safest payment method online, and it’s also ultra beneficial if you prefer to buy items digitally most of the time (or you need to send money to your family members within minutes).

2. Apart from PayPal, there are great alternatives to get paid, and that includes gift cards in Decathlon, Target, Walmart, and best of all, in Amazon. So if that’s your go-to marketplace to buy items online, you’re pocket is definitely secured. In some countries, gift cards might be different, depending on the regional agreements.

3. Payouts are completely instant, and there’s no threshold to reach. If you’re a seasoned pro on taking surveys online, you’re likely to experience the bitter fact that payouts may take days, weeks, or worse months. In Survey Time, every dollar you make will instantly hit in your PayPal deposit within minutes.

4. Each completed surveys are worth $1. A single dollar is not so much, but you’ll often make it in just a minute or two. Sometimes, it may take some time, but it’s still a good catch because most of the other survey sites have lousy and unstable ways of compensation– also, most survey panels pay only in cents rather than dollars.

5. So full of getting kicked out in the middle of a survey due to disqualification? Fret not my friend, because, with Survey Time, it won’t occur. The prescreening questions work what it’s supposed to do all the time.

6. There are no geographical limitations. Anyone across the globe can access and take advantage of it. Even if all users will not enjoy the exact kind of opportunities and earning edges, it’s great to know and have a survey panel that doesn’t give way only to American, U.K, and Canadian citizens.

7. By far, it is the most straightforward survey panel ever created. Even if you’ve never tried a survey site or aren’t yet familiar with that way of making money online, you will understand its methods in no time. The site is naturally advanced, so you don’t actually spend 20-minutes in figuring and complicating things.

What I Don’t Like About Survey Time

1. There’s a big chance that you’ll become impatient and redeem your earnings straight away. Remember how other survey panels ask you to reach a certain threshold before it actually hit your pocket? Survey Time doesn’t do the same thing; still, it doesn’t mean you’re in control and free to cash out whenever you want.

In fact, you’ll only be able to do it right after completing a survey. Although this is a disadvantage, it really is a minor thing. Above all, there are no fees to make so that you will get everything up to the last drop.

2. It turns out that Survey Time has poor customer support. This is the only major disadvantage of this survey panel I can pinpoint of. Users that experienced some mishaps have had a difficult time reaching customer support, and before their concerns are taken into consideration. It’s sad, but it’s the truth– we can’t just keep that into ourselves.

Is Survey Time A Scam, the Bottom Line

Is Survey Time A Scam, the Bottom Line

After all that, I’m still lucky to be stumbled upon with Survey Time because it really pays you for completed surveys instantly, so it’s definitely not an outright scam. Most sites will string you along promising to pay you if you’ve reached the minimum threshold, but then make it problematic for you ever to achieve it.

Survey Time is so different than those sites because it pays you instantly. So for me, Survey Time is entirely legitimate. Even so, whether or not it’s worth your time is another story. If you’re only willing to make some extra buck here and there, then Survey Time is a good platform.

So there you have it, fellas! I hope my ‘Is Survey Time A Scam’ served its purpose and gave you enough insights before trying out the whole survey panel, am I missing some details about the program? Let me know in the comment section below, please, Thanks!

However, if you want more of this fun and honest review,  you can free to roam around my website and be thoroughly knowledgeable of the product you want to try. Come on. You deserve it.

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